Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 368

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The Legendary Man


She looks even more beautiful than in the photos!

That was Jonathan’s first impression of Yuliana.

In the photos, she looked sexy and enchanting. However, at that moment, she huddled on the couch
and looked like a lazy kitten.

Her aura was aloof, and she looked intimidating and unapproachable.

However, Jonathan was still not interested in her. He only shot her a glance before he closed his eyes
and continued to sleep.

Just as he closed his eyes, he suddenly heard a male voice coming from beside him. “Excuse me,
mister. Can you switch seats with me?”

“No!” Jonathan replied. He didn’t bother to open his eyes.

“Mister, I have something that I need to discuss with the lady sitting next to you. Please switch seats
with me!” After the man heard Jonathan’s rejection, his tone of voice instantly turned cold. Furthermore,
he sounded as if he was giving Jonathan an order.

“I said no!”

Jonathan frowned slightly and finally opened his eyes.

The middle-aged man in front of him was dressed in a black suit and wore gold-rimmed glasses. He
looked like a well-mannered man, but his attitude was arrogant.

The man looked down at Jonathan as if he wasn’t requesting Jonathan to change seats. Instead, he
treated Jonathan as if Jonathan was the one asking for a favor.

“What is wrong with you?” After hearing Jonathan’s reply, the man looked displeased. “I’m just asking
you to switch seats with me. It is just a small favor! Besides, it is the same to you no matter where you
sit, isn’t it?”


When Yuliana, who had been huddling on the couch, heard the man’s words, she immediately lost
patience and shouted at him. Then, she turned to Jonathan and said, “I’m sorry, mister. My manager is
not good with his words. If he offended you, I apologize on his behalf!”

“Yuliana, why are you apologizing to him?” Hearing Yuliana’s apology, her manager, Jim Gilbert,
instantly looked grim, and he said, “I’m just asking him to switch seats with me. He had nothing to lose
and could easily agree to my request, but he refused. Why are you apologizing to him? In my opinion,
he is just an arrogant jerk!”


Seeing that Jim wouldn’t stop complaining, Yuliana couldn’t help but shoot him a glare. After that, she
anxiously turned to Jonathan and said, “Mister, I’m really sorry. I—”

“That’s enough. You don’t have to explain to me!”

Before Yuliana could finish her sentence, Jonathan waved his hand and directly cut her off. “From now
on, I don’t want to hear a single word from both of you. Do you understand?”

As soon as he finished his words, he shot them a cold look.

Then, he turned to Jim, who looked bitter, and said, “And you! If you don’t know how to watch your
mouth, maybe you should speak less. Otherwise, I’ll make sure that you won’t be able to speak for the
rest of your life!”

“What do you mean?”

After Jim heard Jonathan’s threats, his expression changed abruptly.

“Haven’t I made myself clear?” Jonathan glanced at Jim coldly and said, “Shut your mouth and get


Hearing that, Jim wanted to throw a tantrum, but Yuliana reached out to stop him. “Jim, you should just
leave. We’ll talk about the contract after we land! Stop bothering the other passengers!”


After Yuliana’s interference, Jim didn’t dare to cause a scene. Left with no choice, he scoffed, shot
Jonathan a glance, and then turned to leave. As he walked away, he angrily muttered, “What is wrong
with him? If we were in Jipsdale, I would’ve taught him a lesson long ago!”

Teach me a lesson?

Jonathan glanced at Jim coldly and did not bother with him.

He’s just a small fry! I shouldn’t be bothered with a man like him. If he annoys me again, I’ll just get rid
of him! There’s no need for me to waste my time talking to him!

“Mister, I’m truly sorry. My manager is not good with words. If you’re offended by him, I apologize on his
behalf!” After Jim left, Yuliana hurriedly pulled her mask down and apologized to Jonathan.

“There is no need. Just stop disturbing me!” Even though Jonathan saw Yuliana’s face, he was still
indifferent to her.

He wasn’t even interested in sparing her another glance.

I have met many beautiful women, including female celebrities! Back when I defeated the enemy in the
battle and conquered the whole country, many female celebrities begged their bosses to let them climb
into my bed just so they can be Asura’s woman!

“Oh, okay!” Seeing that Jonathan was obviously not willing to talk to her, Yuliana obediently shut her
mouth. However, as soon as Jonathan closed his eyes, she couldn’t help but peek at him.

This man is very handsome, and he looks young! He looks as if he has just graduated from college! His
icy aura makes me want to take a better look at him. It is as if nothing in this world can waver him! He
looks calm and composed as if everything is in his control! Alas, he is probably the son of a rich family
who never suffers a day in his life! Perhaps he thinks that the world is his oyster! He probably doesn’t
know that once he loses his family’s protection, he’ll be forced to face the cruel people in the world!

Yuliana let out a sigh and put her mask back on. After that, she got up and walked toward Jim’s seat
that was behind her. The purpose of her visit to Gronga was to sign an endorsement contract.

Even though the pay was low, it was her only option.

In other people’s eyes, Yuliana was a famous star who was living a fabulous life and had many fans.
People would think that she was a megastar. However, she herself knew that she was not a megastar.
Instead, she was barely able to maintain her reputation as a B-lister.

At first, she thought that she could rely on her own skills to get famous. However, as time passed, she
realized that she only got famous because the entertainment company invested a lot of money in her.

She was only famous when the higher-ups wanted her to be famous. If the higher-ups wanted to
destroy her, she would lose her fame in an instant. She might not be able to sign a single endorsement

The price of keeping her fame was to follow all of the higher-ups’ arrangements. She had to sign every
endorsement contract that the higher-ups wanted her to, and she was forced to attend every dinner
meeting that the higher-ups arranged for her. If the higher-ups wanted her to accompany or sleep with
a tycoon or a wealthy man, she had to do as they said.

It was then that she truly experienced the dark side of the entertainment industry!

At first, Yuliana was unwilling to give in and refused to attend the company’s dinner meetings multiple
times, let alone sleep with big shots. There was no way she could agree to that.

However, the price that she had to pay for disobeying the higher-ups’ orders was the removal of her
endorsements. She couldn’t even join variety shows. For a whole year, the entertainment company
didn’t give her any resources.

In the end, she was struggling to even pay her rent.

Without any options left, she applied to terminate her contract with the entertainment company and
planned to head to Gronga to start all over. Hence, her trip to Gronga was to test out her options.

If she failed to debut again, she would have no choice but to leave the industry, go home, and become
a female streamer.

Just then, Yuliana remembered the day before she left the entertainment company. Her boss had
pointed at her nose and said, “Yuliana, let me be clear. Once you leave the company, you will lose
everything! Who do you think you are? A megastar? Even if you are a megastar, you will still have to

follow the higher-ups’ arrangements and drink and sleep with our clients! How dare you act arrogant in
front of me? Yuliana, I’m waiting for the day that you’ll kneel before me and beg me for help!”

As Yuliana thought about that, her eyes reddened. She quickly strode toward the restroom. However,
just when she pulled open the curtain, she suddenly felt something sharp pressing against her waist.
After that, she heard a hoarse voice coming from behind her. “Don’t move. I’m hijacking this plane!”

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