Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 363

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The Legendary Man

Death Penalty

“Uncle Fabian!”

The moment the Spike Dragon Guards encircled the entire hotel lobby, Shawn spotted Fabian in the
crowd instantly.


Upon hearing Shawn’s voice, a middle-aged man in a black military outfit walked out from behind the
Spike Dragon Guards at once. His hair was somewhat white, and he did not seem to be very old, but
he had a naturally intimidating aura.

He was none other than the governor of Jipsdale, Fabian Jones.

His existence was only second to Jeremy Yates, the Western King of War who guarded Jipsdale.

“Uncle Fabian, save me!” yelled Shawn in a panic. Right then, at one glance, Fabian noticed his
nephew’s right leg had been penetrated by a bullet.

His face instantly turned grim. “Who did this?”

“It was him!” shouted Shawn immediately as he pointed at Jonathan. “Uncle Fabian, kill him! I want him

“Shut up!”

Fabian could not help but glare at Shawn at once when he heard the latter utter such bold words in
front of so many people.

Even if Shawn wanted Jonathan dead, he absolutely must not declare his desire in front of these many

With a solemn face, Fabian directed his gaze in the direction that Shawn was pointing. His eyes landed
on Jonathan. “So it was you who told Shawn to call me and instruct me to come and see you within ten

“That’s right,” answered Jonathan flatly.

However, the moment he spoke, Fabian’s expression instantly changed.

Why does this voice sound so familiar?

In fact, Jonathan’s voice was so familiar to Fabian that once he heard it, his entire body shuddered out
of reflex.

“M-Mr. Goldstein?” Fabian stuttered in his speech.

“What’s the matter? Do you not recognize me?” said Jonathan as he looked at Fabian calmly. With that
one glance, the latter was so terrified that his legs immediately became like jelly, and with a thud, he
dropped to his knees in front of Jonathan. “I, Fabian Jones, governor of Jipsdale, am honored to meet
you, Mr. Goldstein!”

Everyone went quiet at once.

One could even hear a pin drop in this deafening silence.

Incredulity filled the eyes of everyone as they watched the scene that unfolded before them.

The governor of Jipsdale, who was only second to Jeremy, the Western King of War, was kneeling
before another.

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would have suspected that they had perceived things

After all, Fabian was the governor of Jipsdale.

He was seated at the pinnacle of authority.

The entire Jipsdale was at his mercy.

Even Jeremy, the Western King of War, would consider him as his peer.

Yet such an amazing person was kneeling before a terrorist, who was covered in blood, in front of

How was that possible?

“Looks like you still remember me!” Jonathan expressionlessly eyed Fabian, who remained on his
knees before him. “I thought you might’ve forgotten me since you’ve been in Jipsdale for so long!”

When Fabian heard the man’s words, a shiver instantly ran down his spine. Frantically, he explained,
“How could I? Even if I die and turn into ashes, I will never forget you, Mr. Goldstein!”

If it were not for the fact that Jonathan was covered in blood, Fabian would not have instinctively
mistaken him for a terrorist, thus failing to recognize the godly man.

There were not a lot of people on this Earth who could strike fear into Fabian.

He was not even afraid of the Eight Kings of War.

Nevertheless, there was one person who he was fearful of—Asura.

If it had not been for Asura personally assigning Fabian to this post, what right would the latter possibly
have to be stationed in Jipsdale with such a high rank?

All his authority came from Jonathan.

As long as Jonathan said the word, Fabian, the governor of Jipsdale, could instantly become the most
worthless scum on Earth.

“Is that so?”

After hearing Fabian’s explanation, Jonathan casually lit a cigarette, glanced at the middle-aged man
nonchalantly, and inquired, “Why do I feel that Jipsdale doesn’t look like it belongs to Asura’s Office?
Instead, it looks like it belongs to you. How about I talk to Asura’s Office about giving you ownership of
Jipsdale from here on out? Or I could tell Jeremy to remove his army from Jipsdale, then Jipsdale can
announce its independence tomorrow.”

“Mr. Goldstein!”

When Fabian heard what Jonathan uttered, his legs immediately became weak. His face pale as a
sheet, he hurriedly continued to plead, “Mr. Goldstein, please hear me—”

Before Fabian could finish his words, Jonathan interrupted, “That’s enough! There’s no need to explain
anything more. I’ve seen with my own eyes your influence and power in Jipsdale. With just a single
phone call, your nephew can label me as a terrorist without even a single piece of evidence. Even the
captain of the police force does not dare to refute. Fabian Jones, how mighty you are! How about I
hand my position over to you, and you can govern Asura’s Office from now on?”

When Jonathan uttered his last sentence, the tone of his speech turned frighteningly cold.

Thanks to that, Fabian was so terrified that he bowed and groveled before Jonathan at once. “Mr.
Goldstein, I’m sorry! I was wrong!”

He did not make any attempts to refute or defend himself.

As Jipsdale’s governor, whom Jonathan had personally appointed, Fabian knew his temper all too well.
If he dared to say anything in retaliation, his head might roll the next second.

“Do you think saying that you’re sorry is enough?” Jonathan glanced at Fabian with an icy expression.
“Here’s a question for you. Who gave you the authority to utilize the Spike Dragon Guards as you
please? Do you know the crime you’ve committed for doing so?”

Back when they conquered the lands and calmed the ravaging chaos, Jonathan had established the
rule that the governor’s office and the King of War Division should not interfere with one another.

The governor’s office was to handle administrative affairs, while the King of War Division would handle
military affairs.

Not only that, but the governor’s office did not have the authority to dispatch Asura Guards without
permission, nor did the King of War Division have the authority to interfere with whatever the governor’s
office did.

The penalty that befell any who went against the rule was death.

“Y-Yes!” Fabian was ashen-faced as cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

As the governor of Jipsdale, how would he not know the crime of dispatching Asura Guards without

“Yet you still mobilized them as you pleased.” In an instant, Jonathan’s gaze became frosty. “Did you
really think that Jipsdale belongs to your family now?”

“N-No! I wouldn’t!”

Fabian was so scared that his lips quivered, and he could not speak as eloquently anymore. It was
hard to imagine that the governor would be this fearful of another person.

“Are you sure? Is there anything that you, Fabian Jones, wouldn’t dare do in Jipsdale?” questioned
Jonathan in a stern voice.

“Mr. Goldstein, t-this is a misunderstanding!” Fabian frantically clarified. “I-I really didn’t mobilize the
Spike Dragon Guards on my own. It was only after I received the Western King of War’s personal
approval that I dared to mobilize them!”

The moment Jonathan heard Fabian’s words, his face instantly became dark. “Jeremy approved of this
personally? Tell him to come and see me!”

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