Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 370

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The Legendary Man

How Dare You Bite Me

“D*mn, it really is an amulet!” Disdain flashed in the subordinate’s eyes when he saw the item on the
ground. He lifted his foot and stomped on it. “I thought it was some precious item you had hidden.
Hmph, what a bad omen!”

A black footprint was printed on the amulet after he trod on it.

“Don’t touch it!” Yuliana cried when she saw what the subordinate had done. She hurriedly picked up
the amulet from the ground. She then carefully wiped away the footprint and fastened it back onto her

The amulet was the only keepsake she had from her mother.

“Yuliana, are you okay?” Yuliana’s manager, Jim, asked in a low voice after the subordinate had left.
The former noticed that Yuliana’s eyes were red.

“I’m fine.” Yuliana shook her head. “Jim, is there a way for me to escape?”

“Escape? What are you thinking about?”

Jim could not resist rolling his eyes at Yuliana upon hearing her words. “Do you think we’re filming a TV
show? Escape? Where can we even go? Jump off the plane? They will probably shoot at us. We will
fall and smash into pieces. Moreover, haven’t you seen the guns in their hands? If I dare make a move,
they will probably turn my head into Swiss cheese.”


Yuliana tried to protest, but her words were cut off by Jim. “But what? Let me tell you. Just do as they
say obediently. Do as they tell you. If they are in a good mood, they may even let us keep our lives.”

“Then, what about our endorsement contract?” Yuliana suddenly recalled that her contract was inside
her luggage. She had no idea what she would do if the hijackers took it away.

“Miss big-shot celebrity, please think of our circumstances before you speak. Is this really the time to be
concerned about some sh*tty contract?” Once again, Jim could not stop himself from rolling his eyes
after hearing Yuliana’s words. “You’d better pray that we can make it out alive, rather than worry about
some endorsement contract.”


Yuliana opened her mouth to reply, but she swallowed her words in the end.

She could only let out a sigh.

Jim is right. I should only worry about the endorsement contract if I make it out alive. Otherwise, what’s
the point of having the contract?

Moments later, every single passenger in the economy-class cabin was made to hand over their
valuables. There were no exceptions. After the hijackers finished emptying the cabin of valuable items,
they turned their attention toward the first-class cabin.

“You… Bring a few people and go to the first-class cabin.” The bald man gestured at one of his
subordinates with his gun. After receiving the order, the subordinate did as he was told and rushed
toward the first-class cabin.

Jim sneered coldly as he watched the scene from his perch in the corner. He asked, “Yuliana, do you
think that brat will be as impudent as he was earlier? If he continues to act so cocky, he’ll probably

meet his end. The hijackers aren’t as nice as I am.”

When Jim thought about how Jonathan was going to end up in the same situation as them and that the
latter was going to be taught a lesson by the hijackers, he was momentarily overcome with joy. He
could barely stop the gleeful smile from spreading across his face.

Jim did not care about his own well-being. He was content as long as Jonathan was suffering. His
personal happiness was built upon Jonathan’s suffering.

“Jim, I don’t think that’s a good attitude to have,” Yuliana said as she saw the smug and gleeful
expression on her manager’s face. She wrinkled her brows in distaste.

It was bad enough that we had to encounter the hijackers. How could Jim want the same fate to befall

“What’s wrong with it?” Jim sneered upon hearing Yuliana’s words. “Wasn’t he acting like a cocky
b*stard just now? If it weren’t me, but someone else, he would have already been beaten up ages ago.”

“Oh, Jim…” Just as Yuliana was about to speak, she realized that the greasy man who had threatened
her with a gun earlier was stealthily approaching her.

“You… Come with me!” the man ordered. With a gun in his hand, he gestured at Yuliana.

“Where are you taking me? I don’t want to go!” Yuliana unconsciously covered her chest tightly the
moment she saw the man.

“What do you think? Pretty girl, where do you think I’m taking you? Obviously, I’m taking you to the
restroom so I can have some fun with you.” The greasy man stared at Yuliana with a sinister smile. The
way he looked at her was lewd.

“I won’t go!” Yuliana hurriedly backed away. However, there was nowhere to escape his clutches.

The man grabbed onto Yuliana’s hair violently. He then pointed his gun at her head, saying, “You’d
better not move rashly. I can’t promise where the bullets will land.”

“Jim, save me!”

Yuliana turned to Jim for help as her hair was being grabbed by the greasy man. However, Jim
pretended not to see. He turned his eyes away, not daring to meet Yuliana’s gaze.

Are you kidding me? You want me to save you? How am I supposed to save you? With my head?

If he really angered the hijackers, not only would he be unable to save Yuliana, but he would also be
caught in the trouble.


A trace of despair flashed across Yuliana’s eyes when she saw that Jim would not even look at her.

Jim had been the person who took care of odd jobs in the film crew, but he was very hardworking and
thoughtful. Hence, Yuliana had made him her manager.

When she terminated her contract, she had not forgotten to terminate his as well.

She had paid a large amount of money for the termination fee.

Despite all that she had done for him, now that she was in trouble, Jim would not even look at her.

“Yuliana, please don’t blame me. I really can’t help it.” Jim glanced at her quickly before avoiding her
eyes. He then turned around. He no longer looked at her.

“Hey, pretty girl. Come with me. No one else will save you tonight.” The greasy man smiled lewdly and
grabbed Yuliana’s clothes. He pulled her toward the restroom. The other hijackers behind the greasy

man also smiled wretchedly. “Don’t forget to let me take a turn afterward. I’ve never played with such a
pretty woman before. I want to have a go too!”

“Wait your turn.” Without further ado, the greasy man started to tug at Yuliana’s clothes.

“Don’t touch me!”

Yuliana lowered her head and observed how he moved. She took advantage of his lapse in attention
and bit down on his hand.

The reason Yuliana left the entertainment industry was that she did not want to become someone’s arm
candy. She did not want to be forced to sleep with people. However, she had gotten on that plane and
now had to suffer the indignity from that group of hijackers. She would rather die than give in to them.

“F*ck! How dare you bite me?” The greasy man’s expression darkened as he stared at the bite marks
on the back of his hand. He raised his hand and slapped Yuliana across the face.

“You bit me? Since you don’t seem to like the restroom, shall we begin here instead?” He grabbed onto
Yuliana’s clothes as soon as he finished speaking. With a loud rip, Yuliana’s jacket was torn to shreds.

“Don’t come any closer!”

Yuliana backed away in fright. There were dozens of people in the cabin, but none of them dared to
help. No one there was willing to stick their necks out for her.

Just as the greasy man grabbed onto Yuliana and was about to rip the garment she wore under the
jacket, the sound of a gunshot suddenly came from the first-class cabin.

It was immediately followed by a dark figure flying out from the first-class cabin.

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