Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 387

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The Legendary Man

Owe Me More Than A Billion

Hail to Asura?

Everyone was shocked the moment they heard him.

That was even more so the case for Jamie. His face darkened dramatically, and there was a trace of
disbelief in his eyes.

Asura? There is only one person who can be called Asura in this world. He is a god-like figure in the
eyes of the world. How is that possible? How can Jonathan be Asura?

All of a sudden, Jamie’s face turned pale. He looked as if he was struck by lightning. Wilson, the head
of the Hansley family, was no better than him.

Wilson’s expression changed when he saw what happened in front of him. His body couldn’t help but
tremble. He staggered and couldn’t control himself, almost falling to the floor from shock.

Asura? He is Asura?

He was a man whom they had only ever heard about but had never seen in real life.

“It’s impossible! There must be some mistake. How the hell is it possible that he’s Asura?” Cecilia’s
face turned pale. She didn’t want to believe what was happening in front of her.

How could Jonathan be Asura?

In her eyes, Asura was an imposing god-like figure.

That figure was supposed to be someone who was dignified and superior—a noble being above all
common people.

How could someone like Jonathan be Asura?

Just when they were lost in their thoughts, suddenly, there was another loud roar of an engine in the

A dark green military helicopter with a huge propeller descended from the sky the next moment.

Then, the cockpit door opened.

A middle-aged man in a dark green army uniform got off the helicopter.

Jamie and Wilson’s expressions darkened as soon as they saw the man clearly. A trace of fear flashed
across their eyes.

Nelson? Why is he here too?

The next second, Nelson strode forward and knelt down in front of Jonathan without saying a word.

“Nelson, commander-in-chief of the Gronga Special Force, hail to Asura!”

His words struck everyone present like a bolt of lightning and fell heavily on their ears, numbing their

Did he just kneel down to pay respect to Asura?

In fact, when George knelt down to pay respect to Asura just now, all of them were still a bit suspicious.
However, when Nelson, who was in charge of hundreds of thousand soldiers in Gronga, knelt down
and paid respect to Asura in front of them as well, they had no more reason to doubt Jonathan’s

“Get up!”

The moment Nelson knelt down, Jonathan raised his hand gently to signal both of them to stand up. As
soon as Nelson and George heard Jonathan’s words, the two immediately stood up like obedient
primary students. They didn’t even dare to move while standing in front of Jonathan.

“I said earlier that even George and Nelson can’t save you. Do you believe it now?” Jonathan glanced
at Wilson and Jamie indifferently. The moment Jonathan glanced at them, the two couldn’t help but feel
a shudder. It was as if they were being looked at by the Grim Reaper.

Cold sweat streaked behind their backs.

“Yes, yes. We believe it now.”

Jamie’s face was as pale as paper. He answered in a trembling voice, and he was stuttering in fright.

As the head of the Larson family, he was used to seeing big shots and chatting easily with them.
However, he couldn’t help but feel intimidated in front of Jonathan.

He had heard too many things about Asura.

In fact, it was not an exaggeration when people said one could not survive if Asura wanted one dead.

Even God descended from heaven, he would not be able to save the person.

“How about you?” Jonathan looked at Wilson indifferently.

“Yes, yes, I believe you now.” Without saying anything more, Wilson knelt down in front of Jonathan in
a hurry. “I, Wilson from the Hansley family, didn’t know that you were Asura earlier. Please punish me if
I’ve offended you.”

However, he knew it was useless for him to defend himself anymore at that time.

A few minutes ago, he tried every means to kill Jonathan. However, a few minutes later, he knelt down
obediently in front of him.

When dealing with a life-and-death situation, dignity and pride were useless.

“Punish?” Hearing Wilson’s words, Jonathan glanced at him indifferently and asked, “So, how do you
think I should punish you?”

“Asura, I…”

Wilson was about to say something but was interrupted by Jonathan. “Do you know why I took Cecilia

“No, I don’t.”

Wilson shook his head. He really had no idea at all.

He only knew that Jonathan broke into the Hansley residence. Then, he took Cecilia away. Not only
that, he even killed Wayde from the Larson family.

Nonetheless, he didn’t know what the reason was at all.

In fact, he didn’t wish to know. No matter what the reason was, one who dared to take Cecilia away in
front of so many people was insulting the Hansley family to their faces.

Hence, in return, Jonathan must be dead no matter what.

“I said earlier that the Hansley family owes me money.” Jonathan glanced at Cecilia, who was hiding
behind the tree, trembling. “Didn’t Cecilia tell you how your illness was cured when she came back?”

“My illness?” Wilson looked like he was at a loss.

“Hmm, it seems that she didn’t tell you anything.” Jonathan shook his head gently. “She bought
Phantom Grass from me. One is worth a hundred million. She bought fifteen of them. Thus, she owes
me more than a billion now.”


Upon hearing that, Wilson was stunned. A surge of anger suddenly arose from the bottom of his heart.
He glared at Cecilia and asked, “Cecilia, is what Asura said true?”

“Yeah, he’s right,” Cecilia lowered her head and answered.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Wilson’s face was as gloomy as mud. However, he gave Cecelia a sharp

He would have slapped Cecilia in the face if Jonathan had not been present. However, he dared not
move an inch.

How could things turn out like this when we could just solve it by paying money?

Wilson was afraid Jonathan wouldn’t let them off even if he offered the whole Hansley family to him.

This foolish granddaughter really put the whole Hansley family at risk!

“I-I didn’t dare to tell you…” Cecilia bit her lip and lowered her head.

She was just an illegitimate daughter of the Hansley family.

No one would pay attention to her if she didn’t cure Wilson.

She couldn’t even afford a hundred million, let alone more than a billion.

Hence, there was no use for her to tell Wilson. She knew Wilson’s character too well.

Even if I told him, he wouldn’t even give Jonathan a dime!

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