Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 359

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The Legendary Man

Stop It

Jipsdale International Hotel was the only five-star hotel in Jipsdale.

Besides, it was also the only hotel in Jipsdale that provided butler services. The customers of Jipsdale
International Hotel were normally wealthy and influential people.

However, a young man wearing a torn shirt, whose body was completely covered in blood, was walking
into the hotel at the moment.

“Stop there! What are you doing here?” Just as Jonathan stepped into Jipsdale International Hotel, the
manager of the hotel, Anthony Franklin, blocked him at the entrance to the lobby.

Anthony found it ridiculous.

Every customer staying in Jipsdale International Hotel is prominent and distinguished. If they see a
person who looks like a wanted criminal in the hotel, the phones on the counter will definitely explode
from the calls from customers!

“I need to wash up and change my clothes,” answered Jonathan curtly.

He did not want to waste time talking with the manager. This was the nearest hotel he could find. The
next hotel was at least more than ten kilometers from where he was.

He had not rested for more than twenty hours since the previous day.

Even for Jonathan, it was almost the limit of his stamina.

“Wash up? Do you know what kind of place this is? If you want to wash up, go to the bathhouse! Don’t
cause trouble here,” said Anthony without sparing a glance at Jonathan.

Is he kidding? With his attire, does he think he can afford to stay at our hotel? Even the cheapest room
here costs more than a thousand per night. Look at his appearance. How can he be able to pay for it?

“Get out of my way!” Jonathan ordered.

He was too tired to keep talking nonsense with Anthony, so he began to walk toward the counter.
However, the next second, Anthony blocked him again. “You’re here to cause trouble, aren’t you? I’m
warning you; I’ll give you one minute to get out of here. If not, I’ll call someone to chase you out!”

“What did you say?” Jonathan’s eyes turned cold at once.

After more than twenty hours of suffering, he had lost his patience by then.

Anthony was glowering at Jonathan as he demanded, “I said, get out of here! I’m going to count to
three. If you don’t leave instantly, I’ll make sure-”

With a loud bang, Jonathan kicked Anthony in his stomach before the latter could finish his words.

Anthony did not have time to come back to his senses. The next second, he dropped to his knees with
a thud in front of Jonathan due to the impact of that kick.

“Watch your words, or I promise I’ll make you a mute for the rest of your life!” Jonathan eyed him coldly.
Then, he continued to head toward the counter.

When he was about to reach the counter, Anthony shouted all of a sudden behind him, “Security!
Security! Come quickly and get this punk out of the hotel!”

At his loud call, the security guards of the hotel took out their batons and charged for Jonathan.

Meanwhile, Anthony, who had been kicked to the ground by Jonathan a few moments ago, walked
toward Jonathan with his hand clutching his stomach. “Punk, how dare you make a fuss here? You’re
asking for death, aren’t you? Don’t you know who the boss here is? This is not somewhere you can
behave atrociously!”

Then, he turned to the security guards and said, “Chase him out!”

“Yes,” answered the guards.

At his order, roughly ten security guards immediately raised their batons as they surrounded Jonathan.

“It doesn’t matter who the boss here is. More importantly, is this how this hotel treats its customers?”
questioned Jonathan. Looking at the security guards surrounding him and Anthony’s sinister face,
Jonathan’s expression turned grim at once.

At first, he only wanted to find a random place to bathe and change his clothes.

What was unexpected to him was that he nearly got chased out before he had even stepped into the
hotel entrance.

Upon listening to Jonathan, Anthony laughed coldly. “Customer? You? Do you think you deserve to be
a customer of Jipsdale International Hotel? Punk, I don’t even know what gives you the courage to
cause a ruckus here! However, since you’re here, there’s no way you can get away easily.”

As he finished his words, he glared at the security guards with wide eyes. “What’re you doing standing
there? Go and get him!”

At that, without hesitation, those security guards ran toward Jonathan with their batons in their hands.
Nonetheless, before they could attack, Jonathan sped forward, caught the hair of a security guard who
was at the very front, and pulled his head down as he threw his knee upward with force.

In a blink of an eye, the guard’s nose was broken as the rest heard a clear crack.

Blood was running down his mouth and dripping along his chin. Before he could scream in pain,
Jonathan took another quick step forward and kicked another security guard in the stomach.

Within a minute, all the security guards, who had stood sturdily in front of Jonathan before, lost the
ability to stand.

None of them were spared.

They lay on the floor while crying horribly as if their bones were broken.

“Trash! You all are d*rn useless!” Anthony cursed uncontrollably as he stared at the security guards
who had been beaten to the ground by Jonathan within mere seconds and could not get up from the

“How about you?” said Jonathan.

He glanced at Anthony intimidatingly and walked in his direction.

“W-What do you want?” Anthony stuttered. Watching Jonathan getting nearer, the manager felt chills
run down his spine as he kept retreating.

“Do you remember I’ve said that if you don’t watch your mouth, I’ll make you become a mute for the
rest of your life?” asked Jonathan in return. His gaze turned cold, and he dashed forward with his right
hand raised. The next moment, a hard slap landed on Anthony’s mouth.

At that slap, he staggered and kneeled to the ground.

“Since you don’t know how to speak politely, I don’t think there’s any need for you to keep your mouth.”

Jonathan lifted his hand again.

Slap! A loud sound was heard when Jonathan raised his hand and gave another slap to Anthony’s
mouth again.

After the two slaps, his mouth began to become swollen.

Moreover, some of his teeth had fallen out.

“D-Don’t come nearer!” shouted Anthony. The two slaps had made his vision blurry. He lifted his head
and yelled at the counter, “What are you doing there? Call the police now! Do you want me to be
beaten to death by him?”

“We’ll call the police right now,” answered a receptionist.

At once, several female receptionists at the counter hastily reached for the phone to call the police.
However, the moment the call had successfully gone through, a furious voice rang from the hotel

“Stop it! I say stop it!”

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