Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 464

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The Legendary Man

The Annihilation Of Hidden Spirit Village

“You ignorant Chanaean! Do you know what it means to be immortal? It means that you can never kill

Marco sneered and then swung the white-bone long saber in his hands instantly. A burst of whimpering
sound entered the ears of the people like silver needles piercing through their brains.

The grudgeful souls that got murdered using this saber got sealed in it. Not only were they unable to
escape the saber, but they also had to be sealed in it and get tortured every day.

They even had to become cold-blooded weapons for murder.

The white-bone saber became more powerful as more people got killed by it.

More than three hundred people were killed by the saber judging from the grudgeful souls lingering
around it.

Sharp whimpers of the grudgeful souls were enough to make a mentally weak person go mad after
hearing the cries.

It was unbearable even for someone strong and could tremendously reduce their combat power.

The dual attack, both physically and psychologically, made it difficult for anyone to endure it.

Even Jonathan couldn’t help but furrow his brows at the whimpering sounds. Immediately after, he took
a deep breath and promptly activated the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

The golden core in his elixir field whirled, and a surge of unending power emerged.

Moments later, his eyes gradually got clearer.

At that time, the figure of the gigantic dragon looming behind Jonathan also got clearer. It was as
though a giant dragon was hovering above him.

“Such tricks.”

Suddenly, Jonathan’s gaze turned cold as ice. Then, he swung his sword.

The strike was ruthless. With just a strike, it shattered the white-bone saber which had accumulated
countless grievances. Then, the strike continued raging unabated and shattered Marco into dust.

“I told you that I’m immortal in this place!”

A black light appeared out of nowhere in the air. In the blink of an eye, Marco’s figure reappeared
unscathed. Also, the white-bone armor on his body exuded a more radiant light than it did previously.
Marco seemed to have become stronger than before.

“You should give up, Jonathan. There’s no way you can kill me by yourself!”

Marco sneered with a contemptuous look.

It was obvious that he was mocking Jonathan.

“Immortal? Let’s see if you can survive this!” Jonathan said with a sneer and made another strike.

As Jonathan swung his sword, the gigantic dragon circling behind him suddenly came to life and
headed straight to the sky.

Marco’s eyes were brimming with greed when he saw the scene.

“Jonathan, I have to say you are indeed gifted. I believe you’ll become the strongest man in history
under me. I can’t wait any longer!”

The gigantic dragon circled the sky a few times and made a roaring scream. Suddenly, dark clouds
started to form, and a thunderbolt struck down from the sky unannounced.

“It’s useless. Just give up. You ignorant Chanaean!”

Marco chuckled as he welcomed the thunderbolt with spread arms.


The moment the thunderbolt fell on Marco, he got shattered into pieces.

However, it only took a few seconds before Marco got amalgamated and resurrected.

“I told you this is useless. No one can kill me as long as this shrine exists!” The disdainful look in
Marco’s eyes became more apparent.

“Is that so?” Jonathan scoffed. In an instant, electrical light flowed on his fingertips. “Then, the shrine
shall vanish along with you!”

Jonathan flicked his wrists and swung his Heaven Sword right after he said that.

The gigantic dragon in the sky opened its mouth widely and swallowed all the thunder clouds into its
body. Then, it slammed down to the ground from the sky.

For a moment, the silence was deafening.

The merciless thunder shattered even the air, and the sound lost its way of transmission. Dead silence
filled the air, left with only a glaring light flickering.


Sometime later, clouds of huge mist shrouded the surrounding.

The Hidden Spirit Village had vanished into thin air. All that was left was a bottomless pit. Then, water
surged up from the ground, forming a large lake.

The vast depth of the lake was immeasurable, and it looked as though it had existed long ago. A
breeze swept by, causing a ring of ripples to spread out.

The Hidden Spirit Village got annihilated with just a strike.

As for Marco, he naturally vanished along with the Hidden Spirit Village.

Elijah dusted his head and climbed out from below with much difficulty.

He thought he was dead for sure. However, he got lucky and survived.

Suddenly, Elijah felt a chill while he was rejoicing in his heart. Elijah found Jonathan standing not far
away from him, overlooking the vast lake the latter had created.

With his bare eyes, Elijah saw Jonathan’s incredible power. He was terrified and wanted to slip away

“Did I say you could leave?”

Jonathan’s clear voice rang through Elijah’s ears like a thunderous sound.

At that, Elijah paused his movements and came running over to Jonathan. He prostrated himself on the
ground before Jonathan and begged, “Mr. Goldstein, I have nothing to do with all these. Please spare
my life. I’m willing to become your servant!”

“Of course, I can spare your life. But first, tell me where the Heavenly God got sealed,” Jonathan

Elijah didn’t dare to conceal the truth and brought Jonathan to the deep mountain. There, the tombs of
all sizes got engraved in Chanaean characters.

After seeing that, Jonathan felt a mixture of feelings in his heart.

“I’m here to bring all of you back to Chanaea!”

Jonathan’s voice sounded through the air and got spread along with the wind. Out of a sudden, a ray of
light appeared. The light came from the fireflies that flew from the tombs and landed on Jonathan.

He was covered in the light as if wearing a piece of armor made with twinkling stars.

“Thank you for fulfilling my longtime wish.”

A desolated ancient voice resounded deep in Jonathan’s mind. It was the Heavenly God from before.

“Don’t mention it. That is my duty as a Chanaean,” Jonathan said flatly.

As a Chanaean, Jonathan could not shut his eyes and leave these souls that had fought for Chanaea
behind in Jetroina to be tortured severely.

“I have a personal favor to ask. I wonder if you can grant it.”

Heavenly God’s voice sounded again in Jonathan’s ears.

“Please go ahead,” Jonathan said indifferently.

The desolated voice was quiet for a long time before it broke the silence and said, “My name is Peter
Burton. Please give this to the descendant of my clan if you came across one.”

Soon after, an emerald green pearl suddenly floated out of the topmost tomb. Then, it floated in the air
and quietly landed on Jonathan’s palm.

The pearl looked ordinary at first sight, but it was clear that it was sealed and could only get unlocked
by certain people.

Presumably, only the descendants of the Burton family could unlock it.

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