Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 375

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The Legendary Man


Half an hour later, the car stopped outside a luxurious mansion.

The magnificent-looking mansion was situated at the highest peak of a mountain. One could vaguely
see the panoramic view of the entire Gronga from a standing position.

Besides, that mansion belonged to the Hansley family of Gronga.

As one of the four prominent families in Gronga, they could naturally afford to buy a mansion on the
mountain without difficulty. Even purchasing the entire mountain would be a piece of cake for them.

In fact, the Hansley family had indeed bought the whole mountain.

On the entire mountain, no other family was living on it except for the Hansley family.

“Stay right there! Who are you?” Just as Jonathan got off the taxi, a servant named Paul, who stood
before the mansion, immediately stopped him.

“I’m looking for the third daughter of the Hansley family!” Jonathan replied indifferently.

“You’re looking for Ms. Cecilia?” After listening to Jonathan’s words, Paul frowned and sized him up.
“Do you have an appointment?”

“No!” Jonathan said flatly.

“No?” Paul suddenly furrowed his brows when he realized the other party did not have an appointment.
“Why are you looking for Ms. Cecilia?”

Ms. Cecilia is well-known to be the daughter of a wealthy family in Gronga who usually interacts with
those affluent scions or heiresses, down to celebrities or female divas, but who is this man? It seems
like even his clothes are not as valuable as mine! Not only that, he even came here by taxi. How could
a wealthy person even ride in that vehicle? Wouldn’t a rich person have plenty of cars like Rolls-Royce
or Bentley? The least they could own is a Lamborghini or a Ferrari!

“She owes me money. I’m here to collect the debt!” Jonathan gave a bland reply.

“Collect a debt?”

As soon as Paul heard what Jonathan said, he couldn’t help but let out a sneer. “Who do you think you
are? How could Ms. Cecilia owe money to someone like you? Hurry up and get lost. If you dare create
trouble again, I’ll kick you out!” Right after that, Paul waved his hands and planned to chase him away.

“You deserve to be slapped, since you have a filthy mouth!”

Once Paul’s words fell, Jonathan unexpectedly raised his right hand and smacked the man across the

The impact was so hard that it actually knocked out some of Paul’s teeth.

There was even blood endlessly trickling down the corner of the man’s lips.

Paul had also become dazed after the slap. He put his hand over his mouth while howling, “How dare
you hit me?”

“If you talk like this again, I’ll turn you into a mute for the rest of your life!” Jonathan gave him a look
that chilled to the bone. “Tell Ms. Cecilia that her creditor is here to collect his debt!”

“Just you wait!”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s statement, Paul ran toward the courtyard while covering his mouth.

Meanwhile, there was a mini banquet held in the living room.

Countless people dreamed of entering the Hansley residence but couldn’t, since they had no right to
step foot in the Hansley residence. However, that day was an exception because it was Cecilia’s most
joyous day.

She had lived there while enduring hardships for more than twenty years in that family. It was not until a
few days ago that she finally held her head high and defeated those ingrates who had been oppressing
her for the past two decades.

It was all thanks to Jonathan.

If Jonathan hadn’t wiped out the hundreds of drug smugglers and brought her to Shadow Dragon Pool
the other day, she wouldn’t have found the legendary Phantom Grass.

It was precisely those few stalks of Phantom Grass that had pulled her grandfather back from the brink
of death.

When Cecilia thought of how those ingrates would be at her mercy from then onward, she instinctively

As for Jonathan, she had long forgotten about the man ever since she returned to Gronga.

Although she owed him a few billion, she didn’t intend to pay him back from the beginning. Even if she
wanted to, the Hansley family would not give their approval, since it was not considered a small amount
even to a prominent family like the Hansley family.

There was no way they would agree for her to give such a large sum of money to a stranger.

That man can come to look for me if he’s capable enough. However, if he dares come, I’ll make sure he
could never step a foot out of my house! Does he think Gronga is a desolate countryside like Jipsdale,
where he could kill whoever he wants? If he has the nerve to act presumptuously here, I’ll directly give
the Gronga Special Force a phone call. With my family’s status, if someone tries to harm my family and
me, I don’t even need to lift a finger because the Gronga Special Force would eliminate the person
right away!

“What’s wrong, Cecilia?” At that moment, a young man with a ghastly white face arrived next to her.
“You seem unhappy. Did something bad happen today?”

The young man didn’t seem old, appearing to be in his twenties.

However, he had a frail appearance.

Judging from his looks, he seemed to have been leading a life of debauchery, resulting in his pale
complexion and lack of vitality.

He currently had long black hair, and he wore a white tuxedo. Although he had an ashen face, his facial
features were exquisite.

The people around instinctively made way for the young man once they saw him.

Apparently, that man had a very prominent status even in the Hansley residence.

He was Wayde Larson, the second son of the Larson family which was the leader of the four prominent
families in Gronga.

“Of course not!” Cecilia, who got lost in thoughts initially, jolted back to her senses at once when
Wayde’s words rang in her ears. She then forced out a smile. “Maybe I didn’t have any proper rest
these days.”

“Luckily, you had previously gone to another country to retrieve the Phantom Grass, which allowed Old
Mr. Hansley to recover. You’d also work hard during that period. However, since he has recovered, you
should reward yourself by taking a break. Otherwise, you might collapse again when your grandfather
gets well!”

Wayde seemed concerned, but anyone who understood him would know that was just one of his
tactics of courting girls.

When encountering his target, Wayde seemed like a gentleman with impeccable manners on the
surface. However, once he got his hand on the prey, he would instantly reveal his true colors.

He would show how despicable and heartless he actually was after he had bedded the woman.

By then, he would no longer be polite to the woman. One would even consider him gentle if he didn’t
straightforwardly kick the woman out of bed.

“Okay. Also, I’m sorry for troubling you recently!” Cecilia spoke with a flushing face. Ever since she
returned to Gronga, she felt that Wayde had been incredibly thoughtful toward her.

Besides, she could tell that the man was obviously interested in her.

Nevertheless, she had never responded to his enthusiasm. As a Gronga local, she definitely heard of
the deeds Wayde had committed.

He had slept with at least hundreds of women alone, and despite not reaching a thousand, the figure
was likely close to it.

There was no way such a man would be Cecilia’s cup of tea.

Unfortunately, since she had gained some status in the Hansley family only recently, she certainly
needed the support of others. Hence, she had no other choice but to act friendlier toward Wayde.

Otherwise, she couldn’t be bothered with a womanizer like him.

“It’s not troublesome at all!” Wayde chuckled when he heard Cecilia’s reply. “That was what I should do.
By the way, are you free tonight? Do you want to have dinner together?”


After pondering for a while, she wanted to make excuses to reject Wayde. However, at that moment,
she suddenly noticed Paul rushing into the living room and coming straight to her with a mouth full of
blood. “Ms. Cecilia!” he cried out.

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