Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 380

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The Legendary Man

Dirty Work

“Hmph!” Marcus couldn’t help but snort after hearing what Cedric said, displeased with the latter’s

Nonetheless, he knew very well that everyone in the Hansley family held resentment toward him.

Everyone in the Hansley family knew that the only reason Marcus became the successor was because
of his daughter. Without his daughter, he wouldn’t have the right to take over.

I bet these people must be secretly laughing at my daughter’s kidnapping! But fret not. As long as my
daughter’s still alive, these people won’t be able to change Wilson’s thoughts of me! Oh well, too bad
nobody in this house could cure Wilson’s illness and only my daughter managed to do so with the
Phantom Grass that she brought back from the mainland.

Just when he was thinking about those things, there was suddenly a sound of hurried footsteps outside
the door. It was an old man in his seventies to eighties, with an alluring young woman supporting him.

“Dad, why are you here?” Marcus was surprised to see the old man.

The old man wasn’t any ordinary person. He was the patriarch of the Hansley family, a legend in
Gronga—Wilson Hansley.

Back then, he led the Hansley family from nothing to becoming one of the four prominent families in
Gronga. He was the true self-made big shot.

“If I don’t come, I’m afraid the entire house will be torn apart!” Wilson scowled. “What’s going on? Who
took Cecilia away?”

“We don’t know yet!”

Marcus shook his head. “The Department of Criminal Investigation had already sent someone to
retrieve the surveillance footage. We reckon it won’t take long for them to find out who took Cecilia.
Once I find out who that son of a b*tch is, I’m going to turn him to dust!”

He was the most anxious person out of the entire Hansley family when Cecilia got taken away.

It doesn’t matter that my daughter has been kidnapped. But if it’s going to affect my status, I’m

“Call Chief Warren from the Department of Criminal Investigation immediately, and have him dispatch
more people to search the entire city. Tell him it’s an order from me!” Wilson demanded.

Based on his status in Gronga, commanding a chief from the Department of Criminal Investigation
wasn’t a big deal.

“Okay, I’ll give him a call right now.” Without another word, Marcus picked up his phone and headed out
the door.

Once Marcus left, Wilson looked to the rest and asked, “Does anyone know why Cecilia got taken

“We heard Cecilia owed him some money, and he was here to collect the debt,” said Cedric, his oldest
grandchild who spoke up against Marcus earlier. “But Cecilia said she didn’t know him at all. That really
angered him, so he took her away.”

“Cecilia owed him money?” Hearing that, Wilson furrowed his brows. “How much did she owe him?”

“I heard it was a few billion.”

“What?” Wilson’s face turned pale. “A few billion? How did Cecilia owe him so much money?”

“Who knows?” Cedric shrugged. “Maybe he was lying? I doubt Cecilia would owe him that much

“How would you know?” A young woman next to him chimed in. “What if she lost her money while
gambling at Durbaine? It’s not that difficult to lose a few billion on the gambling table.”

“Stop with your nonsense. Cecilia isn’t a gambler!” Cedric glared at the young woman. Although I
despise Cecilia to the core, I still have to pretend to be courteous in front of Grandpa.

“All right. Forget about how Cecilia owed him money. What’s more important is that one of our own was
kidnapped right in front of everyone’s eyes. If this gets out there, how will the Hansley family hold its
head up in Gronga in the future?” Wilson said gravely.

There were many people who wanted to see the downfall of the Hansley family.

If this is made known to the public, how will I face anyone again?

“Grandpa, not only did that guy take Cecilia away, he even killed Wayde Larson of the Larson family!”
Cedric reminded in a low voice.

“What did you say?” Suddenly, Wilson’s expression drastically changed. “Wayde Larson is dead?”

“Yes, he’s dead.” Cedric nodded. “He was shot by that jerk!”

“Why didn’t you mention this earlier?” Wilson’s expression was so gloomy that it looked like a storm
cloud that was going to rain.

“Grandpa, I’ve already sent someone to inform the Larson family.” Cedric thought it was strange and
didn’t understand why Wilson was overreacting to Wayde’s death.

“I’m asking you. Why didn’t you inform me earlier?” Wilson angrily threw his cane away. “Wayde died in
the Hansley residence. It doesn’t matter who killed him because it will now involve the Hansley family!”

“That can’t be, Grandpa!” The expression on everyone’s face suddenly changed. “Everyone saw that
jerk kill Wayde and take Cecilia away. No matter how upset the Larson family is, they wouldn’t put the
blame on us, would they?”

“You know nothing!”

Wilson glared at the young man and scolded, “Do you really think that old man from the Larson family
will be reasonable after knowing that his son died? They’re not going to let anyone or anything linked to
this incident get away!”

“But, Grandpa-”

Before Cedric could finish talking, Wilson instantly interrupted, “Forget it. You don’t have to say
anything anymore. Immediately send people all over the city to hunt that man down. Let me know as
soon as you have news about it! Also, call the governor’s office and let him know I’m visiting.”

“Yes, Grandpa.” After hearing Wilson’s orders, Cedric’s face darkened, and he turned around to leave
without saying anything else.

Everyone else’s expression also darkened when they heard the governor’s office being mentioned.

No one would have thought this incident would involve the governor’s office of Gronga.

Not only that, Wilson was going to visit him in person.

At that moment, Marcus, who had finished making his call outside, came back. “Dad, I just called Chief
Warren, and he said he’ll immediately send the police to search the whole city. Once they have news,

they’ll let us know.”


Wilson nodded and looked at him. “Give the Larson family a call. Tell them I’ll be going over to visit
Julius. Wait, no. Don’t call them. You need to go there and send them the message yourself on my

“Dad, you want me to go visit the Larson family?” Marcus was taken aback by Wilson’s request.

After Wilson fell ill, their family had not kept in touch with the Larson family for years. Now he’s asking
me to go visit them today?


A haughty smile flashed across Wilson’s face. “Wayde is Julius’ son. Do you think he’d be able to sit
still after his son got murdered?”

“Dad, what are you trying to say?” Marcus blinked a few times and finally realized what he meant.

“That guy dared to break into the Hansley residence alone and take one of our own. He even killed
Wayde in front of so many people. So, I doubt he’s any good. We won’t have to worry if the Department
of Criminal Investigation manages to catch him. However, if they don’t, the Hansley family is going to
be in big trouble!” Wilson let out a bitter laugh.

He then continued, “But if the Larson family is taking action… That’d be different! Based on the
Larsons’ power in Gronga and around the world, I’m afraid that guy won’t be able to escape the pursuit
of the Larson family. If the Larsons make their move, that man is sure to die. This is what we call
getting someone else to do the dirty work!”

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