Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 466

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The Legendary Man

Bottom Line

“Why are you back?” The moment the middle-aged man in the car saw Jonathan, he was stunned.

“What do you think?”

Jonathan’s voice was cold, and he punched through the car window with his fist.

With a loud boom, the car window shattered. A ruthless glint flashed across the middle-aged man’s
eyes as he stepped down on the accelerator.

“Even if I have to die, you’re going down with me!”

In a split second, the black car rammed into a nearby tree as if it was a bull that had gone mad.

Josephine shrieked in horror, and her face turned pale. She bent over and held her abdomen, and the
only thought running through her head was that she had to protect her baby.

However, in the next second, a deafening dragon’s roar filled the air.

The glistening Dragon’s Roar Sword struck the asphalt road, creating a crack that was several meters

There was a maniacal glint in the bald man’s eyes as he roared, “It’s no use! Even an immortal won’t
be able to save them now!”

“Is that so?”

“Even if an immortal dared to touch a single strand of their hair, I’ll still finish him off!”

All of a sudden, Jonathan’s gaze turned cold. With a wave of his sword, a resonating boom sounded.
The asphalt road which was more than ten meters wide was split open like a soft chiffon cake with his

Even the cars that were zooming on the road were also split into two with his sword.

Jonathan shattered the car door with a kick and carried Josephine out from the passenger’s seat.

“Are you all right, Darling?”

“I’m fine.”

Josephine shook her head. Her face was still pale, and she was evidently still in shock from what just

“It’s good that you’re all right…” Jonathan heaved a sigh. His gaze was extremely gentle as he looked
at her. “Now that I’m here, no one can harm you and the baby.”

Asura, who had murdered countless enemies throughout his life, only had a soft spot for Josephine.

Half an hour later, a helicopter landed, and Hades jumped out of it.

He kneeled in front of Jonathan with a thump. “I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein. It was because of my
negligence that I couldn’t protect Ms. Smith!”

Jonathan glanced at him nonchalantly as he held Josephine, who was still in shock, and headed
toward the distance. “I’ll give you one hour to get to the bottom of this. Only then will I spare your life.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Hades didn’t dare to refute him. It was only when Jonathan disappeared into the distance did he realize
that his back was completely drenched in sweat.

However, just at that moment, a black-armored soldier behind Hades spoke softly, “Sir, it has already
been so long since he left Asura’s Office. Why are you still so afraid of him? Now, the entire Asura’s
Office is under your control, and he doesn’t even control anything. Why are you still so scared of him?
Besides, this man has already been fried. How are we going to find anything within an hour?”

Hearing this, a hint of annoyance flashed across Hades’ eyes. He turned around and asked calmly,
“How long have you been with me?”

“I’ve been with you for ten years, Sir!” the black-armored soldier responded respectfully.

“Throughout these ten years, haven’t I told you this?” Hades glanced at the soldier and continued,
“Some things are better left unsaid! Because sometimes, once you say something, you’ll never have
the chance to speak ever again!”

Once he finished his words, Hades’ eyes turned cold. He grabbed the soldier by the neck and boomed,
“Since when did you have the right to comment on Asura’s orders?”

“That’s not what I meant, Sir!” The black-armored soldier immediately got flustered after he saw Hades
fly into a rage. “I’m sorry, Sir. Please forgive me!”

“You don’t have any more chances!”

The Hades at that moment was the one who terrified everyone at Asura’s Office and not just a
subordinate kneeling down in front of Jonathan with his back drenched in sweat.


Before the soldier could finish his words, a crisp, bone-breaking crack was heard. Hades snapped the
soldier’s neck into two.

“Remember to control your mouth in your next life!”

Hades dusted his hands and turned to look at the group of black-armored soldiers behind him coldly.
“Deal with his body.”

“Yes, Sir!”

At his command, countless black-armored soldiers rushed forward.

A few hours later, everyone in Asura’s Office was busying themselves.

Hades used up almost all the resources from Asura’s Office to find out the identity of the middle-aged

However, the man had already exploded to smithereens along with the car, and the scene was a
complete mess. It was a challenging task for him to find the man’s identity within one hour.

But one hour later, Hades eventually appeared in front of Jonathan.

“I found it, Mr. Goldstein!”

Hades said in a low voice, “This person came from the Dark Web. He’s a very low-level assassin. In
other words, he’s just a low-level suicide attack assassin. I’m guessing that there’s someone using this
method to test if you returned to the country.”


Jonathan’s gaze turned icy when he heard Hades’ words. “They’re already trying to test me by using
Josephine. It seems that they have been plotting this for a long time!”

Although Jonathan’s tone was calm, there was a terrifying and murderous glint in his eyes.

It seemed that some people had no idea about his bottom line.

“Mr. Goldstein, I failed to protect Ms. Smith because of my negligence. Please punish me as you wish!”
Hades didn’t find any excuses for himself. He kneeled in front of Jonathan and volunteered to be

Even though others weren’t aware, Hades was well aware that Josephine was Jonathan’s bottom line.

She was his Achilles’ heel.

Once anyone touched her, they were undoubtedly marked for death.

“Before I left, didn’t I tell you that if anything happened to Josephine, you would be dead meat?”
Jonathan glared at Hades without a trace of emotion.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein. You said it before.” Hades lowered his head and responded, “If my death can make
up for my mistake, then please kill me, Mr. Goldstein!”

“I don’t want there to be a second time!” Jonathan stared at Hades icily. “I’ll spare your life this time on
the account that you’ve been with me through bloodbaths and gruesome battles. But if there is a next
time, you can end your own life! Don’t dirty my hands! If you can’t even do a small thing right, what
rights do you have to manage the entire Asura’s Office?”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein. I know my mistake!” Hades still didn’t find an excuse for himself. He was well
aware that making an excuse for himself in front of Jonathan was no different from having a death

The thing that Asura despised most in his life was people finding excuses for themselves.

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