Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 386

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The Legendary Man

The Governor Appears

It was apparent that he was well aware of the consequences.

As a senior inspector, he clearly knew what disobeying his superior’s order meant.

A light punishment would be a termination of his duty, but a heavy one would require him to bear
criminal responsibility.

Atop the hill, there was a moment of silence.

Numerous special police had weapons in their hands. They were patiently waiting for their superior’s
order. However, time ticked by, and more than ten seconds soon passed.

After waiting for a while, they still didn’t receive the order to shoot.

What’s going on?

Instantly, everyone couldn’t help but look toward the helicopter hovering in mid-air. Just when
everyone’s attention was on the aircraft, a person in it gave the command to retreat. “Attention, all
members of the police force. Keep your guns and fall back immediately.”


When the police heard the words fall back, they were shocked.

Who would have thought they would receive a retreat order after such a long wait.

One of the special police couldn’t refrain from asking, “Why?”

“There is no reason to it. This is an order!” The senior police officer, Igor, yelled from the helicopter,
“Everyone, retreat within a minute! Do it now!”

“Roger that!”

With his order, no matter how unwilling the special police were, they must follow it. They immediately
lowered their guns and retreated.

After all, in the police force, an order was above everything else.

Moreover, the special police’s duty was to obey all instructions.

Even if it was a life-and-death situation, as long as their superior placed an order, they had to obey it.
At that time, although the police wanted to fire and restore the police department’s dignity, they had to
fall back because of the order.

“Chief Zahn!” While the group of special police was backing off, Jamie, who stood at the hilltop, couldn’t
hold back his darkened expression anymore.

“Chief Zahn, what does this mean? Are you going to pull out your men just like this?”

“What is it? Do I have to report to you how the police work?” questioned the enraged Igor furiously after
hearing Jamie’s words.

“It is apparent that you don’t need to report what the police are doing to me. But I suggest you give me
an explanation of your decision. If not, I will tell Governor Langdon everything you guys did!”

Jamie suppressed his anger and continued, “I am curious to see if the police force can just take actions
without Governor Langdon’s consent.”

At that moment, Jamie was infuriated.

I’m already well-prepared to witness Jonathan’s death! How can the police force retreat just like that? I
am the patriarch of the Larson family. What do they take me for? Am I a monkey to them?

“Oh, you don’t need to inform Governor Langdon about the situation. He was the person who gave the
retreat order.” With that said, Igor sneered and shouted, “Retreat!”

With that said, all the special police who surrounded the hilltop vanished in an instant.

Within a blink of an eye, only Jonathan, Jamie, Wilson, and Cecilia were on the hilltop.

After the police left, Jamie stood on the spot in disbelief.

“That’s impossible. How can this be possible? Why would George order them to retreat?”

Until then, Jamie couldn’t understand why George would suddenly order the police to fall back.

Isn’t Jonathan a mere bandit? There’s no way he has a connection to George.

It was not just Jamie who was shocked. Wilson’s eyelids twitched as his eyes were filled with disbelief
as well.

He had never expected George would instruct the special police to retreat when they were about to fire
at Jonathan.

What the hell is going on?

“Mr. Larson, what is going on?” Staring at Jamie’s dumbfounded expression, Wilson couldn’t help but
ask, “Why not you give George a call?”

As Jamie was a powerful man in Gronga, he would only need to make a phone call to reach George.

George might not pick up a call from other people, but he would definitely let Jamie’s call through.

After all, the Larson family was the head of the four prominent families in Gronga. As for Jamie, he was
the wealthiest man in Gronga.

However, after Wilson finished his sentence and before Jamie had the chance to speak, Jonathan
replied, “You don’t have to do it. He should be arriving soon.”

What does he mean by he is going to be here soon?

A trace of surprise flashed across Wilson’s eyes after listening to Jonathan’s words.

Meanwhile, Jamie’s expression fell abruptly.

At that moment, Jamie thought of something that seemed impossible.

Could it be that Jonathan is influential and sits in a position so high that George is afraid to offend him
and wants to see him personally? But how can this be true? There is only a handful of people in this
world that George dares not offend and will put effort to come forward personally to greet them. In
Chanaea, I can only think of the few terrifying people from Asura’s Office. Is Jonathan a member of
Asura’s Office? No way!

When that thought appeared in Jamie’s mind, he couldn’t refrain from shaking his head profusely.

It’s not possible. The few horrifying people in Asura’s Office are extremely influential. Each of them
protects different parts of the country. Besides that, millions of soldiers are under their command. Even
the most influential person in Gronga, the commander-in-chief of the Gronga Special Force, Nelson
Carter, is merely a sidekick in front of them. Nelson isn’t even qualified to have equal status as the
people in Asura’s Office. How would such a terrifying presence have anything to do with the Hansley
family? Why would they abduct the daughter of the Hansley family?

While Jamie was still deep in his thought, a gush of strong wind blew over their heads.

Shortly after, they saw a black helicopter heading in their direction from afar. It then gradually landed on
the ground.


After the helicopter landed, its door opened.

A man in a black suit with mostly white hair who seemed to be in his mid-fifties got off the helicopter.

George Langdon?

At first glance, Jamie and Wilson recognized that the person getting off the helicopter was George.

The man with white hair was none other than the governor of Gronga, George.

“G-Governor Langdon!”

When Jamie and Wilson saw George, their bodies shuddered. A trace of shock flashed across their

I can’t believe George is really here!

“Mr. Larson? Mr. Hansley?” At their voices, George turned around and glanced at them subconsciously.
He was rather shocked to see them there.

However, right then, he couldn’t care less about exchanging pleasantries with them.

Under normal circumstances, he would usually treat them respectfully. After all, one of them was the
patriarch of the head of the four prominent families, the Larson family. And the other person was also a
patriarch of the Hansley family of the four prominent families.

As they were from the four prominent families of Gronga, naturally, George would treat them with
respect under normal circumstances.

However, because of Jonathan’s presence at that moment, George didn’t have the mood to be
bothered about the two.

Soon after, George walked forward quickly and knelt before Jonathan. “Governor of Gronga, George
Langdon, hail to Asura!”

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