Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 389

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The Legendary Man

You Know About The Hunters Guild

“How’s the investigation on Hunters Guild going?” asked Jonathan, looking at Nelson coolly.

“Commander, we haven’t found anything so far,” replied Nelson as he avoided eye contact with

It’s ridiculous for Gronga’s supreme commander to not obtain any information about an organization as
insignificant as Hunters Guild. How does he still have the nerve to continue working for me?

“Ask George to conduct the investigation with you, then.” Jonathan looked up at George and added,
“How much do you know about Hunters Guild?”

“Hunters Guild?” Hearing this name, a hint of confusion appeared on Nelson’s face. He said, “I’ve
heard a bit about it. It’s a lowly organization from off-island.”

Gronga was different from the mainland.

There were foreign investments as well as illegitimate organizations from abroad.

Despite being in a complex environment, these shady organizations were unable to develop. This was
due to the strict supervision of the Gronga police force and Special Forces. As soon as they spotted
something wrong, they would get rid of it.

“Asura, are you trying to eliminate them?” asked George.

“I’m not in a rush,” answered Jonathan, shaking his head.

If he wanted to eradicate Hunters Guild, he need not show up personally. At a simple command, Hades
would lead the army and obliterate the entire organization in less than three days.

All members would be dead without exception.

However, what Jonathan wanted to do was not destroy Hunters Guild. Rather, he wanted to find out the
legendary secret in addition to who killed his parents and who gave the order to do so.

No matter whether the person was in Gronga or overseas, as long as he found out who gave the
command, he would make sure that the person would pay the ultimate price.

“You only have to look into who the leader of Hunters Guild is and where the members are hiding. Don’t
forget to also investigate whoever is giving them financial support. Just leave the rest to me,” said
Jonathan. With that, he subconsciously turned to Jamie. When Jonathan’s intense gaze fell on Jamie,
the latter felt his knees weaken in an instant. He knelt to the ground and hurriedly shook his head as he
explained, “Asura, Hunters Guild has got nothing to do with my family! Also, we have never provided
any foreign organizations with financial support!”

The Larsons became the most prominent family in Gronga with their own might and capabilities. They
did not do so by being opportunistic, nor did they use underhanded methods.

Jamie knew very well the reason his family could stand strong in Gronga for decades. If he dared to
betray the island, the governor’s office would get rid of his family immediately.

That was certainly not a joke.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. I wasn’t referring to you.” Shooting an icy glance at Jamie, Jonathan
continued, “Besides, if you can utilize your personal resources, help me do a thorough investigation on
Hunters Guild, and obtain the information I want. I’ll reciprocate the favor. By then, I might also return
everything under the name of the Larson family to you.”

“Really?” Jamie’s face lit up as soon as he heard that he had the chance to get his possessions back.

He could have never imagined Jonathan would give him such an opportunity.

Initially, Jamie thought that he would surely die this time.

However, to his surprise, not only was his life spared, but Jonathan even granted him a chance to
retrieve his family’s assets.

“I’ve never lied to anyone in my life,” Jonathan said matter-of-factly, “Moreover, do you think you are
qualified enough to make me lie to you?”

“Asura, you needn’t worry. I’ll do my best to investigate Hunters Guild,” said Jamie as he bowed to

“Furthermore, you’d better keep quiet about me taking away your family’s assets. The public should
know that they still belong to you. However, you have merely one percent of the shares. If you do your
job well, I’ll return the shares to you little by little.” With no emotion on his face, Jonathan said, “I
absolutely have no interest in the Larsons. The reason I’m taking away your family’s assets is that I
want to teach you a small lesson. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do!” exclaimed Jamie as he nodded right away.

“You all can go now,” said Jonathan. After taking care of the matter, he waved at them, signaling them
to leave.

He brought Cecilia there on that day only because he wanted to settle the Hansley family’s matter. Now
that the issue had been resolved, it was time for him to get going.

“Yes, Asura!” Upon receiving Jonathan’s order, everyone left straight away.

The next moment, Jonathan and Cecilia were the only ones left on the hilltop. Obviously, Wilson’s
corpse was there as well.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” asked Jonathan flatly when he saw Cecilia, who was still standing beside

“I’m your servant. Wherever you go, I’ll follow,” replied Cecilia. By then, she had already adjusted her
state of mind.

She no longer despised Jonathan. Instead, she was quite happy.

Being the third daughter of the Hansley family was nothing compared to being the servant of Asura.

Although she was merely a servant, as long as she stayed by Jonathan’s side, even George, the
governor of Gronga, had to treat her with reverence.

The sole reason was that she was Jonathan’s servant.

Whoever dared to disrespect her meant that they had no respect for Jonathan.

“Follow me, then,” said Jonathan. Upon shooting Cecilia a look of indifference, he began walking down
the hill.

Meanwhile, at the foot of the hill, countless members of the Police Tactical Unit had already retreated.

Only bumpkins, as well as citizens who had no idea what happened on the hilltop, were busy
whispering among themselves.

They were trying to guess what happened there.

After Jonathan and Cecilia came down from the hill, a citizen went up to them right away and asked,
“Young man, what exactly happened up there? What’s with the commotion? I even saw military
helicopters flying over. Did an important figure show up?”

“Maybe,” answered Jonathan casually.

“Didn’t you just come down from the hill? Did you see the big shot?” the citizen asked further.

“No, I didn’t,” Jonathan replied while shaking his head.

As soon as Cecilia heard the citizen’s questions, she could not help pursing her lips.

Isn’t the big shot in question standing in front of you? It’s no one’s fault that you can’t recognize him.

Then, Jonathan hailed a taxi to go to the city center. On his way there, Cecilia asked, “Master, where
are we headed?”

“To the hotel,” said Jonathan. Then, he continued, “I’ve arrived here for some time. It’s time I find a
place to stay.”

“Why don’t you come to the Hansley residence?” asked Cecilia in a low voice.

“There’s no need for that,” replied Jonathan as he shook his head.

Even though the Hansley residence was spacious, he was not the least bit interested in it. Moreover,
he had always disliked staying in an unfamiliar place, especially someone else’s house.

He might already have the Hansley residence under his possession, but he still rejected the idea of
staying there.

“Oh, right. Master, I heard you mention Hunters Guild earlier. I’m not sure if it’s the same organization
like the one I’ve heard before,” said Cecilia softly.

“You know Hunters Guild?” Jonathan’s eyes lit up suddenly.

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