Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 366

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The Legendary Man

Heading To Gronga

Overnight, the governor of Jipsdale, Fabian, was dismissed from his position for inspection, and he
needed to wait for further orders.

As for the Western King of War, Jeremy Yates, he would be transferred to Asura’s Office for judgment.

Just like that, the four prominent families of Jipsdale were wiped out.

Even the leader of the four prominent families in Jipsdale, the Jones family, was not spared.

The situation in Jipsdale had changed drastically within a night.

It was as if an earthquake had struck the area.

In an instant, everyone in the area was on edge.

That was especially true for the other distinguished families. They were terrified because they were
afraid they would be the next target.

While there was an uproar in Jipsdale, Jonathan was lying in the bathtub of a presidential suite in
Jipsdale International Hotel with his eyes closed and resting comfortably.

In fact, even a man like him would feel exhausted after experiencing a long and tiring day.

After cleaning the blood on his body, Jonathan fell asleep in the bathtub.

Unsure of how long he had slept, he only knew that the sky was dark when the sound of the doorbell
woke him up.

Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

The doorbell continued to ring. Jonathan put on a bathrobe and opened the door.

“Mr. Goldstein, these are the clothes you requested.” An alluring lady with a perfect body figure and
slender legs stood at the door. Her appearance was eye-catching.

Unfortunately, Jonathan was not interested in her. He took the clothes and shut the door.

It was a set of casual outfits that looked brand new. The tag was still attached to the clothing.

Just when Jonathan was about to change into the set of clothes, the doorbell rang again.

“What else do you want?” Jonathan frowned as he opened the door. “If this is a chargeable item, you
can deduct the amount from my card!”

Hearing Jonathan’s words, the sexy lady hurriedly explained, “Oh, Mr. Goldstein, please don’t
misunderstand me! The hotel manager has sent me over to serve you. As you are our VIP, I’m here to
spend the night with you.”

As she spoke, there was no shame on her face.

Instead, she stared into Jonathan’s eyes. She believed that no man could resist her.

“You want to spend the night with me?” When Jonathan heard the woman’s words, he furrowed his
brows immediately. “Does the hotel have this kind of special service?”

“Previously, there wasn’t. But because you are our most valued customer, the hotel manager has
purposely arranged this service for you! We will only provide this service for our most important guest!”
The alluring lady winked.

“Oh? So what kind of services do you provide?” Jonathan looked at the alluring woman curiously.

The woman didn’t seem old. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties.

As the woman took good care of her skin, her complexion was great, and she was wearing a tight gown
that showed her curvy body.

With the light makeup on her exquisite facial features, she was not at all inferior to the top-tier female

“I can offer anything you can think of!” The woman smiled seductively. “Mr. Goldstein, are you planning
to let me stand at the door?”

“What do you think?” Jonathan’s eyes instantly turned cold. “Inform your manager that if he continues
to offer this kind of service in the hotel, he’ll end up in prison for the rest of his life!”

With that, Jonathan slammed the door shut.

What kind of nonsense is this? This place is so dirty! Since when did I, Jonathan Goldstein, ever lack
woman? If I want, numerous socialites and female celebrities will sleep with me willingly upon my
request. Why would I need someone to provide me with this service?

“Mr. Goldstein…” Again, the woman’s voice sounded outside the door.

Sadly, she only heard a cold reply from Jonathan. “Get lost!”

The person outside the door fell silent. Shortly after, Jonathan heard hurried footsteps as the woman
rapidly left the spot.

After she left, Jonathan changed into his new clothes. He then took the Heaven Sword and walked out
of the presidential suite.

The hotel lobby had already returned to a state of peace and calm.

A few receptionists were sitting and conversing joyfully. However, when they saw Jonathan
approaching them, they immediately stopped smiling and quickly stood up. “Mr. Goldstein!”

“I want to check out!” Jonathan passed the keycard to the receptionist.

“Mr. Goldstein, are you going to leave now?” When the receptionist heard Jonathan’s words, a trace of
surprise flashed across her face. Earlier today, they had gotten the news that no matter how long
Jonathan planned to stay at the hotel, they wouldn’t take a cent from him. Besides that, they would
have to give him the best treatment.

Therefore, they couldn’t understand why Jonathan had decided to check out, as he hadn’t even spent a
night in the hotel.

“Yes!” While replying to her, Jonathan took out a black bank card and passed it to the receptionist.
“How much is the total? I’ll pay with my card!”

The few receptionists shook their heads anxiously. “Mr. Goldstein, the manager has told us that our
hotel will pay for all your expenses!”

Nobody dared to take Jonathan’s bank card.

That was because they had seen the governor of Jipsdale and the Western King of War kneel before
Jonathan in the afternoon. In addition to that, Jonathan had scolded the two mercilessly.

“No need for that,” Jonathan said flatly. “How much? You can swipe my card and deduct the money
from there!”


Before the receptionists could say another word, Jonathan interrupted, “I’m telling you to deduct the
money from my card. Don’t waste my time!”

“All right, Mr. Goldstein!” At his words, the receptionists dared not delay the payment any further.

One of them immediately took the bank card and processed the payment.

A few minutes later, the system showed that the transaction was a success. A young receptionist
returned the bank card to Jonathan with both of her hands respectfully. “Mr. Goldstein, the payment
was successful!”

“Okay!” Jonathan nodded and took back his bank card casually. After that, he marched out of Jipsdale
International Hotel.

As soon as he exited the hotel, his phone rang.


“Mr. Goldstein, have you reached Jipsdale? Did you manage to find the item you were looking for?”
Jonathan heard Hades’ voice coming from the other end of the phone.

“I didn’t. Has Jeremy gone back?” Jonathan asked placidly.

“Yes, he has returned! I’ve heard about the situation. Mr. Goldstein, how do you plan to deal with him?”

“Lock him up for a year. For the time being, you will be in charge of the Spike Dragon Guards. If he
knows his mistake a year later, we will return the Spike Dragon Guards to him. If not, we’ll let him rot in
the Northern Crimson Prison for life!”

“Roger that, Mr. Goldstein!”

Naturally, Hades dared not comment on Jonathan’s orders. He asked, “What about Fabian Jones?”

“Do you need me to teach you everything?” Jonathan’s voice turned cold. “If I have to do everything
personally, why do I need Asura’s Office?”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein. I understand now!”

Intimidated by Jonathan’s words, Hades did not dare say another word.

However, after Hades finished his sentence, Jonathan suddenly said, “Get someone to book me a flight
ticket. I want to go to Gronga tonight!”

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