Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 384

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The Legendary Man

Put An End To It

Jonathan sat motionless on a rock at the top of the mountain, looking down at the scenery. On the
other hand, Cecilia was curled into a shivering ball under a tree.

She was only wearing a white, long dress that she had carefully picked out for the banquet.

Her original intention was to dress up looking elegant and dignified like a princess that evening.
However, after a chilly night, she had been reduced to a white swan living amongst the common folk.


Suddenly, Cecilia’s eyes lit up when she saw her grandfather.

Next to him stood the legend of the Larson family, Jamie Larson.


On hearing Cecilia’s cries, the old man turned around.

It was indeed the head of the Hansley family, Wilson Hansley.

“Grandpa, are you here to save me?” Cecilia immediately cheered up as the once despondent look on
her face faded as her eyes lit up. She was on the verge of giving up when she saw her grandfather. At
that instant, she had a renewed hope of staying alive.

He was her last chance to survive.


Wilson nodded and turned to look at Jonathan, whose back was facing him. “You must be Jonathan

“Are you Cecilia’s grandfather?” Jonathan turned around coolly when he heard the man’s voice.

“That’s right,” Wilson replied without hesitation.

“Did you bring the money?” Jonathan asked.

“No.” Wilson shook his head. “Jonathan Goldstein, you’re mistaken. I didn’t come here to give you the
money in exchange for Cecilia.”

“Huh? Don’t you want to save your granddaughter?” Jonathan looked at Wilson without a trace of

He did not seem to be offended by Wilson’s reply.

“Of course, I want to save her, but I won’t give you a single cent!” Wilson curled his lips in disdain.


Cecilia’s face turned ashen when she heard what her grandfather said. Her scalp began to prickle.

She had never expected her grandfather to give such a reply at this time. His action made her wonder
if he was ready to abandon her.

“Looks like your family has the habit of going back on your words. It must have started with you.”
Jonathan showed no signs of displeasure, as though he had expected such a response from Wilson.

Since the day Jonathan arrived, he had never intended to get back those few billions.

The amount was only a number to him.

To him, there was no difference between a couple of billion and a few hundred.

Since the day the Hansley family decided to repudiate the debt, the issue was no longer about the

“It’s all right. It’s only a few billion. I don’t want it anyway.” Jonathan looked at Wilson indifferently.

“I’ve changed my mind. Now I want to take over the Hansley family!”

“What did you say? You want to take over the Hansley family?” Wilson scoffed at Jonathan’s claims as
though he just heard the funniest joke in the world. “Just you alone? I’m not belittling you, but do you
think you can handle the entire Hansley family even if I offer it to you?”

“That’s not for you to worry.” Jonathan immediately remarked in the most nonchalant tone.

“Jonathan, I don’t think you know why I am here to see you. I’m not here to negotiate with you today.
I’m here to see how you will die!” Wilson gave a snort of contempt.

“Do you know how many men are lying ambush and waiting for you at the bottom of the hill? Their guns
are all aimed at you. Do you believe that with just one command from me, they will shoot your brains
out? Yet, at this critical moment, you’re not thinking of how to escape. Instead, you’re plotting to take
over the Hansley family. What wishful thinking!” said Wilson.

“Why are you telling me all these? Aren’t you afraid I’ll drag you down with me when I die?” Jonathan
glanced briefly at Wilson. “You should know how I made those men crash down the hill earlier. What
makes you think you stand a better chance of surviving?”

“How dare you!”

Wilson’s body stiffened at once.

That matter did not cross his mind at all.

He initially thought that by that time, Jonathan would be exhausted, and he did not have to do much to
make Jonathan beg him for mercy. Little did he expect Jonathan to be thinking of how to bring him
down together.

“Young man, do you think I would come here unprepared?” Just then, the man next to Wilson spoke

Jonathan instinctively turned to look at the man. “Are you Jamie Larson?”

“Do you know me?” the man asked in surprise.

Jonathan shook his head. “No, I don’t know you. But the only people who dare to fight alongside the
Hansley family must be one of the four prominent families. Among them, only the Larson family bears a
grudge against me because I killed Jamie Larson’s son with a single shot.”

“Not bad. I had the impression that you were just a brute. You turned out to be smarter than I thought.
What a pity though. Regardless of how smart you are, you won’t be able to get out of here alive.” Jamie
looked down at Jonathan. “How dare you kill my son! Do you think you can get out of Gronga alive?”

Jamie gave Jonathan an icy stare.

His son had been born to him at an old age, and he doted on this second son the most.

He even wanted to name his son his successor. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected his
beloved son to be shot dead with just one bullet.

When Jamie learned of the news, he only had one thought.

He wanted to tear the murderer into pieces, to rip him apart.

“Do you think just a few of you can make me stay? Your son died because he was a busybody. Are you
going to be like him and poke your nose into the Hansley family’s business too?” Jonathan cast an
impassive glance at Jamie.

“I’m not interested in your business with the Hansley family. I’m here to see for myself how you’re going
to die. I’m afraid I won’t have a good night’s sleep if I don’t get to witness your death in person,” Jamie
said scornfully.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to be disappointed.” Jonathan shook his head.

He went on, “If you’re hoping those men at the bottom of the hill will take revenge for you, your trust in
them is misplaced. I’ve already made it clear. It’s not up to the police to interfere in this matter. Do you
think I’m joking with you?”

There was a chilly glint in Jonathan’s eyes.

It’s time to put this drama to an end!

Just then, the sound of roaring engines rang out from below the hill. Soon, numerous SUVs appeared
halfway up the hill, instantly surrounding the people at the hilltop.

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