Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 374

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The Legendary Man

Collecting A Debt

What? How is this possible? Nelson Carter is the commander-in-chief of the Gronga Special Force, the
most influential man in Gronga!

For a brief moment, every soldier watched the scene in bewilderment. Nevertheless, no one dared to
say a word.

While they were dumbfounded, Nelson turned to look at them. He then reprimanded them by saying,
“Why are you staring at us? What are you waiting for? Kneel before him and greet him now!”

Right after the soldiers heard his admonishment, their faces fell immediately. With a loud thudding
sound, they kneeled on the ground.

However, they still had no idea why they had to kneel.

“Get up.”

Watching Nelson kneel in front of him, Jonathan waved his hand dismissively. He recalled that he had
sent Nelson to guard Gronga two years ago. Since then, he had never seen Nelson anymore.

Back then, Nelson was the only one who had the opportunity to rank as a King of War other than the
Eight Kings of War.

Moreover, he was also publicly acknowledged as the second-in-command after the King of War.

That was also the reason why Jonathan had decided to send Nelson to Gronga.

Nelson was someone who was ruthless and could do things without hesitation.

It was what he was most known for. Thus, he was the perfect person who could handle the chaotic
mess in Gronga.

He only dared to stand up after Jonathan allowed him to. “Mr. Goldstein, why did you come to Gronga
all of a sudden? Why didn’t you inform me in advance that you were coming?”

Looking at him nonchalantly, Jonathan said, “It’s a last-minute decision. I didn’t expect to be detained
by your subordinates on the plane.”

“Who was it? I will skin him alive!” Nelson was enraged the moment he heard Jonathan’s words.

What a joke. Do they have a death wish? How dare they detain Jonathan? Those rascals are bold.
Even I, the commander-in-chief who has authority over this place, don’t dare to get in Jonathan’s way.

Once again, Jonathan waved his hand dismissively. “It’s not their fault. I encountered some hijackers
on the plane, so I took the liberty of ending their lives. That was probably why they were detaining me.
Moreover, they didn’t know who I was. They were merely doing their job.”

He did not blame the soldiers.

If he had wanted to punish them, he could have ended their lives before Nelson arrived.

Nelson’s eyes went wide the moment he heard Jonathan’s words. “Hijackers? We’re living in the
modern era. How could there be hijackers on the plane? These b*stards! I will send a team to patrol the
airport tomorrow. I want to see how bold the b*stards are.”

Gronga is my territory. Jonathan has never stepped into this place for three years. But look what
happened! He has just arrived moments ago. Not only has he met hijackers, but he has also been
blocked by my subordinates on the plane. I’m the commander-in-chief who has sworn to protect this
place. I’ve let him down.

Noticing that Nelson had begun to talk in his thunderous voice, Jonathan could not help but shoot him a
glare. “That’s enough. Keep your voice down. You are so loud that you may break the glass window on
the plane. I’m not here to listen to you talking about these things.”

Then, Jonathan continued, “Next time, I don’t want to encounter anything like this again. If it comes to
my attention that Gronga is in chaos, you can pack your stuff and go to Mysonna with Jeremy.”

The moment Nelson heard Jonathan’s warning, the former’s expression darkened. “Has the Western
King of War gone to Mysonna?”

Jeremy, as the Western King of War, is one of the Eight Kings of War. He has been guarding Jipsdale
all this while. Why is he transferred to Mysonna?

“He can’t even manage a small city like Jipsdale. Why do I want to keep him around? It’s better for him
to go to Mysonna to reflect on his mistakes.” Jonathan then gave Nelson a brief glance. “There’s a
reason why I summoned you. I want you to investigate something for me. It’s about Hunters Guild in

Upon hearing his words, Nelson turned solemn. “Hunters Guild? I’ve heard of the organization before.
Rumor has it that it’s a branch of an oversea terrorist group. Usually, they are very elusive, and so we
have never been able to capture them! Why are you interested in the organization, Mr. Goldstein?”

Nelson was slightly curious. Knowing what kind of person Jonathan was, Nelson knew that Jonathan
would have summoned the Eight Kings of War and had them destroy Hunters Guild within one night if
Hunters Guild had offended him.

Hunters Guild is rubbish! They are only a weak organization compared to Asura’s Office. Just one
move and they would be trampled to death by us!

Jonathan said coldly, “Don’t ask too many questions. Just go and investigate it. I want to know
everything about the organization. However, be careful not to alert them. No matter what you have
found, you need to report the findings to me immediately. Remember, don’t do things without my
permission. I want them to be alive, and I have my reasons to do so.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” As Jonathan did not want Nelson to ask anything, the latter would not dare to ask
further. Thus, Nelson changed the topic quickly. “Mr. Goldstein, do you have a place to stay tonight? Do
you want me to arrange for your accommodation?”

With a wave of his hand, Jonathan replied, “That’s okay. I can find a place to stay myself.”

Nelson continued to ask, “Then, do you want me to arrange for a few of my subordinates to follow you

Jonathan raised his eyebrows. “Why do you want to do it? Do you want to protect me? Or are you
planning to spy on me?”

Once Nelson heard Jonathan’s words, the former gave an explanation hastily. “I didn’t mean it that way,
Mr. Goldstein. I was merely thinking that you don’t have someone to order around. If it weren’t for the
fact that my presence was too conspicuous, I would be more than willing to run errands for you.”

After all, Nelson was a very famous figure in Gronga.

No matter where he went, everyone would recognize him.

It was obvious that Jonathan’s trip to Gronga was not to inspect the place. He was concealing his
identity on purpose to do something that he did not want Nelson to know.

If Nelson were to follow Jonathan around, the others would figure out right away that Jonathan was a
big shot.

Shaking his head, Jonathan refused the offer. “That’s okay. I’m here in Gronga to collect a debt.”

Nelson was surprised to hear it. “Collect a debt? What debt?”

Jonathan stood up. With a flat voice, he said, “Money. Someone has owed me money for a long time.
It’s about time she settles the debt.”

Did I hear it right? Is there someone in the world who dare to owe Jonathan money?

When Nelson heard Jonathan’s remark, the former was eager to comment more. However, he realized
that Jonathan had stridden out of the plane.

“I’ll give you a ride, Mr. Goldstein.”

Rushing to catch up with Jonathan, Nelson had only taken a few steps when Jonathan stopped him.
Without looking back, Jonathan said, “There’s no need for that. I can go there by myself.”

Having said that, he did not give Nelson a chance to say anything anymore. He then quickly walked out
of the plane. The moment he was out of sight, Nelson, who had been walking on eggshells, finally
heaved a sigh of relief.

It was only then that he noticed his entire back had been completely drenched in sweat.

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