Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 463

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The Legendary Man


“How dare you come here, Jonathan?” The moment he saw Jonathan, the expression of the Human
Ninja suddenly changed drastically.

“Why not?”

Jonathan sneered and continued, “If I can murder Frederick, why can’t I murder you too?”

“You’re courting death!”

The Human Ninja charged toward Jonathan in an instant, but how could he possibly defeat Jonathan?

Not long later, the Human Ninja had no chance of fighting back at all.

He had never imagined that even with his power, he would still be defeated by a Chanaean man. “What
are you looking at? Why aren’t you attacking?” The Human Ninja couldn’t help turning his head and

After saying that, a voice suddenly sounded in the thatched hut. “Don’t worry, I’m here!”

When the words fell, the Sky Ninja, Marco walked out of the thatched hut with a cane and a strange

Marco turned a blind eye to the sea of corpses and blood at that place. He looked directly at Jonathan
and said in his old and hoarse voice, “As expected of a Chanaean, you entered the Enlightenment
realm at such a young age. May I know who you learned it from?”

“I don’t have a master!” Jonathan said indifferently.

Ever since he obtained the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique by chance, he had always practiced
alone, so he didn’t have a master.

Besides, what master could cultivate the terrifying Asura?


Marco was slightly startled, and a hint of surprise flashed on his face. “I didn’t expect that in this era of
depleted spiritual energy, someone managed to cultivate and reach the Enlightenment realm by

“Depleted spiritual energy?”

Jonathan knitted his brows.

Before this day, he had never sensed spiritual energy. He was even not aware of how spiritual energy
existed. Until the present, after seeing the second half of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, he
started to sense the faint spiritual energy.

But these Jetroinians actually knew about it from the start?

“Before you came, you should have already met the Heavenly God, right? They used to be powerful
martial artists, but then they chose to become immortal Gods!”

He continued, “As long as you join us, at the end of your lifespan in the future, you can become a God
to gain immortality, huge power, and live forever between the sky and the earth!”

It was as if Marco’s hoarse voice contained some kind of magic spell, which could pass through the
ears and go directly to the depths of the mind. It had a strong bewitching power, which made people
want to follow and execute his instructions unconditionally.

The Hidden Spirit Village’s Legendary Sky, Earth, and Human Ninjas were equal in their status in
name, but in reality, very few people knew that the Sky Ninja, Marco was the real leader of the entire

The other two Legendary Ninjas were nothing more than just a cover.

The bursts of demonic voices poured into Jonathan’s mind. If he were an ordinary person, he would not
be able to resist it, and he would have already followed its orders.

However, Jonathan was not an ordinary person.

He had fought himself out of countless mountains of corpses, so his will had been as strong as steel.
There was no way that some brainwashing words could have effect on him.

Jonathan’s eyes were icy cold in an instant, staring sharply at Marco like a dagger. “What immortality?
The so-called Gods are just puppets enslaved and controlled by you. How dare you call them Gods?”

After being exposed by Jonathan, Marco did not become angry, but he sneered, “Oh? It seems that you
are not stupid after all. However, it’s no use, because your body will belong to me sooner or later.
Believe me, I will definitely turn you into the most powerful God. I will let you destroy Chanaea with your
own hands, and become my eternal slave in Jetroina!”

Marco revealed his true intentions in an instant. Black energy started to appear all over his body, and
ten Gods appeared behind him, each holding extremely burly swords. They all looked extremely
intimidating and had imposing presences.

Looking at the ten ferocious Gods, Jonathan’s eyes flashed a rare trace of rage. “How dare Jetroina
enslaved martial artists from Chanaea!”

He continued, “Today, I will wipe out everyone in Hidden Spirit Village as a tribute to them!”

A sneer flashed in Marco’s eyes after he heard that. “Oh? Wipe out everyone in Hidden Spirit Village?
Do you think you can do that? Jonathan, I’m not as pathetic as Frederick. You want to murder me? I’d
like to see you try!”

“God’s Punishment!”

With that, Marco waved his hand.

The ten Gods attacked together, and in an instant, the sky and the earth changed colors. An endless
terrifying pressure suddenly rushed forward like a powerful ocean wave.

The ground and the surrounding trees were completely unable to withstand such terrifying power.
Everything the wave passed by was turned to dust.

Elijah was so afraid that his face was pale and his mind was broken. He curled up and shivered in the

With ten Gods attacking together, Elijah couldn’t imagine what kind of power in the world could stop


In the endless darkness, a bright light suddenly appeared.

It was blinding.

It was as if the Big Bang just happened and the night was torn into two pieces, where the sky and the
earth suddenly became clear.

Jonathan was dressed in white while holding the Heaven Sword in his hand. Then, an inch-long white
light bloomed in his eyes, and the looming spiritual energy condensed into a mighty dragon that

hovered around his body.

After the sword slashed the joint attack of the ten Gods into pieces, there was still enough power for it
to continue slashing at Marco.


The ground was left with a giant bottomless pit, stirring up countless smoke and dust.

Were the ten Gods defeated with one slash?

That immense power made Elijah’s face change dramatically in an instant. He looked incredulous.


How is this even possible?

Even a cultivator who is said to be on par with the gods would never be able to do it!

However, in that overwhelming smoke and dust, a gust of wind suddenly blew, and a tall monster
walked out staggeringly.

It had a ferocious green face with fangs and was as tall as three meters, with a white-bone long saber
in its hand. It was also wearing a white skull helmet, where agonizing screams could be vaguely heard
as if endless grudgeful souls were lingering in it.

“You idiot! Today, I will show you my true power! I swear, I will make you a God, my slave for eternity!”
The white-boned monster roared angrily as it walked toward Jonathan, and Marco’s voice was coming
out of its mouth.

“A God? You turned yourself into a God?” The moment he saw the scene in front of him, Elijah was
shocked. It was as if he had seen a ghost, and his face was full of disbelief.

“Ha, it is an honor to be a God! As long as I am in the temple, I will never die!”

Marco then stared at Jonathan and laughed sinisterly. “Surrender now. No matter how strong you are
here, you can never murder me! Sooner or later, you will be made into a God and enslaved by me, for

“Is that so?”

Jonathan flashed a faint smile and stroked the blade with his fingertips. He continued, “Today, I’ll show
you how an immortal dies!”

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