Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 373

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The Legendary Man

Nelson Carter

“Are you speaking to me?” Upon seeing the leading soldier’s haughty attitude, Jonathan’s eyes turned
chilly as he asked.

“Nonsense! Who would I talk to if it weren’t you?” the leading soldier replied coldly. Then, he continued,
“Don’t play riddle with me. I’ll ask you again, did you kill them?”

“So what if I did?” Jonathan answered impassively.

“If you are the one who killed them, then you’re coming with me!” As soon as he finished speaking, the
leading soldier waved and ordered, “Take him away!”

“Yes, sir!”

With his order, the rest of the soldiers and special police officers behind him did not hesitate as they
moved forward to arrest Jonathan.

However, Yuliana, who had been sitting beside Jonathan, could not help but question when she saw
the sight, “What are you guys doing? Those hijackers got what they deserved. Why are you arresting

“They deserved it?” After hearing her words, the leading soldier scoffed, “Even so, he shouldn’t have
killed them. If everyone were to kill anyone as they wish, what would become of the law? Move!”

With that, the leading soldier’s face turned stony. The soldiers behind him began to arrest Jonathan
without delay.

Meanwhile, Jonathan, who had been quiet throughout the affair, suddenly spoke. “I can come with you,
but you must let them go first.”

By “them,” he was referring to the passengers. Since he had just arrived in Gronga, he did not want to
stir up trouble.

“Mr. Goldstein…” Yuliana muttered. Stunned to see Jonathan would be willing to go with the soldiers,
she continued, “Mr. Goldstein, you don’t have to go! I can hire a lawyer for you! Besides, I want to see
whether the people in Dagfynn of Gronga still abide by the law! You killed the hijackers to save all the
passengers on board. Why do they have to arrest you?”

“There’s no need for that.” Jonathan waved in refusal, as he did not want to involve Yuliana. Just as
she tried to say something after hearing his rejection, the leading soldier interjected, “Why do you have
so much to say? If you spew any more nonsense, I’ll arrest you along with him!”


“Chase her out!”

Before Yuliana could retort, she saw a few soldiers move forward to execute the leading soldier’s order
after a wave of his hand. Then, they grabbed her and chased her out.

A few moments later, silence permeated the entire plane.

Besides the group of soldiers and special police officers, there was not a single passenger left.

Just then, Jonathan finally uttered, “Tell Nelson Carter to come and see me!”

Nelson Carter?

Every soldier’s face blanched the moment they heard the name.

Nelson Carter was the commander-in-chief of the Gronga Special Force. He alone commanded the
force and protected the whole of Gronga.

There were over a hundred thousand soldiers in the Gronga Special Force under his rule to protect
Gronga. In every heart of the soldiers in the Gronga Special Force, Nelson’s existence was akin to

Therefore, they were shocked when they heard Jonathan’s request. This man knows Nelson Carter?
He even dared to ask Commander Carter to come and meet him? Does he have any idea how many
prominent figures want to meet the powerful man yet could not do so? Even if they were to queue for a
month, they might not even get to see the commander-in-chief. Yet, this arrogant man here has the gall
to have the commander-in-chief show up at his call.

“You know Commander Carter?” the leading soldier probed.

“You call him at this instant!” Jonathan could not be bothered with him as he continued, “You tell him
that I, Jonathan Goldstein, want to see him!”

Call Commander Carter?

There was no way they could call Nelson, for they were just soldiers with insignificant positions.
Furthermore, they did not even know his contact numbers. Even if they knew, they would not dare to
call him.

“What is your relationship with Commander Carter?” the leading soldier asked as he looked skeptically
at him.

He did not believe Jonathan could contact Nelson.

Nelson was one of the most famous figures in Gronga, whereas Jonathan looked to be in his late teen
to early twenties. He doubted Jonathan had any connection with Nelson.

“You talk too much!” Jonathan frowned as a hint of annoyance flitted across his eyes.

With that said, he took out his phone and dialed a number. After a moment, a dominating voice
sounded on the other end of the line. “Hello?”

“It’s me.”

“M-Mr. Goldstein?”

When the person on the other end of the line realized it was Jonathan on the phone, his voice
changed, and his tone of voice spelled anxiety.

“I am at Gronga International Airport, and I am detained on the plane by your soldiers. I’ll give you ten
minutes to show yourself in front of me!” Jonathan ordered.

“Mr. Goldstein, you have arrived at Gronga?”

After Nelson heard that Jonathan was at Gronga, his voice changed as he replied, “All right. I’ll be sure
to reach by ten minutes!”

With that, Jonathan immediately hung up without waiting for what Nelson would say afterward.

Meanwhile, everyone on the plane was dead silent when the call ended.

Every soldier then looked at Jonathan blankly. A strong hint of disbelief flashed across their eyes.

Just who is this brat? How could he talk to Commander Carter in such a way? No one in Gronga dares
to speak to him in such a way, let alone a brat who looks barely above twenty! Even the government
authorities, such as the governors, would not dare to speak to him like that!

All of a sudden, the cabin descended into silence.

Everyone stared incredulously at Jonathan as though they were trying to discern from his eyes whether
he was telling the truth.

Unfortunately, they did not get any information besides a bottomless pit and a hint of calmness from the
depth of his eyes.

Time gradually passed.

Within ten minutes, a hurried siren could be heard from outside the plane suddenly.

Then, they saw an SUV used by the military halted outside the plane. Shortly, a middle-aged man
wearing an emerald green military uniform emerged as he strode toward the plane before boarding.

The moment they saw the middle-aged man, the plane fell into deadly silence, to the point where one
could hear another’s breathing.

It was Nelson Carter.

It was indeed him in living flesh.

Although some might not have seen him before throughout their lives, it did not affect them from
recognizing him with a glance. Without a doubt, the middle-aged man was the most respectable figure
among the soldiers of the Gronga Special Force.

He was the man who protected Gronga so that not even a speck of blood could stain the land.

“Mr. Goldstein!” Nelson called.

As soon as he boarded the plane, he could see Jonathan surrounded by a group of soldiers as he sat
in the first-class cabin.

Then, Nelson hastened his pace forward before kneeling in front of Jonathan. “Greetings, Mr.
Goldstein! I’m Nelson Carter, the commander-in-chief of the Gronga Special Force.”


Everyone was stunned to see Nelson kneeling before Jonathan.

The soldiers’ expressions fell when they saw the scene. They even started to doubt whether their eyes
had played a trick on them.

Are we seeing things now? Why would the commander-in-chief of the Gronga Special Force kneel
before a brat like him?

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