Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 376

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The Legendary Man

Out Of Her League

“What’s wrong?”

When Cecilia saw that Paul’s mouth was covered in blood, she instantly frowned. “Who hit your

“I don’t know him!”

Paul covered his mouth and continued, “He said that he was your creditor and wanted to collect his
debt from you. I didn’t let him come in, and he just beat me up!”

Paul wore an aggrieved expression on his face as he waited for Cecilia to get back at the man for him.

However, Cecilia’s expression immediately changed when she heard him mention the creditor.

Is it Jonathan? I can’t believe he actually dared to come here.

“A creditor? What debt is there to collect?” Wayde Larson instantly frowned upon hearing Paul’s words.
“Who would have the audacity to come to the Hansley residence to collect some debt?”

“I don’t know,” Paul responded with his head down.

“Hmph. I would like to know who has the guts to collect debts from the Hansley family!” Wayde instantly
scoffed in response. “Bring me to see him!”

“Yes, Sir.”

With that, Wayde followed after Paul as they headed out the door. At that moment, Cecilia, who had
been silent, suddenly stopped him. “Wayde, don’t bother about him. He’s just some lunatic who came
here out of nowhere. Why would you care about him? Just get Paul to chase him out.”

As she said that, she waved at Paul and ordered, “Get someone to chase him out.”

“Yes, Miss.”

At Cecilia’s orders, Paul rushed out without hesitation. Once Paul left, Cecilia smiled at the guests in
the living room and said, “Carry on, everyone. Don’t let a lunatic affect your mood.”

As soon as she finished her words, the banquet resumed once again, and it was as if it hadn’t been
disrupted at all.

Just then, Wayde turned toward Cecilia and asked, “Cecilia, why didn’t you let me go? I just wanted to
take a look at who had such audacity to create a scene at the Hansley residence.”

“What’s there to look at about a lunatic? If he ends up going insane, then what would happen to you?”
Cecilia’s smile seemed rather forced as she looked at him.

She was well aware of Jonathan’s personality.

Who knew what would happen if he actually got provoked and flew into a rage just like he did the other

After all, even an army of hundreds of mercenaries was no match for him. There was no way that the
few bodyguards at the Hansley family could defeat him.

As she thought about this, Cecilia took out her phone and prepared to call the police.

At that moment, she happened to see a familiar figure walk into the living room. He casually took a
glass of champagne from a beautiful waitress and took a small sip of it. With that, he glanced at Cecilia

Although it was just a glance, Cecilia instantly felt a chill run down her spine.

He’s here! He really is here!

As Cecilia scrutinized Jonathan, Jonathan was also scrutinizing her at the same time. Compared to
how she was a few days ago, Cecilia now seemed confident and spirited.

It was as if she was a dazzling pearl in the center of everyone’s attention.

There was no doubt that she was the focal point of the banquet.

Furthermore, her long white gown also accentuated her beauty, making her look like a proud princess
who was basking in everyone’s attention and focus.

There was nothing about her that seemed miserable.

“Cecilia Hansley!” Jonathan called out softly.

Although he spoke in a soft voice, it was clear enough for everyone else to hear it.

In an instant, the crowd fell dead silent.

Everyone turned to look at Jonathan.

At such gatherings, it was extremely rude to address Cecilia by her full name. They would usually
address her as Cecilia, Ms. Hansley, or by her Ustranasion name, Selena.

“Who said that?”

Many of the men glared at Jonathan, and there was even a trace of anger in their eyes.

Once they saw Jonathan standing there with a glass of champagne in his hand, a hint of disdain and
contempt flashed across their eyes.

Jonathan seemed completely out of place at the banquet.

Only those with prominent statuses could attend the banquet that night. All of them were either sons or
daughters of wealthy families.

Even those of the lowest status among them were elites and leading figures in the industry.

No matter how their looks were, they still looked decent and well-dressed in their suits and gowns.

Jonathan, on the other hand, was wearing a set of cheap casual wear.

They could tell that it wasn’t worth much at a glance. Besides that, they just wanted to laugh at the pair
of unbranded sports shoes that he was wearing.

What era are we in? How could someone dress so shabbily?

“Who are you? Who allowed you to barge in? Don’t you know that this is private property, and outsiders
are prohibited from entering?”

A middle-aged man dressed decently in a black suit snapped at Jonathan.

The outsider that he was referring to was, of course, Jonathan.

Nonetheless, Jonathan paid no attention to him and didn’t even spare him a glance. He simply swirled
his champagne glass gently and glanced at Cecilia.

The moment she met Jonathan’s eyes, Cecilia immediately panicked.

An inexplicable fear instantly overwhelmed her.

In an instant, she remembered how a few days ago, Jonathan killed hundreds of soldiers with a gun
and left them with no chance against him.

She swore that she had never felt as complicated as how she was currently feeling.

Besides that, she had never felt this frightened before.

Never would she expect that she would meet Jonathan again so soon and that it would be in such a

She was completely unprepared and didn’t have any backup plan. Besides that, there wasn’t even a
lawyer or secretary around to help her.

Despite that, she was still the third daughter of the Hansley family after all.

As someone who had plenty of experience, she quickly calmed herself down within a few seconds. She
then glanced at Jonathan coldly and said, “I’m sorry. I’m afraid that you’ve got the wrong person. I don’t
even know you.”

“Did you hear that? Ms. Hansley said that she doesn’t even know you. What are you still doing here?”
Once Cecilia finished her words, the well-dressed wealthy man behind her hurriedly chimed in.

Such opportunities were rare, and there was no way that they would let them slide.

“Exactly? Where are the security guards? Hurry up and chase him out of here.”


A few other wealthy men started calling for the security guards with disgruntled expressions. However,
no matter how loudly they shouted, there wasn’t a single security guard in the entire living room.

“Cecilia, could he be your suitor?”

“Isn’t he just an attention seeker then?”

“But Cecilia, you really are charismatic. Even a penniless bum like him would dare to come to a
banquet to chase after you.”

“She’s really out of his league.”

A few wealthy ladies dressed in white gowns with their hair done up covered their mouths and
snickered. They were Cecilia’s best friends, and all of them were from prominent families.

Although they weren’t of the same status as the four prominent families, they were still wealthy.

After all, only those who were worth billions could be best friends with Cecilia.

“What did you say? You don’t know me?” When Jonathan heard Cecilia say that she didn’t know who
he was, he couldn’t help but scoff. “You owe me a few billion. How dare you say that you don’t know

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