Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 369

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The Legendary Man

Useless Loser

Hijacking this plane?

Yuliana’s face fell as soon as she heard him.

It was only then that she saw what the man behind her looked like. He had a beard, bloodshot eyes,
and dark circles beneath his eyes as if he hadn’t slept in days.

Moreover, he had greasy, long hair that made him look sloppy and perverse.

“It’s best if you keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that I wouldn’t shoot your head
with the gun in my hand!” The greasy man pressed the gun against Yuliana’s back as he boldly sized
up Yuliana.

The lust in his gaze was obvious.

I have never met such a beautiful woman in my life. What’s more, I am standing extremely close to her.

Thinking about that, the greasy man couldn’t help but lean close to Yuliana’s hair and take a deep
breath. “As expected, even the hair of a beautiful woman smells nice!”

“Have you had enough?”

At that moment, Yuliana was trying hard to suppress her anger. I’ve never thought that I would
encounter a plane hijack when I am already so desperate! Is God deliberately making me suffer?

“Not yet!”

The greasy man shook his head and looked at Yuliana lustfully as he said, “It’s a pity that we are on the
plane. Otherwise, I would love to see you naked. You probably look even sexier without any clothes

The mere thought of it was enough to excite him.

“Shut up!”

Yuliana bit her lower lip and felt extremely insulted.

Before she left the entertainment company, she was a famous megastar. However, after she left the
company, she struggled to even pay rent. What was worse, she was being teased by a greasy man in

“You want me to shut up?”

After hearing Yuliana’s words, the greasy man instantly licked his lips and said, “How are you planning
to shut me up? How about you press your lips against mine?”


Instantly, Yuliana felt her stomach churn, and she felt nauseous and disgusted.

“Pretty lady, if I didn’t have something important to deal with, I would’ve taken off your clothes right
now, dragged you to the restroom, and had some fun with you.” The greasy man licked his lips and got
even more fearless.

“Don’t you dare.”

Upon hearing that, Yuliana shot him a glare.

She bit her lip so hard that it almost bled.

However, her response failed to scare him. Instead, it turned him on.

All of a sudden, the greasy man reached over and grabbed Yuliana’s clothes.

“Try me.”

“Don’t touch me!”

Yuliana instinctively wanted to step back, but the next second, the curtain of the first-class cabin was
opened. After that, her manager stepped out of it. “Yuliana, where did you go? Why are you taking so


When she saw Jim step out of the first-class cabin, she hurriedly called out to him. However, the next
second, a gun was pointed at Jim’s head. “Don’t move. Don’t say a word and put your hands up!”

“W-What are you guys trying to do?”

When Jim saw that the gun was pointed at his head, he instantly started to panic.

“What do you think?”

The greasy man looked at Jim coldly and kicked him in the abdomen. “Have you experienced a


Hearing that, Jim was so scared that he didn’t dare to breathe. “D-Don’t shoot. I will give you anything
you want. J-Just don’t kill me!”

“Useless loser!”

When the greasy man saw what a coward Jim was, he looked at him disdainfully. “Go to the corner and
get down!”


After hearing the greasy man’s words, Jim raised his hands and obediently crouched down in the
corner that the man was pointing at.

The moment he crouched down, he noticed that quite a number of other passengers in the economy-
class cabin were also crouching on the ground.

Those people were holding their hands up and crouching there obediently. No one dared to make a

Behind them were six other hijackers that were holding guns. At that moment, the hijackers were
pointing at the passengers’ backs.

Seeing that, Jim was petrified and didn’t dare to budge.

“You! Go and squat there!” At that moment, the greasy man finally loosened his hands that were about
to rip Yuliana’s clothes. Then, he pointed the gun at her head and said, “I want the men to move to the
left and the women to move to the right. You have one minute to follow my orders and squat back

At gunpoint, Yuliana naturally didn’t dare to say another word.

Similarly, the dozens of people in the economy-class cabin were also being threatened, and they didn’t
dare to make a sound.

In less than a minute, the passengers in the economy-class cabin were all squatting on both sides.

“From now on, nobody is allowed to make a sound. Hand over your phones, wallets, and everything
valuable that you have!” After Yuliana squatted down, a bald man with a submachine gun in his hands
raised his gun and started giving orders.

After he gave the orders, one of his subordinates immediately pulled out a bag that he had prepared
beforehand. Then, he started to collect the passengers’ valuables one by one.

They seized the passengers’ necklaces, phones, rings, bracelets, and even their earrings.

Everything that was valuable was all taken away from the passengers.

The whole process didn’t last long because nobody dared to speak or move, let alone fight back.

A few minutes later, the subordinate carried the bag and walked up to Yuliana.

“It’s your turn!”

The subordinate pointed at the bag, then at Yuliana.

His intent was clear.

After a moment of hesitation, Yuliana threw her phone, earrings, and all her jewelry into the bag.

It was all she left.

Since she left the entertainment company, she stopped receiving income.

I’m already struggling to pay rent. How can I afford to own expensive things?

“Is there anything else?” The subordinate looked down at Yuliana and asked.

“That’s all!”

Yuliana shook her head and covered her chest.

However, when the subordinate saw her reaction, he took a big step forward, grabbed Yuliana’s collar,
and asked, “What’s that on your neck?”

“It is nothing valuable. It’s just an amulet!” Yuliana hurriedly explained.

Her mother, who had passed away a few years ago, had given her the amulet when she was five years

Yuliana had been wearing it since she was five years old and had never taken it off before.

“Cut the crap!” After hearing Yuliana’s words, the subordinate instantly reached out and pulled the
chain of the amulet on Yuliana’s neck. The chain broke almost instantly, and the amulet fell to the

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