Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 372

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The Legendary Man

Arriving At Gronga

“Who gave you guys the confidence to use a gun in front of me?” As Jonathan stared at the bodies on
the floor, his expression turned cold.

In the next second, he raised his right leg and kicked the bodies out of the plane.

Instantly, silence blanketed the plane.

Everyone who saw the scene was dumbfounded. Nobody dared squeak a word or lift their heads.

They were scared that their words would trigger Jonathan, and he would throw them out of the plane.
At that moment, they were more afraid of Jonathan than the plane hijackers.

The latter would at least give them a warning. As for Jonathan, he took the lives of all the hijackers
without saying a word.

He was someone who would kill anyone without even batting an eyelid.

“Are you hurt?” Jonathan looked at Yuliana expressionlessly.

“No, I-I’m fine!” Yuliana quickly shook her head. She was visibly shocked. Her hair was messy, and her
pale face became as white as a sheet.

“Your shirt is torn.” Jonathan casually glanced at her. After that, he gave her his jacket.

“Huh?” Yuliana immediately lowered her head after hearing Jonathan’s reminder. She was shocked
because she didn’t notice when the greasy man had torn her shirt, which had caused her to reveal a
large part of her skin.

“T-Thank you…” Yuliana bit her bottom lip. She was terrified, but at the same time, she stared at
Jonathan thankfully.

Unexpectedly, Jonathan didn’t bother with her. He turned and went back to the first-class cabin.

After a while, Yuliana returned to the first-class cabin too. She still had Jonathan’s jacket on her.

However, she didn’t sit down. Rather, she stood in front of Jonathan hesitantly and shyly.

After all, although her manager had offended Jonathan, he still saved them.

When she recalled Jonathan’s merciless actions when he murdered the plane hijackers, Yuliana felt
chills run down her spine.

If Jonathan had been infuriated earlier, Jim’s life would have ended way before the hijackers hijacked
the plane.

“Um, about what happened just now, thank you…” Yuliana lowered her head as she gripped the edge
of her shirt, her face flushing. “And your jacket…”

Jonathan, who was resting with his eyes closed, opened his eyes and glanced at her indifferently when
he heard her voice, yet he ignored her.

All of a sudden, Yuliana felt awkward.

At Jonathan’s icy attitude, Yuliana bit her bottom lip as she hesitated. She then mustered up her
courage and looked at Jonathan. “Oh, right. I don’t think I know your name…”

“My name is Jonathan Goldstein,” replied Jonathan flatly.

“Jonathan…” Yuliana felt relieved as Jonathan finally replied to her. Unsure of the reason, when facing
Jonathan, Yuliana felt more stressed than facing her previous boss. “My name is Yuliana Smith. Are

you going on a vacation to Gronga? How about we exchange our contact numbers?”

With that said, Yuliana took her phone up and tapped on the WhatsApp icon. “This is the QR code of
my contact. You can get my contact by scanning it.”

“No, thanks,” Jonathan rejected coldly.

He didn’t even have the intention of taking out his phone.

As they were mere strangers, Jonathan didn’t think they would meet each other ever again.

Thus, there was no need for them to exchange their numbers.

“What if we bump into each other in Gronga? Since you are going on a vacation there, why not we
keep each other company?” asked Yuliana while she bit her bottom lip.

Yuliana used to be a well-known celebrity, so she had never taken the initiative to get a person’s
contact number.

She couldn’t believe someone would reject her request.

A year ago, before her agency decided to stop promoting her, numerous bosses and young men had
asked for her contact numbers. Back then, she didn’t even bother to look at them.

To her surprise, Jonathan was nothing like them. Besides refusing to give her his number, he didn’t
even glance at her the whole time.

Am I that unattractive?

“I don’t think we will ever see each other again in the future.” Again, Jonathan shut his eyes and
ignored her.

“I’m sure we will meet again…” Yuliana bit her lip and sat beside Jonathan with an upset look.

“I think you should fire your manager.” Jonathan, who had had his eyes closed, spoke suddenly. Upon
hearing his words, Yuliana immediately turned around. Only then did she realize that Jonathan didn’t
even open his eyes.

“How did you know he is my manager?” Yuliana was surprised.

All this while, she thought Jonathan wasn’t listening to her.

“Of course.” Jonathan continued in a flat tone, “I know who you are. I’ve seen you in an advertisement
broadcasted on the television previously.”

“Is it true?” His words made Yuliana feel flattered. To her, being recognized by Jonathan was even
more exciting than receiving an award in a ceremony.

Who would have thought a person like Jonathan, who is a man of few words, would watch the
television? In addition to that, I’m surprised that he has seen me on television before.

“Why would I lie to you?” Jonathan was too lazy to bother with her. He suggested, “It’s better if you hire
another manager as soon as possible. Otherwise, your current manager might cause you much trouble
in the future.”

Although he had been in the first-class cabin the entire time, he had heard everything that had
happened in the economy-class cabin.

He had overheard how Yuliana’s manager had turned a deaf ear when the hijacker harassed her.

“I’ll dismiss him as soon as I reach Gronga!” said Yuliana as she pursed her lips. It was apparent she
had recalled the earlier incident in the economy-class cabin.

Half an hour later, the plane touched down at Gronga International Airport.

While the plane was landing, police and soldiers surrounded the area.

They held heavy artillery and were fully armed. Immediately after the plane came to a complete stop,
the police and the soldiers immediately rushed into the plane with their weapons. They scanned the
area and looked like they were searching for some dangerous individuals.

“We’ve received a call for help saying that there are hijackers on the plane. Where are they?” shouted
the leading soldier after entering the plane.

“They are dead!” A middle-aged man in his pilot uniform, who looked like the captain, walked out of the

“Dead?” The expression of the leader of the soldiers fell. He asked immediately, “How did they die?
Who ended their lives? What kind of weapon did the person use?”

“It’s…” The captain scanned his surroundings. Suddenly, he pointed at Jonathan, who was in the first-
class cabin. “It’s him who killed them!”

“Him?” The leader looked at Jonathan. He waved his hand and led his troops toward Jonathan.
Immediately after they arrived before Jonathan, the soldiers who stood behind the leader raised their
guns and aimed them at Jonathan.

The soldiers looked as if they were dealing with a terrorist.

“Did you eliminate all the hijackers on the plane?” The leading soldier looked down at Jonathan from
high above.

Jonathan shot him a glance and ignored his question. He acted as if he couldn’t hear a word the soldier

“I’m talking to you. Can’t you hear me?” The leading soldier was infuriated because of Jonathan’s
arrogant attitude.

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