Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 392

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The Legendary Man

Isn’t that Yuliana?

Jonathan was surprised when he saw Yuliana walking toward him.

However, in reality, Yuliana wasn’t heading in his direction. In fact, she might not have even noticed
Jonathan and had come to the café unintentionally. After arriving at the venue, she ordered a

“Hello, can I have a glass of juice?”

Yuliana’s voice was chilly, just like the aura that she exuded, which would make others feel like she
was unapproachable.

Her appearance had caused a commotion in the café. Instantly, a group of tourists surrounded her.
They would either ask for a photo or her autograph.

“I’m sorry. As I still have to film later, I don’t have time to have a picture with all of you,” Yuliana rejected
straightforwardly. She then took her glass of juice and planned to leave the café immediately.

Yuliana only wanted to buy a glass of juice while she had some free time.

Meanwhile, Freida, who was sitting on a chair nearby, saw the scene. She couldn’t refrain from
mocking, “Oh, please, stop pretending. Isn’t she just a nameless actress who couldn’t survive in the
entertainment industry on the mainland? Why is she being pretentious? I bet she hired those people by
paying them each a hundred.”

“Hired?” When Cecilia heard the word, she was stunned.

“Ah, it’s an ordinary phenomenon in the entertainment industry. Ms. Hansley, you might not know this,
but some actors who do not stand out and lack popularity will have their management agency hire
people to make them look popular. Whenever actors like these appear, the fake crowd will rush forward
to get an autograph or a photo from the respective celebrity. Some would even wait at the airport and
cause an uproar when the celebrity exits the arrival hall. All these actions are to make others think they
are well-known. In other words, these actors usually play a minor role in a movie!”

Freida pursed her lips and continued, “If she is popular, I’m sure she will have a place in the
entertainment industry on the mainland. Why do you think she came over to Gronga? I heard she came
here because the entertainment industry on the mainland has banned her.”

“Is it?” Jonathan glanced at Yuliana coldly. He wasn’t interested in the topic at all.

“Mr. Goldstein, what kind of woman do you like? If you want, I can ask my manager to contact her
agency and let her accompany you for dinner tonight. However, I assume you will have to pay a huge
sum if you want extra services from her.”

Freida then bit her lips and added, “I heard that this woman is unwilling to sleep with others back on the
mainland. It was the main reason her agency decided to exclude her from important events.”

“I’m not interested.” Jonathan shook his head. Her offer didn’t catch his attention.

Why would I need someone else to contact the person if I want somebody to sleep with me? I will only
have to call Hades or Nelson and give my orders. I can make a superstar, the best actress, a rising
star, or any female celebrity lie in my bed within an hour. But what’s the point? Since when do I,
Jonathan Goldstein, need to use this method to sleep with a woman?

“I’m not surprised. Why would a person with your status be interested in that kind of woman?” Freida let
out a self-deprecating laugh. Although she wasn’t sure about Jonathan’s background, she could make
an assumption based on Cecilia’s attitude.

I’m sure he is some big shot because the daughter of the Hansley family addresses him as Master
obediently. In addition to that, she is so well-behaved that it feels like she is a pet cat. Thus, it is
apparent that a small-time celebrity is nobody to him. Who knows? Perhaps Mr. Goldstein is keeping
Cecelia as his mistress!

After Freida finished her sentence, there was a commotion at Yuliana’s side. Shortly after, they saw a
few ruffians blocking her way.

“Ms. Smith, have you decided? Are you going to attend Mr. Wagner’s dinner?” The ruffians’ leader was
a bald man called Axel Green with a few gold teeth. At first sight, he didn’t look like a nice person.

“I’ve made it very clear. I won’t attend Mr. Wagner’s dinner!” Yuliana frowned as she backed away,
trying to escape them.

Unfortunately, the ruffians surrounded her, and she couldn’t find a chance to run away.

Every time she stepped back, the ruffians would follow her.

Although there were many people around her, nobody was willing to get themselves involved.

Instead, they stood at the side to watch the drama.

Even the group of fans who had previously asked her for an autograph and a photo distanced
themselves from her. They were afraid that Yuliana’s situation would cause them trouble.

“Ms. Smith, I suggest you think it through. If you reject Mr. Wagner’s offer, it will not be easy for you to
find a living in the entertainment industry in Gronga!”

Axel sneered and continued with a disdainful expression, “Well, aren’t you just a small-time celebrity?
Why are you acting all innocent in front of me? Isn’t it an ordinary practice for female celebrities like you

to sleep with other people? Don’t be an ungrateful bitch. How dare you refuse to join Mr. Wagner’s
dinner! Do you want to get banned by the entertainment industry of Gronga in the future?”

“Don’t come near me!” exclaimed Yuliana. As the ruffians got closer to her, panic flashed across her
eyes. She anxiously shouted, “If you come any closer, I will call the police!”

“Call the police?”

When Axel heard Yuliana’s words, he couldn’t help but sneer, “Do it. Do you have the contact numbers
of the police departments of Gronga? Do you need me to tell you? D*rn it! Don’t think so highly of
yourself. Yuliana, listen carefully. You have to attend Mr. Wagner’s dinner whether you like it or not.
Guys, grab her!”

With that said, the ruffians immediately reached out and dragged Yuliana away without hesitation.

“Let go of me!” Yuliana shouted.

She struggled to break free. Unfortunately, it was pointless. There was no way a weak woman like her
could put up a fight against a group of strong men.

Before she could even resist, the men had captured her.

Many people spectated the men dragging Yuliana into a car. Sadly, nobody stood up for her.

Even people from the film crew pretended that they saw nothing.

At that instant, Jonathan furrowed his brows.

Their actions should be considered kidnapping. How dare they abduct a female actress in broad

“Master, should we save her?” asked Cecilia as she noticed Jonathan’s knitted brows.

“Tell them to let her go,” said Jonathan flatly.

After all, he had met Yuliana once on the plane.

I don’t like involving myself in other people’s matters, but this so-called Mr. Wagner is going too far. I
understand that the entertainment industry is messy. However, I am shocked that Gronga’s
entertainment industry is this chaotic.

“Yes, Master!” Immediately after Jonathan placed his order, Cecilia stood up and dashed toward the
ruffians without hesitation. “Stop it!”

“Hmm?” When Axel heard Cecilia’s voice come from behind him, he stopped in his steps. Then, he
turned around and glanced at Cecilia, who wore a mask. At that moment, there was a disdainful smile
on his face. “What is a cute little girl like you doing here? Don’t be a busybody!”

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