Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 385

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The Legendary Man

This Is An Order

At that moment, they finally began the first round of assault after waiting for such a long time.

Countless guns were aimed at Jonathan at the same time, while the helicopter that circled in the air
was also making a deafening noise.

People could hardly open their eyes when faced with the gushes of wind stirred up by its propellor.

The helicopter was intentionally deployed at that time and was even equipped with machine guns at its

With a push of a button, they could easily destroy everything at the top of the mountain.

“Jonathan, are you still assuming that you will be able to escape from here?” Jamie asked as he
checked on the helicopter that was circling in the air and the troops of men he had behind him while a
smug look fleeted across his gaze.

The reason he came to the top of the mountain to meet Jonathan despite everybody’s protest was to
witness the look of despair in the latter’s eyes, as well as his miserable state when faced with his
impending death.

“Escape? Why should I do that?” Jonathan smiled nonchalantly, without a care for the imminent threat
before him.

“Jonathan, I really have no idea what gave you such confidence to boast so shamelessly while in the
presence of this many people. Could it be that you’re already assuming that none of them would dare
shoot you down?” Jamie’s face fell the moment he heard what Jonathan said.

“Of course, they won’t shoot me down. You can ask if George Langdon would give such an order if he’s
present, let alone these guys,” Jonathan stated calmly.

George Langdon?

Upon hearing that, Jamie could no longer refrain from smiling.

“Now I see, Jonathan. You are, by all accounts, a madman! George Langdon? Do you think you have
the right to even meet him? Whatever. I shouldn’t have wasted my time on a madman like you, to begin

As soon as Jamie said that, he decided he no longer wanted to waste his breath with Jonathan, so he
turned to look at the troops behind him. “I’m done with my lecture. You can do your thing now.”

“Yes, Sir!”

After hearing what Jamie said, the men behind him raised their guns and placed their fingers onto the
gun triggers without hesitation.

They could immediately bore holes through Jonathan’s body using their bullets the moment the order to
fire was given.

A senior police officer, Igor Zahn, shouted from the helicopter, “This will be the last chance I will offer,
Jonathan. Put down your weapon and surrender on the spot, and the police might still give you a
chance to live. Otherwise, don’t blame us for doing what we ought to do.”

That would be the final warning from the police.

“By that, do you mean you’re going to shoot me dead right on the spot?” Jonathan smiled casually,
unfazed at all by the warning.


An affirmative answer came from the helicopter yet again.

“Well, I sure would like to see if you would dare fire your guns at me!” Jonathan’s gaze became chilly in
an instant.

Considering that things had escalated to such a heated state, he was certain that George and Nelson,
the commander-in-chief of the Law Enforcement Bureau, must have received news about it.

Since they must have known about the situation, he would like to know if either of them had the guts to
order for him to be shot dead on the spot.

One, two, three.

Three seconds after Jonathan said that, an order was shouted from the helicopter yet again.

“Troops, get ready for an assault! This hooligan refuses to surrender! On my orders, get ready to shoot
him down on the spot at any moment!”

“Yes, Sir!”

With that, all the police present readied themselves for combat in an instant.

At the same time, a cold glint flashed across Jamie’s eyes without warning.

The reason he got there was to wait for that moment.

He needed to witness with his own two eyes how Jonathan died.

Feeling excited, he could not wait to see countless bullets piercing Jonathan’s heart and boring holes
through the latter’s body.

Meanwhile, Cecilia staggered backward to hide behind a tree. By that point, she believed that nobody,
not even the mightiest of powers, would be able to save Jonathan if they were to come.

Jonathan wouldn’t be able to escape death. Is this finally the end?

Cecilia slowly heaved a sigh of relief.

In the face of absolute violence, even someone as powerful as Jonathan would be of no consequence.

A heavy silence hung in the air.

Everybody was awaiting the final order from Igor, who was standing in the helicopter. Just as he was
about to give the order to kill Jonathan, his wireless satellite phone began ringing all of a sudden.

The moment the phone rang, his hands trembled before he took the call with an annoyed tone. “Who is
this? Don’t you know I’m on a mission?”

“It’s me, George Langdon.”

An old, husky voice came through the phone.

As soon as he heard the voice, his scalp tingled.

George Langdon? What the hell?

The moment he heard the caller announce his name, he changed his tone before replying in a hurry,
“Commander Langdon!”

“Listen closely and do not ask me for a reason. I need you to leave the place right away. Tell your
troops to retreat. You do not have permission to meddle in Mr. Goldstein’s business.” George’s voice
was extremely stern and even a little reprehensive.

When Igor heard George’s orders, his expression changed. “What? But-”

“There will be no questions! This is an order!” George didn’t even give him the chance to speak.
“Withdraw the troops immediately! You’re not allowed to launch any form of assault on Mr. Goldstein.
From now on, nobody is to meddle in Mr. Goldstein’s business!”

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