Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 362

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The Legendary Man

You Speak Too Much

“I’ll make the call. I’ll make the call right now!”

As he stared down the barrel of the gun, Lionel had no choice but to give in. Without further complaints,
he grabbed his phone and placed a call to his superior. He began, “Chief, this is team two captain,
Lionel Moretz. I’ve met with danger over at Jipsdale International Hotel. Please send reinforcements
over as soon as possible!”

“You’re in danger? Exactly what trouble have you gotten into?” asked a coarse and gruff voice over the

“I…” began Lionel.

He snuck a glance at Jonathan before he carefully continued, “I bumped into a terrorist! An eyewitness
personally saw him kill hundreds of people, and he even pointed a gun right at me as he demanded
that you come over to see him in person.”

Upon hearing Lionel’s words, the person at the other end of the call impatiently yelled, “You useless
idiot! Stall him for me. I’ll come over with a team straight away!”

With that, he proceeded to end the call and didn’t bother waiting for Lionel to respond.

“I-I’ve made the call!” exclaimed Lionel as he turned and looked up at Jonathan.

“Didn’t you want to arrest me? Why didn’t you ask him to come over with more men?” asked Jonathan
indifferently as he eyed Lionel. “Furthermore, do you remember what I said to you earlier?”

“W-What?” asked Lionel anxiously amidst his confusion. The way he was now, he could barely string
two words together to form a coherent sentence. He was terrified that Jonathan would blow his brains
out anytime on a whim.

“I said that I absolutely hated having guns pointed at me!” stated Jonathan coldly.

“Lower your guns, all of you!” exclaimed Lionel immediately in response to Jonathan’s words as he
glared at the throng of police officers gathered around them.

The group reacted immediately and lowered their guns without the slightest bit of hesitation.

In an instant, the scene in the hotel lobby had changed dramatically. Now, countless police officers
were standing by idly as they watched Jonathan point his firearm at Lionel helplessly. They could not
do anything to intervene.

As he took in the sight of Lionel being helplessly held hostage and held at gunpoint like a fool by
Jonathan, Shawn couldn’t help but curse aloud, “You idiot! What a useless fool!”

He had called the police over with the intent of having them band together to arrest Jonathan. However,
their captain had actually gone on to kneel before Jonathan in surrender and didn’t even dare to move
an inch.

“Shoot him! Damn it! Go on and shoot him down now where he stands! I’ll bear the consequences if
something goes wrong!” railed Shawn at the top of his lungs at the throng of police officers.

However, one of them stuttered in response, “W-What about our captain…”

“Even if he fell right here, he would have died in the line of duty. It’d be his honor! As police officers,
how could you allow a criminal to take one of you hostage and threaten you like this? Can you even

call yourselves the police? Fire at him now!” exclaimed Shawn furiously upon hearing the officer’s

A cold shiver ran through Lionel’s body as he took in Shawn’s yells. He immediately shouted at his
men, “Don’t shoot! If anyone dares to shoot, it’ll be deemed as murder! Watch as I strip you of your

Shawn saw that none of the officers dared to take the shot, and his face twisted with fury. As he
prepared to march up to the group of police officers to snatch a gun out of their hands, he remarked,
“Damn it! Give me your gun since you don’t dare to use it!” However, just as he raised his leg to move,
Jonathan’s right arm twitched, and a bullet suddenly pierced through the air with a bang to lodge itself
in Shawn’s right leg.

With just that one shot, Shawn crashed to the ground and landed heavily on his knees.

Jonathan eyed him coolly and stated, “You speak too much! Did you really think I spared your
miserable life at Shadow Dragon Pool because I was afraid of the Jones family? Nonsense! I just didn’t
want to get my hands dirty at that time!”

The next second, his gaze turned icy cold as he continued, “Isn’t Fabian your uncle? Give him a call
and have him come to save you! Just remember that I’m only giving him ten minutes to do so. Your life
is basically forfeit if I don’t see him within the next ten minutes.”

Just as the words came out of his mouth, another resounding bang echoed throughout the space.
Jonathan had fired yet another shot at Shawn. This time, the bullet had embedded itself in Shawn’s
other leg and rendered it unusable as well.

“Call him!”

“You…” Shawn glared at Jonathan and could barely fight the urge to skin him alive. As the young
master of the Jones family, this was the first time he had suffered this level of humiliation in Jipsdale.
“Just you wait!”

Following that, he clenched his teeth as he reached for his phone and dialed a number. Soon after, a
somewhat elderly voice picked up and said, “Hello?”

“Uncle Fabian, it’s me, Shawn. I’m in trouble! Please send men over to rescue me!” shouted Shawn
into the phone the second the call connected.

“Slow down. What happened to you?”

“I’m currently being held hostage at Jipsdale International Hotel by a terrorist. He wants you to come
over to meet him in person. If you’re not here in the next ten minutes, he’ll kill me right away! Please
come and save me, Uncle Fabian!” pleaded Shawn fearfully.

“What? You’re being held hostage by a terrorist? He wants to meet me personally?” Fabian repeated
upon taking in Shawn’s situation. He continued in a markedly different tone, “Tell him that I’ll rush over
immediately to meet him and make sure he doesn’t make any sudden moves. I’ll end him if you lose so
much as a single hair on your head!”

With that, Fabian didn’t wait for Shawn to elaborate further and proceeded to end the call. Once the call
ended, Shawn seemed to have regained some of his initial vigor and courage. Even as he kneeled
helplessly on the ground before Jonathan, he arrogantly remarked, “It’s best that you wise up,
Jonathan! You know full well who my uncle is and what status and influence he has. If you so much as
touch a single strand of my hair, even the heavens won’t be enough to save you!”

Shawn’s uncle was Fabian Jones, the governor of Jipsdale. He was only second to the Western King of
War responsible for protecting Jipsdale, Jeremy Yates. As Jeremy basically kept a low profile and came

and went as he pleased, that left Fabian as the key authority figure in the entirety of Jipsdale. With that
in mind, Shawn felt that only fools would dare to make a move against Fabian when in Jipsdale. Even if
the heavens or God himself were to intervene, he knew that it would be near impossible for Jonathan to
get himself out of this sticky situation.

“Oh, is that so? Well, I do want to see just who has the final say when it comes to matters in Jipsdale…
Will it be Fabian or me?” replied Jonathan idly as he lit a cigarette and gazed at the door.

It didn’t take long before the sound of police sirens suddenly erupted outside the hotel entrance. This
was soon followed by the arrival of numerous police patrol cars and accompanied by a series of
thunderous roars as they screeched to a grinding halt right in front of the hotel entrance.

Beyond the blockade formed by the police patrol cars, several army trucks had lined up behind them on
standby and were ready to move at a moment’s notice. The entire group of Spike Dragon Guards was
standing at attention in front of the train of trucks. This group represented one of the eight major Asura
Guards and had been instructed by Asura’s Office to guard Jipsdale with their lives.

Unless something huge or critical was to happen, the Spike Dragon Guards virtually never mobilized
for action. However, they had been activated today along with the military police. Such was the threat
that Jonathan was perceived to pose.

Shawn’s eyes flashed triumphantly at this sight.

He was sure now that Jonathan was completely and utterly doomed. He couldn’t see any way that
Jonathan could worm his way out of this situation, especially since the Spike Dragon Guards were now
involved. They had no mercy to speak of and would obliterate everything in their path. Even if they
were faced with an army of a hundred copies of Jonathan, it would be completely meaningless to them.
They wouldn’t even require an iota of effort to get rid of him.

All of a sudden, a loud bang reverberated through the air as the huge door leading into the hotel was
kicked wide open by someone on the outside.

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