Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 371

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The Legendary Man

Pick One Out Of Two Choices

Before the crowd could figure out what was going on, a few figures were sent flying out of the first-class

With a loud thud, the few figures fell to the floor of the plane.

Aren’t they those hijackers?

Upon seeing the scene, the passengers paled in fright and were stunned.

The hijackers, who had just entered the first-class cabin, all seemed severely injured. With bruised
faces, they lay motionless on the ground, as if they were dead.

“What’s going on?” Upon seeing that, the leader of the hijackers was stunned, and his face fell.

Without hesitation, he pointed his gun in the direction of the first-class cabin.

“You guys, go check it out!” He waved his gun. Right away, his subordinates walked toward the first-
class cabin with guns in their hands. However, before they could enter it, they felt a strong force knock
into them like a train.

Before they could react to it, they were sent flying off, falling hard on the floor.

With all their bones broken, they spat blood and died on the spot.

At that instant, everyone froze on the spot.

The crowd could not believe their eyes at all.

Did those armed hijackers just die like that?

Not only them, but the leader of the hijackers also paled in fright. His hand, which was holding the
submachine gun, kept trembling incessantly.

“What the h*ll is going on?” the leader shouted in exasperation.

Regardless, no one replied to him, as all eyes were focused on the entrance to the first-class cabin.

At that moment, the curtain of the first-class cabin was opened. The next second, a good-looking man
stepped out of the cabin.

“It’s him?” Yuliana’s expression changed when she saw Jonathan.

She had considered countless possibilities, but never had she expected to see Jonathan show up

How could this be possible? He looks like a student. How could he have beaten a few armed hijackers?

Meanwhile, Jim found it unbelievable too. His gaze was filled with malice when he spotted Jonathan.

D*mn it! How could it be him?

As a matter of fact, he was even tempted to snatch the gun from the hijacker’s hand and kill Jonathan
right then and there.

“You’re the ones who want to hijack the plane?” As soon as he walked out of the first-class cabin,
Jonathan spotted those hijackers, who were holding guns, and Yuliana whose shirt was being grabbed
by the greasy man.

“Who are you?” Without hesitation, the leader pointed his gun at Jonathan.

Judging from his gesture, he seemed that he would blow Jonathan’s head off right away if the latter
made a move.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. More importantly, you guys disturbed me!” Jonathan furrowed his brows
tightly. His expression turned extremely grim.

Initially, he had planned to catch some sleep during the flight. Yet, not long after he closed his eyes, he
was awakened by those men.

He hated it the most to be interrupted in the middle of his sleep.

Back in the army, no one would dare to wake him up if there was no urgent matter.

“As punishment, I decided to throw you guys off the plane!”

“F*ck you!” Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, the leader pulled the trigger without hesitation.

At that instant, a bullet was fired and flew swiftly toward Jonathan’s head.

At that split moment, Jonathan’s gaze turned cold as he made a swift move. In the blink of an eye, he
took a step forward and grabbed the leader’s neck forcefully when the latter was pulling the trigger. “Go
to h*ll!”

The next second, Jonathan twisted his wrist. With a crack sound, the leader’s neck was broken by him.

Upon witnessing the scene, the crowd fell into dead silence. Is… Is he dead?

They thought those hijackers were brutal. Yet, Jonathan was of another level.

I can’t believe he broke the leader’s neck in front of all those hijackers! This is way too terrifying!

“W-Who the h*ll are you?” The greasy man, who was grabbing Yuliana’s shirt, choked on his words as
he stared at Jonathan. His hand holding the gun was trembling incessantly.

Regardless, Jonathan did not even spare the greasy man a glance after he heard the latter’s question.
With an indifferent look, he pulled the cabin door open and pointed outside. “Are you going to jump off
the plane yourself, or do you want me to throw you out?”

The moment the cabin door opened, a strong cold wind blew in instantly. The greasy man who was
standing at the door almost got blown away.

“I… I…” The greasy man trembled with fear.

“Let me throw you out then!” Seeing the greasy man unable to speak properly, Jonathan took a step
forward and gripped him by the neck. In the next instance, he dragged him to the door.

“No… Don’t…” The greasy man’s knees went weak as he kneeled before Jonathan. “Please… Please
don’t kill me…”

“It’s too late!” Displaying a cold look, Jonathan directly kicked the greasy man out of the plane.

“Help!” An ear-piercing scream echoed in the air as the greasy man fell off the plane.

Falling through the clouds, the man slowly turned into the size of an ant.

Did he really throw him off the plane?

All those hijackers’ hearts skipped a beat as they witnessed Jonathan’s brutality.

The next second, their knees went weak as they kneeled before Jonathan one after another. “Please
don’t kill us… We’ll give you whatever you want! We don’t want the money and these pieces of jewelry
anymore. They’re all yours! Please spare us our lives…”

At that moment, they were truly terrified.

Regardless of how vicious they were, they had never come across a man as ruthless as Jonathan.
Their plane hijacking crime paled in comparison to the latter’s act of throwing a human out of a plane.

Unquestionably, Jonathan was a devil.

“It’s too late!” Jonathan still showed utter indifference. “Pick one out of two choices. Are you going to
jump off the plane yourself, or do you want me to throw you out?”

“We…” Those hijackers exchanged looks. Gritting their teeth, they charged toward Jonathan straight
away and pulled the triggers. “D*mn it! Let’s take him down!”

“You have a death wish, don’t you?”

Observing those hijackers’ movements, Jonathan took a step forward and landed a kick on the
abdomen of one of the hijackers. The injured hijacker did not even stand a chance to fight back as he
collapsed to the ground with a loud thud.

Right when the other hijackers regained their senses, Jonathan had taken the gun from the badly
injured hijacker. Lifting his hand, he fired numerous shots away.

A few loud bangs rang out. Before those hijackers could defend themselves, they had fallen to the
ground in a pool of blood.

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