Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 460

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The Legendary Man

The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique

The news of Alexei’s death was spread throughout the entire Jetroina overnight.

In a deep mountain stood a small village. There was water flowing and mist lingering all year round. At
a glance, it looked like a fairytale land.

The place was called the Hidden Spirit Village, and the Three Legendary Ninjas lived in seclusion
there. It was regarded as a holy place by countless Jetroinians.

“Alexei is a loser. I shouldn’t have given him the Massacre Sword!” The red-faced middle-aged man
named Frederick Springer was invincible in Jetroina decades ago. The Earth Ninja was another name
for him.

“The Massacre Sword is his family heirloom. However, now that Alexei’s dead, it must not fall into the
hands of outsiders,” said the white-haired Sky Ninja Marco Pompey with his eyes half-closed.

“It’s quite simple. Just send someone to retrieve it.” Frederick looked nonchalant.

“I’m afraid it’s not really that simple. According to what I’ve heard, the legendary Asura from Chanaea is
the one who murdered him,” said Marco with his brows furrowed.

Frederick’s eyes unconsciously showed a hint of contempt after he heard that. “He’s just a mere mortal.
No matter how powerful he is, it’s just some pathetic fighting skills. How can he be compared to me?”

“Don’t be reckless. Alexei was already halfway in breaking through the God Realm…”

Frederick waved his hand with a look of disdain. “Hmph. That loser is far from perfect. There’s no need
for the two of you to worry. I’ll send my eldest disciple, Harold to retrieve the Massacre Sword!”

After arriving at the Sakura Hotel, Jonathan took out the red seal and embedded it into the hilt of the
Heaven Sword.

At the moment when it was embedded, a silver light shot up into the sky. Suddenly, a loud roar of a
dragon resounded throughout the hotel.

The roar frightened the guests in the hotel. Thinking that it was an earthquake, they all fled out in a

However, in the next second, they saw an unforgettable scene.

A silver dragon was hovering above the hotel. Its eyes were like the sun and moon, with tens of
thousands of stars scattered all over its body. There was also a hint of majesty in its eyes.

The dragon came from the Heaven Sword. As the hilt was opened, a majestic golden light flashed.

Jonathan stretched out his hand. The light seemed to have a mind of its own, as it instantly wrapped
around his arm and rushed straight to his mind.

At that moment, the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique in his body started to react automatically, and
the sharp light suddenly became gentle. It was then smoothly merged into him.

If the hilt of the sword was opened by someone who had not cultivated the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique, he would lose all of his cultivation, and might also die on the spot.

After Jonathan absorbed the power, his eyes suddenly became sharp. He could vaguely see that there
was faint energy in the air in front of him, which was constantly flowing.

He took a deep breath. After the energy flowed into his body, his whole body felt light, as if he had been

Jonathan then opened the scabbard and found a thin golden booklet inside. The material was like
wood or gold, and it had a peculiar feel to the touch. There were words on the booklet.

Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique!

Jonathan was shocked. He had seen and experienced everything, but at that moment, he couldn’t help
but tremble in his heart.

Did I finally found the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique?

Jonathan couldn’t recall how much time he had spent on searching for the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique over the years.

However, what he never expected was that the other half of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was
actually in Jetroina.

Jonathan picked up the golden booklet. After flipping through a few pages, his brows gradually

The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was not an ordinary martial arts technique, but a cultivation

The first part showed how to cultivate the physical body, and the second part showed how to cultivate
the mind. Once both were mastered, one would have the power to do anything, which could be
comparable to the Gods in rumors.

There were eight levels of realms recorded in the booklet, which were Refine, Precelestial,
Enlightenment, Nascent Soul, Divine, Void, and Harmonize.

Cultivating the mind?

So, it’s real?

Jonathan had only heard about it a long time ago, but he had never seen it.

So, the cultivation of the mind really exists in this world?

In an instant, Jonathan sat down with his knees crossed. He used the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique to continuously absorb the flowing spiritual energy in the air into his body.

A few hours later, another vision appeared in the Sakura Hotel.

A strange fragrance emanated from Jonathan’s room. Upon contact with plants and trees, they swiftly
blossomed and fruited, causing the surrounding area to turn into a sea of flowers. Such a spectacle
was truly jaw-dropping.

The source of all that was Jonathan. His eyes were as bright as a sea of stars. If he was the Grim
Reaper that everyone feared in the past, then at the moment, he was the God of Heaven who
descended upon the world.

He looked dignified and intimidating.

It was almost impossible to look directly at him.

“Is this the realm of Enlightenment?”

Jonathan muttered to himself.

In his elixir field, the golden core the size of a fingernail appeared stronger than before.

At that moment, Jonathan’s power increased by at least tenfold.

After cultivating the first half of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, he had already entered the
realm of a master unknowingly.

Although he couldn’t get his hands on the second half of the technique for a long time, he did not stop
his cultivation for even a day. With the second half obtained, he had directly broken through and
entered the realm of Enlightenment.

The next day, in the lobby of the Sakura Hotel, a shirtless man with a height of two meters walked in.
His body was covered in strange tattoos, which made people feel dizzy at the first glance.

“Stop right there! This hotel does not welcome guests who are not dressed properly.” A security guard
stepped forward and stopped the person.

The shirtless man raised his eyebrows. Then, he raised his hand and grabbed the security guard’s
neck. With powerful force exerted, the guard’s neck was snapped with a crisp cracking sound.

“Are you blind? How dare you block my way?”

He murdered the guard on the spot when they got into an argument.

The rest of the hotel’s security guards were so frightened that they stood rooted to the ground.

Judas’ self-confidence was extremely inflated after he annexed the property left by the Salonius
Corporation. When he heard that someone was causing trouble, he immediately led his subordinates,
who were holding guns and sticks, and rushed down aggressively.

“Who gave you the courage to cause trouble here?”

The shirtless man was not afraid at all. On the contrary, his expression showed excitement. He
slammed his chest with both hands and the tattoos all over his body radiated black light. Then, the

tattoos turned into blades and flew forward.


The black blades pierced into the enemies’ bodies like a red-hot knife slicing butter. None of them could
block the blades.

In the blink of an eye, the hall was filled with blood.

“W-Who the hell are you?” Judas was scared out of his wits.

“I am the human slayer, Harold Hill, the eldest disciple of the Earth Ninja!” said the shirtless man coldly.

Judas’ expression suddenly changed after he heard those words.

If the Salonius family was the number one largest family in Jetroina, then the Three Legendary Ninjas
would be the eternal Gods in the hearts of all the Jetroinians. In front of the Three Legendary Ninjas,
the Salonius Corporation was as fragile and vulnerable as an ant.

“Take me to see Jonathan.”

Harold’s voice was icy cold. A black long sword swept across the roof, and the concrete instantly
turned into powder as if it was thin paper. Even steel would be torn to shreds by the blade, let alone
human flesh.

Even if Jonathan was yet to be seen, in Harold’s eyes, Jonathan was already a corpse.

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