Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 367

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The Legendary Man


“Gronga?” Hearing that, Hades said in surprise, “Mr. Goldstein, you want to go to Gronga?”

“That’s right!”

Jonathan lit a cigarette and said, “Didn’t you know from the start?”

“I knew, but I didn’t expect it to be so fast!”

Jonathan had said that the issue with the Hunters Guild did not need any interference after the live-fire
drill had ended and that he would deal with it personally.

However, he did not expect Jonathan to make a move after just a few days.

“Is this fast?” Jonathan casually said. “I need to collect some debt in Gronga while I’m there.”

The Hansley family of Gronga owed him over a billion, and it was time to get it back.

It isn’t that easy not to return my money!

“Mr. Goldstein, how about I ask the Spike Dragon Guards to use the military helicopter to send you
there?” asked Hades in a low voice.

Gronga might not be entirely under the control of Asura’s Office, but at least in name, Asura’s Office
was in charge of it.

Moreover, there were Asura’s Office troops stationed there.

It was more convenient to go there using the military helicopter.

“There’s no need for this!” Jonathan rejected. “Just ask someone to book the ticket!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

The call ended.

After the call, Jonathan flagged down a taxi and headed for Jipsdale International Airport.

Half an hour later, the taxi stopped at Jipsdale International Airport. Just as Jonathan was getting out of
the car, he received a notification of the ticket booking on his phone.

The message read: Ten o’clock at night. Flight AZ369. Flying first class in seat number one.

Jonathan looked at the message on his phone and walked toward the terminal.

Around ten minutes later, Jonathan boarded the plane with his ticket. His phone started ringing the
moment he sat down in his seat.

“Hello, Jonathan. Where are you?” said a familiar voice of a woman from the other end of the phone.
Jonathan did not have to look at the screen of his phone to see who was calling the moment he heard
her voice. “I’m on a plane. What’s wrong, Aunt Sophia?”

“On a plane? You’re coming back to Yaleview?” Sophia’s tone changed when she heard that Jonathan
was on a plane.

She was surprised.

“No, I’m not going back for the moment,” said Jonathan flatly.

“Where are you going if not to Yaleview?”


“Gronga?” There was a change in Sophia’s tone. “What are you going to do in Gronga?”

“I have some things to deal with!”

Jonathan did not mention the issue with the Hunters Guild and the Hansley family of Gronga to Sophia.
He changed the topic and said, “Why did you call me out of a sudden? Did something happen in

“No. What could happen with Lydia here?” Sophia was disappointed when she heard that Jonathan
was going to Gronga and not returning to Yaleview. “Listen to me, Jonathan. Lydia is amazing. She’s
only used less than half a month to take control of the assets left behind by the four prominent families!
Why didn’t I notice that she’s this great before?”

“Is that so? Then you’ve found a treasure!” Jonathan laughed and looked down at his watch. “Aunt
Sophia, I’ll talk to you next time. The plane is about to take off! We’ll talk again when I return to

“All right. Be safe and have a great journey!” Sophia said and hung up the phone, and the plane took

Amid the darkness, the plane gradually ascended, and the scenery below became blurry.

The view outside the window was also turning dark.

“Good evening to all passengers. Welcome to flight AZ369 heading to Gronga International Airport,
departing from Jipsdale. Please fasten your seatbelts, and we’ll provide food and water in a bit. Call us
if you need any assistance. The entire cabin crew is at your service. We wish you an enjoyable
journey!” said a cabin crew with a gentle voice.

After that, the lights in the plane dimmed.

The cabin crew repeated the message in Ustranasion and Harfushian, and the plane fell silent.

“Hello, Sir. Welcome on board. I’m the head of the cabin crew, and I’ll be at your service!”

A flight attendant wearing a black uniform smiled and squatted in front of Jonathan.

Her voice was sweet, and she had a sexy figure.

She looked even more tempting in the flight attendant’s uniform.

“Excuse me, Sir. Would you like to have something to eat or drink?” The flight attendant squatted on
the ground and looked up at Jonathan.

The special treatment in first class gave the passengers a sense of superiority.

“Just give me some plain water,” said Jonathan nonchalantly.

“Right away, Sir!” There was no hint of disdain when the flight attendant heard that he only wanted a
glass of water. People like her were used to serving all kinds of passengers in first-class after their long

Poor people would not be able to afford first-class tickets.

“Sir, do you need a change of shoes?” The flight attendant did not leave immediately but took out a pair
of cotton slippers from the drawer below and placed them in front of Jonathan. “Do you need me to
help you change into them?”

“It’s okay,” Jonathan rejected calmly.

“All right, Sir. There’s also wine and champagne on board. Just give me a call if you need anything!”

The flight attendant got up after hearing his words and turned to walk away, leaving Jonathan a glimpse
of her captivating back.

After she left, Jonathan casually lay on the couch and planned to take a shut-eye.

However, he saw a familiar face just as he was about to lay down.

Jonathan was not precisely that familiar with her, but he had seen her on television and in

I think she’s called Yuliana Smith or something?

She was a second-tier female celebrity. Jonathan had an impression of her because there was once a
head of a prominent family who had sent him her picture back in Yaleview. He had also said she could
sleep with Jonathan that night if the latter wished.

However, Jonathan was not interested in easy women like her.

Naturally, he did not let her sleep with him.

At that moment, Yuliana was curled up on the couch like a lazy kitten.

Her long hair was draped over her shoulders, and a black mask covered half her face.

Even so, her beauty was evident. Her breathtaking eyes, especially, were seductive and exotic.

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