Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 383

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The Legendary Man

This Is An Order

It was clear that Jonathan was threatening him blatantly.

However, at that moment, nobody dared to anger Jonathan.

No one knew what a madman like him would do.

Since he dared to shoot down the helicopter that belonged to the Department of Criminal Investigation
and kill policemen, no one could imagine the other things he could have done.


The leader of the police was about to speak when there was a loud bang followed by a golden bullet
that hit his other knee.

“One more word and the next bullet will land in your head!” Jonathan looked indifferently at the leader
of the special police and said, “Get lost!”

The leader gritted his teeth and without another word, he commanded, “Retreat! Now!”

They were obviously not a match for Jonathan as they did not even manage to touch the corner of his
shirt when he shot down the helicopter and killed dozens of special police.

If they were to continue fighting, they would be wiped out before Jonathan lost a single strand of hair.

“Wait a moment!”

Just as the leader was about to leave, Jonathan’s voice could be heard coming from behind him.

“What do you want?” asked the leader as he looked at Jonathan with fear.

“Take them away!”

Jonathan pointed his gun toward the special police who were on the ground. After hearing Jonathan’s
words, the leader’s expression darkened as he ordered, “Take them!”

With his orders, the special police who behaved aggressively immediately ran away as quickly as they

As the special police ran for their lives, even Cecilia stared at Jonathan with fear as a trace of despair
flashed across her eyes.

If the Department of Criminal Investigation can’t even save me, then who in the entire Gronga could?
The Gronga Special Force? But would they be deployed?

Meanwhile, at the foot of the hill, countless special police wearing bulletproof vests, and special police
uniforms gathered all the way toward the hillside as they carried armed weapons in their hands.

Since they had failed their first wave of attack, the Department of Criminal Investigation had once again
increased its forces.

This time, not only were the special police deployed but so was the Elite Unit.

As far as Gronga’s Department of Criminal Investigation was concerned, it was a great humiliation to
not be able to capture a bandit even after half the police force was deployed.

“Oh, I’ve been a policeman for years and this is my first time seeing such a strange person!” said an old
inspector with an unshaven beard. With a cigarette in his mouth, he looked toward the top of the
mountain and shook his head repeatedly.

The old man was a senior inspector of the Department of Criminal Investigation and had worked in the
police force for decades.

He was considered to be a veteran of the Department of Criminal Investigation.

Behind him stood more than a dozen of young special police, armed with guns and in high spirits.

A young policeman behind him could not help but ask, “Mr. Wright, if that punk is so impressive, then
why didn’t become a soldier to protect the country? Why did he kidnap a little girl?”

That man single-handedly took out the entire team of special police and even destroyed a helicopter!
With a skill that incredible, why in the world did he kidnap a girl when he’s more than capable of
becoming a great soldier?

“What do you mean a little girl? She’s the infamous Ms. Hansley of Gronga!” The old inspector, Landen
Wright, could not help but glare at the young man who spoke.

“Oh gosh, it’s all the same. Didn’t you guys see that that punk wiped out our entire team of special
police? My God, when the helicopter exploded, I swear it was like I was watching a blockbuster movie!
I was by the foot of the hill and I think my eardrums almost ruptured!” The young policeman stuck his
finger into his ears and shuddered in fear.

I’m sure I would’ve died if I were at the top of the mountain.

“Are you afraid?” Seeing the frightened look on the young policeman’s face, Landen could not help but
chuckle and said, “Don’t worry. That punk doesn’t have any intent to murder. Otherwise, how do you
think those men managed to come out of the mountain alive? The ones who were injured have been
sent to the hospital for treatment. None of them are dead. They’re all alive!”

“He didn’t kill a single person?” The young policeman’s eyes widened in disbelief.

There was such a commotion and no one died?

“No, he did not!”

Landen shook his head and continued, “This guy might just be from the army. His shooting skills and
techniques are spot-on. I think he just wanted to give a deterrent to Gronga’s Department of Criminal
Investigation. He doesn’t intend to actually kill anyone. Look, you should go and contact the Gronga
Special Force immediately. Have them deploy some men over and we’ll see if they can figure out that
guy’s identity. I’m afraid things might really get out of hand if he’s really from the army.”

“Contact the Gronga Special Force?” The young policeman looked troubled when he heard Landen’s
words. “Mr. Wright, you know the Gronga Special Force has never liked dealing with us. Besides, we
just suffered a backlash. Is it really okay for us to contact them? Wouldn’t we look like a joke?”

“What kind of nonsense is that? Just follow your orders!” Landen lifted his leg and kicked the young
policeman in the butt. “So what if we look like a joke? How many more lives do we need to sacrifice
before you feel better?”

“Yes, Mr. Wright. I’ll contact them right away!”

Upon hearing Landen’s words, the young policeman immediately picked up his phone and called the
Gronga Special Force. However, at that moment, a short-haired female police officer, Erika Sutton,
dressed in black sturdy clothing approached Landen alongside several other people. “Mr. Wright,
please remove the blockade. I need to bring a few people up to the mountain.”

“Who are they?” Landen turned around and looked at the people behind Erika. There were two men
and a woman behind her.

The two men dressed in gray looked very old. They were probably in their sixties or seventies. The
woman, on the other hand, was much younger as she looked like she was in her thirties.

She was extremely well-maintained with her snow-white skin, and her figure was absolutely sexy.

With just one look, she was able to arouse a man’s most primitive desire to conquer her.

“You don’t need to know. Just remove the blockade. That’s an order,” Erika ordered coldly.

In terms of police rank, she ranked higher than Landen and was considered to be his direct superior.

Therefore, when Landen heard her words, he immediately removed the blockade without hesitation
and made way for them.

Immediately after, Erika walked toward the top of the mountain alongside the two old men and the
middle-aged woman.

After the trio walked past Landen and the others, the young policeman who stood behind Landen could
not help but ask, “Mr. Wright, don’t you think one of the two men looked especially like Jamie Larson?”

“Jamie Larson?” Landen’s expression immediately changed when he heard that as he suddenly
recognized the man.

Isn’t one of the two old men Jamie Larson, the patriarch of the Larson family, one of the four prominent
families in Gronga? What’s he doing here? And why is he alone? Where are his bodyguards?

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