Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 388

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The Legendary Man

Do Not Offend Asura

Wilson’s face instantly darkened with rage when he heard those words. “You didn’t dare? Is there even
anything that you don’t dare to do? You rebellious brat! You’re causing the ruin of the Hansley family!”

His face puffed red in anger.

However, Jonathan couldn’t be bothered to deal with his nonsense anymore. “I’ve already given the
Hansley family a chance. It’s too bad that you all didn’t treasure it. Since you don’t want to hand what is
due over, I’ll have to take it myself.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, he looked at Wilson coldly and said, “From today onward, the
Hansley family will disappear from Gronga. All of your fortunes will be mine. Can you accept that?”

“Of course. I yield.”

Wilson dropped to his knees with a thud. He knelt in front of Jonathan, not daring to speak up.

There was nothing else he could do.

With a simple order, Jonathan could level the entire Hansley residence.

The eight teams of Asura Guards could level the entire Chanaea, not to mention just one measly
Hansley family.

“That day, Cecilia took the Phantom Grass from me to prolong your life. Yet, you conspired with the
Larson family to kill me today. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I will take your life today. Can you
accept that?” Jonathan’s eyes turned icy cold suddenly.

That day, he had fought against a mercenary force of a few hundred fighters alone to save Cecilia and
the others.

Then, he led her and the others to Shadow Dragon Pool. That was how she was able to get Phantom
Grass from him.

However, the Hansley family did not want to pay up after they took the Phantom Grass. They even
joined forces with the Larson family to try and kill him.

Do they think I’m a pushover?

He had given Wilson an ultimatum.

With a flick of Jonathan’s wrist, a black handgun appeared in his hand. Then, he moved his finger. The
sound of the trigger being pulled could be heard. Bam! A golden bullet pierced through Wilson’s head.

“Your life had always been mine. I’m only taking it back today.”

In that instant, Wilson fell to the ground with a thud before he could even say anything to explain
himself. A puddle of blood formed around him.

His eyes widened.

He couldn’t close his eyes even after he died.


When Cecilia saw that, her face instantly paled with terror. She was trembling all over.

She never dreamed that Wilson, who had been high and mighty and in control of the whole Hansley
family since she was young, would die in such a tragic manner. He was the dignified leader of the
Hansley family after all.

Yet, he had fallen to the ground dyed red in blood without being able to utter his last words.

“Cecilia, I clearly stated the price of the Phantom Grass that day you bought it from me. I asked you if
you were willing to pay the price and you said yes. However, you went back on your words after that.
You acted like you didn’t know who I was. Today, I will ruin your face and make you my servant for ten
years. That will be your punishment!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jonathan flicked his wrist again. Heaven Sword appeared behind him
immediately. Then, he swung the sword with his right hand and flung it forward.

The tip of the blade scratched Cecilia’s beautiful side profile. She screamed as her delicate face was
scarred with a bloody wound.

However, Cecilia did not dare to express her grievance.

After all, she had scammed Jonathan first.

She tried to take the Phantom Grass from him for free.

Therefore, she knew that she was lucky that Jonathan chose to only scar her and not kill her on the

Hence, she did not dare to complain.

She was already lucky to still be alive.

“From today onward, you will stay by my side as my servant. Do you have any problems with that?”
Jonathan asked Cecilia, whose head was hung low. Half of her face was scarred.

“I-I don’t have any objections.”

Cecilia fell to her knees with a thud. Kneeling in front of him, she said, “Greetings, Master! I am but a
lowly servant of yours.”

Jonathan waved his hand. “Get up. I won’t kill you today. If you repent and make up for your sins, I will
heal your face in the future. Otherwise, you will end up like this tree!” With that, Jonathan flicked his
wrist and Heaven Sword was swung at a tree nearby.

The tree that had a trunk as thick as a basketball fell to the ground after being slashed into half by
Heaven Sword.

Thump! The tree fell to the ground with a deafening sound.

Cecilia, who had just gotten up, fell to her knees again out of fear. “I would not dare to repeat my
mistakes, Master!”

“Get up!”

Jonathan waved his hand dismissively once again. Cecilia heeded his order and got up. She stood
behind him. As he was almost done settling the score with the Hansley family, Jonathan turned around
to look at Jamie who had an expression that was hard to read. “Jamie, my visit to Gronga had nothing
to do with the Larson family. Yet, the Larson family kept provoking me non-stop. You even tried to team
up with the Hansley family to kill me. As punishment, I will take all your family’s fortune. Can you accept

“I will accept it!” said Jamie, who fell to his knees in front of Jonathan with a thud.

Now that things had come to that point, he could only accept his fate.

Even though he was upset and unwilling to accept it, he had to suppress his feelings.

After all, he could not afford to offend Asura.

Those who offended Asura would be punished with death.

As the head of the Larson family, Adrian knew how terrifying Asura’s Office was. He was also aware of
how terrifying Asura himself was. With a single order, the latter would be able to strip the whole Gronga
of its fortunes. No one would dare to object to him. Therefore, it was too easy for Asura to strip the
Larson family of its assets.

After all, he was Asura.

According to an ancient saying, all land belonged to the king in the kingdom, and all men were servants
of the king.

Asura was akin to that king.

“From today onward, there will be no Hansley family and no Larson family in Gronga. After some time, I
will send some people over to make the necessary arrangements to take over from your two families. I
will show no mercy if you two dare to conspire against me again when that time comes.” Suddenly,
Jonathan’s gaze turned cold.

His gaze was like a blade made out of ice as he glanced at Jamie and Cecilia.

When the two of them heard Jonathan’s words, they lowered their heads and did not dare to meet his
gaze. “Please be rest assured that the Larson family would not dare to conspire against you, Asura!”
said Jamie.

Cecilia added, “Please be rest assured, Master. I am no longer a member of the Hansley family from
now on. I am your servant, Master. I would never dare to plot against you.”

“Get up!”

Jonathan waved his hand indifferently. The two of them got up.

After that, Nelson, who had been silent the whole time, looked at Jonathan and said, “Mr. Goldstein,
you said that you came to Gronga to collect a debt. Was the Hansley family the one you wanted to
collect the debt from?”

Nelson did not know who Jonathan was looking for when the latter first came to Gronga. He only knew
that the latter was looking to collect a debt.

At that moment, he realized that Jonathan was there to collect his debt from merely the Hansley family.
If he had known earlier, he would have offered to settle the issue for Jonathan. Jonathan did not have
to do it personally. After all, the Hansley family was a small family without much influence.

If Jonathan wanted to destroy the family, he could kill all of them in less than an hour.

“That’s right. However, I did not come here only for this reason,” Jonathan replied casually with a nod.

A few hundred million was not worth his time to travel from Yaleview to Gronga.

To others, that amount of money was a huge fortune that they did not even dare to dream about.

However, the amount was only a number to him.

He had traveled this far not because of this amount of money. It was because of the Hunters Guild that
had something to do with his father’s death.

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