Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 377

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The Legendary Man


Owe him a few billion?

The moment Jonathan said that, everyone fell silent.

At that moment, they couldn’t help but turn to look at Cecilia.

How could the reputable third daughter of the Hansley family owe someone a few billion? How could
this be?


Just then, a middle-aged man decked in a black suit stepped forward and pointed at Jonathan.

“Since you said that Ms. Hansley owes you a few billion, do you have any proof? Do you have a loan
receipt? Do you have an IOU document? Do you have a lawyer to confirm it or an audio or video
recording to prove it?”

The middle-aged man asked him about six questions at a go. Upon seeing that Jonathan couldn’t
answer any one of his questions, he then sneered. “If you don’t have any proof, I can sue you for
defamation for accusing Ms. Hansley of owing you a few billion without evidence. Based on what you
said, doesn’t it mean that I can go to the Larson family tomorrow and say that they owe me ten billion
as well?”

Everyone burst into laughter at his words.

At that moment, Jonathan just seemed like a clown to them.

Even Cecilia couldn’t help but cover her mouth and stifle a laugh.

“Mr. Lawson never disappoints. As expected of the number one lawyer in Gronga. His sharp words are
enough to leave this young man speechless!”

“Of course. Mr. Lawson is someone who dares to point fingers and argue back at the judge in court
after all. Won’t it just be a piece of cake for him to deal with a penniless bum?”

The man known as Mr. Lawson was none other than Howard Lawson, a renowned lawyer in Gronga.

Although he was quite young, he was very eloquent and was the number one lawyer in Gronga. Ever
since he started working, he had never lost in court even once.

He had never lost a single case that he accepted.

Countless nobles and elites were defeated by him, let alone a penniless bum.

“Sir, do you know how much damage you brought to Ms. Hansley with your words just now?”

Howard casually took off his gold-rimmed glasses and huffed onto them before putting them back on.
He then turned to Jonathan and said, “If she wants to sue you, she can sue you for defamation and
extortion at any time. Did you know that these two charges alone will be enough to give you a sentence
of at least three years?”

“Oh. Is that right?” Jonathan chuckled at Howard’s words.

“Do you think I’m joking with you?” Upon seeing the nonchalant expression on Jonathan’s face,
Howard felt insulted.

“This is my last warning to you. If you don’t apologize to Ms. Hansley immediately, I will call the police
and they can detain you instantly.”

“You talk too much.” Jonathan glanced at him. His gaze suddenly turned cold as he looked at Cecilia.
“Cecilia, I remember telling you before that you shouldn’t make me wait too long. My patience will only
wear thin. But it’s just a pity that you didn’t seem to have understood my words.”

Jonathan shook his head lightly as he continued, “Now, I have completely lost my patience!”

At that, Cecilia’s face instantly fell.

A huge wave of horror washed over her.

“Sir, are you even listening to me?” Howard’s face turned grim upon seeing how Jonathan didn’t even
spare a glance at him. “First, you trespassed into private property, then you slandered and extorted Ms.
Hansley. Not only that, you even threatened her. Did you know that with these few charges alone, I can
send you to jail and imprison you for a hundred years?”

Howard had never feared anyone when it came to a court case.

With his abilities as well as the Hansley family’s connections, he was certain that he could get Jonathan
a life sentence.

“I’ve already said that you talk too much!” Jonathan boomed as his expression turned cold. With a
slight wave of his hand, a loud slap was heard. A bright red handprint instantly formed on Howard’s

The gold-rimmed glasses on his nose that cost thousands and was custom-made overseas also
shattered at Jonathan’s slap.

Even Howard himself flew into the table behind him with a loud bang before collapsing to the floor with
a heavy thud.

“You… How dare you hit me!”

Howard held his face and wore an incredulous expression.

As the most renowned lawyer in Gronga, others didn’t even dare to scold him. If he ever obtained
evidence of others insulting him, he could send them to jail immediately.

How dare this idiot slap me! Does he have a death wish?

Meanwhile, everyone else’s expression instantly changed at the scene in front of them as well.

None of them would have thought that Jonathan would dare to hit Howard.

“If I hear one more word from you, I’ll kill you!” Jonathan’s expression was ice-cold as he glared at
Howard. Just one glance from him was enough to send a shiver down Howard’s spine, and his hair
stood on its ends.

As a lawyer, he had seen countless murderers, but he had never seen such a horrifying gaze.

It was as if he would be killed in the next instant after Jonathan glared at him.

It was terrifying.

At that moment, no matter how sharp-tongued, eloquent, or skillful at distorting truths he was, he didn’t
dare to utter another word.

If he angered Jonathan, who knew if the lunatic would actually kill him.

As of that moment, those around Howard also shared the same thoughts as him. Since they were from
noble families, there was no way that they would go against a man as ruthless as Jonathan.

After all, it would be a huge loss if anything happened to them.

Thus, no matter how badly Howard was beaten up, no one else dared to step forward.

“Cecilia, I’ll give you two choices. You either pay me the money or compensate me with your life. Make
your choice!”

When the entire living room fell dead silent, Jonathan then spoke.

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Cecilia’s face turned ashen. A huge wave of fear that she had never
experienced before overwhelmed her.

Never would she ever think that Jonathan would have such audacity to start a fight at the Hansley

All of a sudden, she realized that all of her previous imagination just seemed like a kid scheming
against a burly man. It was completely useless.

No matter how meticulous her plans were, Jonathan could destroy it with just a gun.

He didn’t care about the law, proofs, promissory notes, or anything else.

As long as someone provoked him, he dared to kill them immediately.

Jonathan was really an outlaw.

“M-Mr. Goldstein, h-hear me out…” Cecilia forced out a smile on her face.

At a time like that, she could no longer continue pretending that she didn’t know Jonathan.

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