Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 390

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The Legendary Man

Meeting Yuliana Again

“I know a little…”

Seeing Jonathan’s gaze, Cecilia unknowingly lowered her head because she did not dare to meet his
gaze. She said, “A friend told me about it before. She seems to be a member of Hunters Guild.”

“Where is she?” he asked with a frown.

“She’s an actress, so she should be at a filming site,” Cecilia whispered.

“An actress?” Jonathan furrowed his brows as he remembered the encounter he had with Yuliana on
the plane. He did not give it much thought and simply ordered, “Bring me to see her after you’ve
changed into a new set of clothes at the hotel.”

“Yes, Master!”

Cecilia did not dare to express any opinions.

An hour later, Cecilia finally looked like the Hansley family’s third daughter again after showering and
changing into a new set of clothes.

Even though her face was marred, her temperament was not shaken.

Growing up with a prestigious upbringing, she was proficient in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting.
Her every move exuded the aura of an elite.


No matter how distinguished she was, Cecilia still lowered her head before Jonathan.

“Bring me to see her.” Jonathan walked out of the hotel after saying that.

Outside the hotel, a black Rolls-Royce had been prepared for quite a while. Before going to shower
and changing, Cecilia had already arranged for someone to send a luxury car over to the hotel’s

She would be the driver.

“Master, please get in.” Cecilia personally opened the car door for Jonathan. While showering and
changing, she had already made up her mind.

Since she had decided to serve Jonathan, she should be the best at it.

“You asked someone to send this car over?” Jonathan turned his head around and looked at Cecilia in

“Yes, Master.”

With a low voice, she continued, “I’m afraid it would be quite troublesome for you to travel back and
forth in a taxi. Moreover, you do not like strangers as well, so I made the decision to get our own car
instead. If you do not like it, I will get someone to drive it away.”

“No need.” Jonathan waved his hand and got in the car.

Compared to a taxi, the experience of sitting in the backseat of a Rolls-Royce was much better. It was
more spacious, and the seats were more comfortable.

The starry sky that could be seen from looking up was also especially stunning.

“Switch to another car when we return. This car attracts too much attention,” Jonathan casually stated.

“Yes, Master.”

Cecilia skillfully fastened her seatbelt and stepped on the accelerator. She already got a driving license
many years ago, but she was the third daughter of the Hansley family, so she always had a chauffeur.

Hence, she had never been anyone’s driver ever since she got her driving license.

That day was her first time.

Gronga’s traffic was worse than Yaleview’s. Their journey was supposed to take only half an hour, but
they had been stuck in a jam for over two hours.

Honking sounds endlessly sounded along the way.

Cecilia knitted her brows tightly from the noise.

“Master, should I get someone to send a helicopter over to pick us up instead?” Cecilia carefully turned
her head around and asked Jonathan.

Jonathan, who was in the backseat, had closed his eyes earlier on and was taking a rest.

He rejected with a calm voice, “No need. There’s no rush. Drive slowly.”

“Yes, Master.”

Having heard what he said, Cecilia breathed a sigh of relief. Ever since she found out about Jonathan’s
identity, she no longer had the spoiled personality as the third daughter of the Hansley family.

Toward him, all she had was fear.

Fear that was engraved into her bones.

Governor of Gronga? The top commander of the Gronga Special Force? So what? They have to kneel
before Jonathan as well!

After another half an hour, the car finally stopped near Vleshire Harbor. The sky was already turning
dark after they went through the congested traffic.

Under the moonlight, Vleshire Harbor started unraveling its mesmerizing scenery.

“Master, I’ve contacted her already. She’s still filming, so it’ll probably take some time. Why don’t we
wait at a café?” Cecilia led the way for Jonathan after they got off the car. She put on a mask before
she got off.

Her face right now would give others a scare.

“Okay,” Jonathan nodded and replied.

Soon after, he followed Cecilia to a café called “Meeting You.”

“Please give me a glass of juice,” Cecilia ordered after they were seated.

If it were before, she would definitely order a custom-made cocktail, invite a few of her best friends to
chill by the beachside, and enjoy the night scenery of Vleshire Harbor together.

It was a shame that she had no guts to drink even a drop of alcohol with Jonathan by her side.

“Master, what about you?” she asked.

“Plain water.”

“Okay, Master.” Cecilia was like a tame and obedient kitten in front of Jonathan. She did not dare to say
too much.

A few minutes later, a glass of juice and water were served. Jonathan looked afar after casually taking
a sip of water.

Not far away, a film crew seemed to be shooting a film.

A crowd was surrounding that area, and members of the crowd were relentlessly taking pictures with
their phones.

It seemed like there was a famous celebrity around.

Some people from the film crew were carrying cameras, some were lifting up reflectors, and some were
barricading the area to fend off the crowd.

“Yuliana?” Suddenly, Cecilia who had been silent the whole time voiced out.


Upon hearing that name, Jonathan subconsciously looked over. Among the film crew, there was a stoic
woman carrying an umbrella while wearing a black gown.

In mid-air, someone was creating artificial rain.

Isn’t she the one I met on the plane?

After taking a closer look, Jonathan asked, “You know her?”


Cecilia slightly nodded and said, “When I was bored last time, I would watch her shows. However, it
didn’t seem like she was doing well back then. I heard that she was banned from the industry by her
previous company. She hasn’t been acting for a few years, so why is she suddenly at Gronga? Is she
planning to grow her career here?”

“Can she not?” Jonathan calmly asked.

Cecilia lightly shook her head and replied, “It’s not that she can’t. Master, you should know that the
entertainment industry is a complex environment with different types of people in it. Nobody is pure and
innocent in Gronga’s entertainment industry, similar to the entertainment industry mainland. There’s a
possibility that Gronga’s entertainment industry might be worse!”

As the third daughter of the Hansley family, she had met numerous actresses those past few years.
She also knew some renowned directors.

Hence, she was well aware of those implicit rules in the entertainment industry.

In the entertainment industry, there’s always one ultimate rule. Regardless if you’re on the mainland or
in Gronga, if you want to be famous, you’ll have to pay a price. Actresses have to pay this price with
their bodies.

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