Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 378

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The Legendary Man

Who Do You Think You Are

Just when Cecilia finished talking, Wayde, who was standing behind her, stepped forward and said,
“Just ignore him, Cecilia! What’s the point of talking to someone like him?”

He then turned to Jonathan and said, “Hey, idiot. I don’t care if Cecilia really owes you a few billion. So
what if she did owe you that much? Do you think you can act recklessly in the Hansley family? I’m not
going to spare you today!”

“Not going to spare me?” Hearing what Wayde said, Jonathan couldn’t help but sneer, “Who do you
think you are?”

“Who do I think I am?” Wayde let out a bitter laugh. “Boy, it’s been a while since someone acted so
arrogantly in front of me. You don’t even know who I am, yet you’re so conceited?”

“This guy doesn’t even know who Wayde is, and he’s being unscrupulous?”

“You’re telling me you don’t know who Wayde Larson is?” A bunch of young, well-dressed men that
came from wealthy families simultaneously mocked Jonathan.

Who would dare offend the Larson family from Gronga? Especially when it comes to Wayde Larson.

“You heard them, right? Do you know who I am now?” Wayde scoffed at Jonathan. “My name’s Wayde
Larson of the Larson family. My father is Julius Larson, who is the head of the family. If you know my
identity, you should be well aware not to overstep your boundaries in our territory!”

“I don’t give a sh*t about the Larson family or you. I’ve never even heard of you!” Seeing Wayde
chattering away in front of him, a trace of impatience flashed in Jonathan’s eyes. With a wave of a

hand, he slapped the former’s face.

Wayde suddenly blacked out after the slap, staggering and almost falling to the ground.

“How dare you slap me?” A flash of anger appeared in Wayde’s eyes after Jonathan made his move.

I’m Wayde Larson, for goodness’ sake! The devil of Gronga!

Since young, nobody dared to lay a finger on him. He was appalled when Jonathan slapped him. How
dare this beggarly man who jumped out of nowhere hit me?

“Say one more useless thing and I’ll have you permanently silenced!” Jonathan’s eyes turned cold and,
in a flash, he appeared in front of Cecilia.

He grabbed Cecilia by her neck with one hand, picking her up casually like she was a little chick. In an
instant, the third daughter of the Hansley family, with a net worth of billions, was lifted into the air.

Although Cecilia was almost one hundred and eighty centimeters in her high heels, she still looked
petite and powerless next to Jonathan—like a chick waiting to be slaughtered.

She could not fight back at all.

“What are you doing, punk?”

“Let go of Ms. Hansley!”

“Security! Where are the security guards? Why aren’t they here yet?”

The moment Jonathan grabbed Cecilia, it was like poking a hornet’s nest. Everyone in the room went
into a frenzy.

Especially the wealthy young men that came from powerful families. Relying on the fact that there were
many of them, they rushed in front of Jonathan, trying to stop the latter in any way they could.

“Get lost!” Frowning, Jonathan gave each of them a slap and sent them flying.

“What are the rest of you standing there for? Go get him!” Wayde, who was slapped senseless by
Jonathan earlier, ordered his men angrily once he saw that Jonathan was still behaving as he pleased.

Those men were the bodyguards his father specially hired for him. Back then, his older brother had
once been kidnapped by a group of kidnappers. From that moment onward, no matter where he went,
those bodyguards would follow him.

“Yes, Mr. Wayde!” After hearing Wayde’s order, a few brawny men in black suits walked out from
behind him.

Judging from the way they walked, it was obvious they had gone through special training.

It was evident with the murderous looks on their faces. Anyone could tell they had emerged out of
mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

“Get him!” Wayde ordered.

The bodyguards instantly surrounded Jonathan. Without hesitation, they threw punches at him.

“You’re courting death!”

Seeing the bodyguards make their moves, Jonathan’s eyes turned cold. Raising his right hand slightly,
he grabbed one bodyguard’s fist and twisted it hard. Crack! Before the bodyguard could come to his
senses, Jonathan had already broken the former’s hand.

Then, Jonathan raised his left leg and kicked the bodyguard in his stomach.

Crash! The kick sent the bodyguard flying for over ten meters.

“How’s that possible?” Wayde’s face fell pale from being shocked by the sight before him.

Those bodyguards were professional mercenaries, specially hired by his father at high salaries from
abroad. Even if a private army wanted to assassinate him, they couldn’t easily touch him. However,
those bodyguards barely got near Jonathan and even got kicked as far as ten meters away.

How is this possible?

Just as he finished speaking, Jonathan grabbed onto another bodyguard’s neck and kicked him. Crack!
The sound of broken bones resounded. That bodyguard had seven to eight of his bones broken from
that kick.

In a blink of an eye, half of the bodyguards that charged at Jonathan earlier were now on the ground.

Besides, Jonathan barely moved his hand that was grabbing Cecilia the entire time.

“Kill him! Kill him now!” Wayde exploded in anger.

Without hesitation, the remaining standing bodyguards whipped out their guns from their waists and
aimed them at Jonathan.

“So you want to use guns on me, huh?” Seeing the bodyguards taking out their guns, Jonathan not
only didn’t panic, but his eyes also had a glint of disdain. “Who gave you guys the courage?”

At that moment, a figure flashed in front of their eyes. Before the bodyguards could react, Jonathan
punched the temple of one bodyguard.

Thud! The punch sent the bodyguard crashing to the floor. Right when he was falling, the gun that was
in his hand fell into Jonathan’s hands instead.

Bang! Bang! A few gunshots sounded. The remaining bodyguards didn’t even have the chance to pull
the trigger before they fell into a pool of blood.

He’s killing people?

Witnessing the sight before them, shrill screams started sounding in the living room.

Following that, the wealthy young men and women started to look pale and fled in all four directions.
They all cursed that their legs could not carry them away faster.

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