Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 379

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The Legendary Man


Wayde never imagined that Jonathan would actually commit murder. What was more, he even did it in
front of so many people.

At that point, Wayde no longer looked like the handsome young man he was before. His black tuxedo
was now covered in dust, and his ashen face was also stained with fresh blood. Even his lips were
swollen and there was a bright red handprint on his face.

“H-How dare you?”

Wayde looked at Jonathan and gulped as a huge wave of fear overwhelmed him.

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Jonathan glanced at Wayde, aloof.

“I told you—if you’re going to keep saying nonsense, I’ll kill you! Did you think I was joking?”

With that, Jonathan raised the gun in his hand and aimed it at Wayde.

“Y-You can’t kill me. If you do, the Larson family won’t let you get away with this!” Wayde stuttered,
fearing for his life.

Since he was young, no one dared to point a gun at him, let alone threaten his life.

“What did you say? If that’s the case, I might as well wipe out the entire Larson family, then!” Jonathan
stated, indifferent.

The Larson family, my foot! They’re just like ants to me! If they’re going to offend me, I’ll let them perish

Dead silence fell upon everyone when they heard what was said. They looked at Jonathan with shock
and disbelief.

Wipe out the Larson family? Who does he think he is?

The Larson family was the wealthiest family in Gronga. It was even said that the head of the Larson
family, Julius, had a close relationship with Nelson Carter, the top commander-in-chief of the Gronga
Special Force. Even the governor of Gronga got along with him.

Does Jonathan really think he can get out of Gronga alive if he kills Wayde?


Wayde was so frightened that he was unable to speak coherently. Just when he was about to say
something, Jonathan immediately cut him off and shouted, “You talk too much!”

Bang! A gunshot sounded; a golden bullet went right through Wayde’s forehead.


Wayde’s eyes widened in disbelief. Even before his death, he couldn’t believe that Jonathan would
dare to kill him.

Other than Wayde, Cecilia and the rest of the wealthy young men and women were also in disbelief.

Staring at Jonathan, their eyes were filled with fear.

D-Did he actually kill Wayde?

He’s the son of Julius Larson from the most prominent family in Gronga! Since Jonathan has killed him,
that only means that he has forged a deadly vengeance with the Larson family!

The Larson family had lived in Gronga for decades. No one could compete with them when it came to
their power and connections in Gronga.

They could squash Jonathan as easily as squashing an ant.

However, Jonathan made the conscious choice to kill Wayde. He killed the latter like stepping on an
ant, disregarding him completely.

“Tell the Hansley family that they have to repay what they owe me. What happened today was just a
small little warning. If they’re still going to deny the debt, the next time I’m here, there’s no need for the
Hansley family to exist anymore!”

Once Jonathan stated those words with an indifferent expression, he walked out with Cecilia in his
hand. No one in the Hansley family dared to stop him and could only watch as he left with Cecilia.

He came alone, killed Wayde with a gun, and kidnapped Cecilia.

Jonathan truly showed the upper class of Gronga that no matter how meticulous their plans were, he
could destroy them with just a gun.

The Hansley family? The Larson family? Bullsh*t! Anyone who dares to cross me will face the gun!

The news that Cecilia was taken away by a stranger in front of everyone at the Hansley family’s dinner
party spread throughout Gronga in less than an hour.

The news of Wayde’s murder especially threw everyone off.

People wondered who dared to thread on thin ice like that.

Has he not heard that the Larson family technically runs Gronga, and that Julius is the boss around

Everyone was baffled that Jonathan dared to make a move against the son of the Larson family,
thinking that he had too many lives to spare.

Wasn’t the fate of the kidnapper that kidnapped Julius’ eldest son tragic enough?

Just when the news had reached every corner of Gronga, the elders of the Hansley family found out
about it as well. They were furious when they heard Cecilia was kidnapped from the Hansley

How dare he kidnap Ms. Cecilia in the Hansley family’s territory? What’s the difference between doing
that and slapping us on the face?

The Hansley family wasn’t considered an internationally prominent family, but they were a respectable
family on the island.

Not to mention, the Hansley family was worth billions and was one of the four prominent families in

How dare someone kidnap Ms. Cecilia from the Hansley family’s territory? That’s no different from
courting death.

“Who was it? Who had the nerve to mess around in the Hansley family’s territory?” In a luxury villa
located in Gronga, a middle-aged man was seriously reprimanding those who were present.

Regardless of whether they were his juniors or peers, those who were standing before him didn’t dare
to make a sound.

They couldn’t even talk back to him.

However, they had no choice, as the man had just taken over control of the Hansley family from Wilson
Hansley. It was all thanks to his daughter, who had just been taken away.

If it wasn’t for the few Phantom Grass his daughter brought back from the mainland a few days ago to
save Wilson, there was no chance for him to become the patriarch of the Hansley family.

“Uncle Marcus, I’ve already sent someone to call the police. The Department of Criminal Investigation
has also sent someone to retrieve the surveillance footage. I reckon it won’t take long for them to find
out who has taken Cecilia.” The person who was speaking was Cecilia’s elder cousin, Cedric Hansley.

He was also the eldest son in the Hansley family.

Before Marcus took over as head of the family, he was originally the most promising candidate for the
position of the head of the Hansley family. He was to be the successor who was of the next generation.

However, all of that changed when Cecilia brought the Phantom Grass back from the mainland.

“Retrieve the surveillance footage? What’s the use of that?” After listening to his nephew, Marcus
sneered, “Our best bet is to send someone to block the streets and get the Elite Unit to track them

The Elite Unit was a special police force in Gronga that targeted terrorists and extremely dangerous
people working under the Department of Criminal Investigation.

It could be said that the Elite Unit was second only to the Gronga Special Force.

“Uncle Marcus, the person who got taken away is Cecilia, not Grandpa. If he was the one who got
taken, it wouldn’t be a problem if you sent the Elite Unit and close off the streets.” Cedric inadvertently
pursed his lips.

It’s not like it was a prominent figure who got taken away; it’s just a daughter of the Hansley family. He’s
even thinking of blocking the streets and dispatching the Elite Unit? Does he really think that his
daughter is some internationally famous figure?

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