Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 365

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The Legendary Man

Shut Up

“Are you trying to bargain with me?” Jonathan looked at Fabian coldly.

“No! I wouldn’t dare!”

Fabian hastily lowered his head and pleaded, “Mr. Goldstein, I just want to beg you to give the Jones
family a chance to survive!”

At this moment, he knew very well that he had no chance to change Jonathan’s mind anymore.

All he could do was try to save the few hundred lives of the Jones family.

Asura had never been one to show mercy.

A merciful person would not be able to command an army, and a kind person would not be able to do

If Jonathan was a merciful person, he would not have had the capability to lead the Eight Asura Guards
to conquer the world and calm the chaos.

Jonathan calmly looked at Fabian and said, “I never said I wanted their lives. I just think that the Jones
family is a bit unaware of how much authority they actually hold. Jipsdale is Asura’s Office’s Jipsdale. It
does not belong to the Jones family. The Jones family is in no position to take control of everything! Do
you understand?”

“Yes, I understand!” Fabian got to his knees. “Thank you, Mr. Goldstein, for giving us a chance to live!”

Jonathan casually stood up and ordered, “There’s no need for you to continue being the governor of
Jipsdale anymore. After tonight, return to Yaleview with Jeremy and claim your punishment from
Asura’s Office!”

Having dealt with enough nonsense, Jonathan continued, “I’m tired. You guys can dismiss.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Fabian and Jeremy were still kneeling on the ground. They did not dare to move.

Walking toward the hotel front desk, Jonathan asked, “Now can I book a room in this hotel?”

The dumbfounded receptionist nodded and replied, “Y-Yes!”

“Give me one room and get someone to send me a new set of clothes. Remember, I want a new set!”
Jonathan took out a black card. “There’s money inside. The password is six zeros!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The receptionist respectfully handed a room card to Jonathan with no hesitation.

The tense atmosphere in the lobby gradually dissipated only after Jonathan had left for a while.

“Fabian, it’s your fault I’m in this mess!” Jeremy got up to his feet. His face darkened.

It’s been years since I kneeled on the ground and was scolded like a coward. The last time was a few
years back when I was still a soldier!

“I’m sorry, Sir. It’s all my fault!” Fabian did not make up any excuses for what he had done. He used a
chair as support to get up to his feet and said, “After tonight, my life belongs to you. You can do
whatever you want to me! I will use my life to compensate you!”

Jeremy shot a glare at Fabian and replied, “What’s the use of owning your life? Mr. Goldstein is right.
As the Western King of War, I’m too useless. To think that I actually didn’t notice a private army being
raised near Jipsdale. How could I continue being the Western King of War? It was fortunate that the
person I met today was Mr. Goldstein. If it was the cold-blooded Hades, he would have probably
skinned me alive!”

Hades from Asura’s Office was renowned to be a cold-hearted person.

When the Eight Kings of War fought alongside Asura back in the day, the few of them had always been
put in order by Hades.

“Yes. If it was Hades, he’d have skinned me alive too!” A hint of relief flashed across Fabian’s eyes.

Who doesn’t know about Hades? That guy doesn’t have a heart! He’s just to a fault! Over the years,
countless governors have been ended by him!

“That’s enough. Stop spewing nonsense. Just admit it when you do something wrong and be prepared
to be punished for it. You should be glad that Mr. Goldstein spared your life today!”

After saying that, Jeremy did not bother to talk to him anymore. Instead, he turned around to look at the
tens of thousands of Spike Dragon Guards behind him. He yelled, “Spike Dragon Guards, listen up!
Let’s go!”

“Yes, Sir!” they replied in unison.

With just an order, the Spike Dragon Guards followed Jeremy out of the hotel while holding on tight to
their guns.

In a flash, Jipsdale International Hotel was no longer filled with fully armed guards. There were only
Fabian, Shawn, and a few people left.

After Jeremy left with his guards, Shawn, who had turned pale from fear, got up and looked at Fabian.
He asked, “Uncle Fabian, who exactly is that person called Mr. Goldstein? Why did you kneel before


Before Shawn could finish talking, Fabian had raised his hand and slapped him.

A clear and crisp slap sounded, a bright red handprint instantly appearing on Shawn’s face.

“Uncle Fabian, y-you…”

Shawn covered his red and swollen face. He was in disbelief.

Ever since young, Uncle Fabian has never laid a finger on me. Today, he actually slapped me because
of an outsider?

With a cold look, Fabian reproached, “How dare you inquire about Mr. Goldstein’s background?
Remember this. From today onward, I do not want to hear a single word that’s related to Mr. Goldstein
from your mouth! If you dare to bring this up again, I will break your legs.”

“Uncle Fabian, I—”

Shawn still wanted to say something, but Fabian cut him off, “Shut up! Have you not caused enough
trouble for the Jones family? Do you know that with one phone call, you’ve destroyed not just the Jones
family, but also me? If Mr. Goldstein did not have mercy on you, your life would’ve ended. Do you know

I was Jipsdale’s governor! I was at the pinnacle of society, only second to one person! The life and
death of countless people in Jipsdale were in my hands! Everything is destroyed now because of a

phone call from a good-for-nothing Shawn!

“I-Is he really that powerful?” Shawn, still covering his face, was in disbelief.

He had thought that Jonathan was just a psychotic murderer. Since the latter had offended him, it only
made sense for him to retaliate.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have known that Jonathan was a big shot.

The latter was so powerful that even his uncle had to kneel on the spot, so powerful, that with only one
word, he could kick the Jones family out of Jipsdale!

Upon hearing Shawn’s question, Fabian cast him a cold glance. “What do you think? In this world, who
else do you think could make both Jeremy and I kneel on the ground? Who could it be besides that

“That person?”

A trace of doubt flashed across Shawn’s eyes when he heard Fabian’s words. However, in the next
second, his expression drastically changed. “Uncle Fabian, you meant to say that… h-he is…”

Shawn did not dare to finish his sentence because there was only one person who could get Jeremy
Yates, the Western King of War, and Fabian Jones, the governor of Jipsdale, to kneel at the same time.

That person was none other than Asura!

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