Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 462

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The Legendary Man

Chanaeans In Death

“That idiot!”

“Get him!”

“Get him!”

After the deadly silence, the entire bottom part of the tower broke out into countless screams and

Jetroina Tower was the symbol of Jetroina. However, at the moment, the spire had been cut off by a

If that news was spread out, how could they face the world in the future?

“Jonathan! Do you have a death wish?” Frederick’s face was darkened to the extreme.

Apparently, it was a provocation.

You are blatantly provoking me!

Frederick’s hands instantly intertwined in front of him, and the necklace hanging on his neck suddenly
emitted a lot of black aura. It was then condensed into huge black shadows with a snake in his left
hand and a sword in his right.

The black light suddenly overwhelmed the dragon’s limelight.

“Look, it’s the Heavenly God!”

“Oh my gosh! it’s the Heavenly God indeed!”

The moment they saw the huge black shadow, countless Jetroinians knelt on the ground in unison and
bowed their heads excitedly.

At that time, Frederick raised his arm, and the gigantic Heavenly God behind him also raised his sword
and pointed it at Jonathan’s head.

“You brat. You can do such a feat at such a young age, so it seems that I’ve underestimated you. It’s a
pity that you are an inferior Chanaean. Otherwise, I’ll let you become my disciple.”

An inferior Chanaean?

The moment he heard those words, Jonathan’s eyes turned icy cold. “Did you say you want me to be
your disciple? You are not worthy to be my disciple!”

The moment he said that, Jonathan raised his hand and pointed. Like a lightning bolt, the Heaven
Sword cut through the air in an instant and slashed down.

Frederick’s expression became solemn as he could not afford to be careless. The Heavenly God raised
the huge sword in his hand and blocked the incoming attack in the air.

Both swords clashed!

Frederick smiled viciously, and a sinister color flashed in his eyes.

“This sword of yours is good. But now, it’s mine!”

In an instant, the black energy around the Heavenly God’s body poured and formed into a giant mouth,
biting toward the Heaven Sword.

Heavenly God!

The connection between the Heaven Sword and Jonathan was cut off at once.

Frederick held the Heaven Sword shrouded in the darkness and sneered, “Without the sword, it’s time
for you to die!”

Jonathan sneered, and his face was indifferent. “Do you think I need a sword to end your life? I can
murder you with only one hand!”

When those words were spoken, Frederick’s face suddenly became so gloomy that rain could fall.
“Really? Then I want to see how you can murder me with one hand!”

As soon as Frederick finished his words, the Heavenly God raised the huge sword in his hand and
slashed it down from the air. The darkness shrouding the sword seemed to have the cries of endless
grudgeful souls.

In Jetroinian culture, the Heavenly God was cruel and loved to kill. He was in charge of all lives and
there were countless people murdered by him.

The cruelest thing was that even if one turned into a ghost after death, one would still be controlled by
the Heavenly God, never being able to reincarnate.

Seeing that scene, countless Jetroinians knelt on the ground, chanting God’s name, trembling, and not
daring to move.

Jonathan looked directly at the Heavenly God. The black spiritual energy was faintly discernible and he
could almost hear the screams.

The God worshiped by the Jetroinians was actually a high-leveled cultivator. After death, the remnant
souls remained and was sealed in a magical weapon, which later became enslaved by their master.

Normal people couldn’t see through the detail, but Jonathan, who had stepped into the Enlightenment
stage, could discern everything clearly at a glance.

The golden core in his elixir field continued to spin, and the surging aura rushed out. The aura then
turned into a long sword and flew out from his fingertip.

Seeing what had happened in front of him, Frederick sneered. His eyes were also full of disdain. “How
pathetic. Your resistance is just a joke in my eyes!”

However, after his words fell, one long sword after another flew out from Jonathan’s fingertips swiftly. In
the blink of an eye, there were countless long swords above the sky.

“I told you, I can murder you with only one hand!”

Jonathan then raised his fingers and pointed them at Frederick in an instant.

At that moment, countless sword energy was condensed into the rain.

Then, countless raindrops started to fall from the sky, and every raindrop was a sharp, long sword.

Frederick got goosebumps all over his body, as he had never been so terrified before. He frantically
controlled the Heavenly God to stand in front of him.

However, how could Jonathan give him the chance?

The falling rain of swords ripped it apart in the blink of an eye.

“The Heavenly God is immortal, so it was all in vain!”

Frederick roared hysterically. He then grabbed the pendant hanging from his chest and summoned the
Heavenly God again.

An icy cold light flashed in Jonathan’s eyes. He then turned his fingertips slightly, and a sharp, long
sword appeared from an extremely tricky angle, which pierced Frederick’s heart.

“It’s futile! I have the Heavenly God to protect me, so I am immortal!” Frederick wiped the blood from
the corner of his mouth and roared frantically.

Jonathan stood proudly on the top of Jetroina Tower, and his eyes were as cold as an iceberg. “Then,
I’ll murder the Heavenly God too!”

He raised his hand and pointed, and countless long swords condensed together.

At that moment, everyone was struck dumb and stepped back.


A gigantic long sword fell from the sky. The Jetroina Tower, which was more than nine hundred meters
high, was split into two sections from the middle.

Under the sword peak, Frederick turned into powder on the spot and was scattered onto the ground.

At that moment, everyone under the tower became speechless.

Did he just murder a God?

Jonathan raised his hand and caught Frederick’s pendant which sealed the Heavenly God.

However, just as the pendant fell into his hands, a low voice suddenly whispered into his ear, “I was
originally sent to Jetroina by the emperor, and now I am trapped here. Please bring my remnant soul
back to Chanaea. Please accept this as a token of appreciation.”

As the voice dissipated, a stream of pure energy instantly flowed into Jonathan’s elixir field.

However, Jonathan’s expression suddenly changed upon hearing that voice.

These so-called Gods are actually Chanaeans from thousands of years ago? And they were used by
these despicable Jetroinians as puppets?

Jonathan’s eyes narrowed in an instant, and he immediately jumped down from the Jetroina Tower.

Then, he disappeared under the fearful eyes of countless people.

That battle was simply shocking.

Not only did it shake Jetroina, but also the entire world.

However, Jonathan didn’t even care about it. After leaving Jetroina Tower, he immediately rushed to the
Hidden Spirit Village. That was because a voice was telling him to in that remnant of a soul.

All the dead souls of Chanaean thousands of years ago were imprisoned in the Hidden Spirit Village.

This time, he was going to bring them all back to Chanaea.

If they were Chanaeans in life, they should also be Chanaeans in death.

Even if nobody asked Jonathan, he would still take them back.

However, just when Jonathan left the Jetroina Tower, there was an uproar in the Hidden Spirit Village.

Although the Human Ninja did not get along well with Frederick, he was still sad about his death.
Especially that Frederick died at the hands of a Chanaean, which made his face even gloomier.

“Jonathan must die!”

He continued, “And I would use him to mourn the countless dead souls of the Hidden Spirit Village!”

However, just as he finished speaking, there was a sudden sound of footsteps outside the door.

It was none other than Jonathan.

At that moment, Jonathan exuded a murderous aura, like a demon descended onto the earth.

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