Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 358

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The Legendary Man

Heaven Sword

The arrows rained down relentlessly from the top without giving Jonathan a chance to dodge.

If Jonathan failed to escape, he would undoubtedly be pierced by those arrows.

However, the moment those arrows fell from above, Jonathan moved away like a flash of lightning. He
instantly climbed up the ancient tree.

Soon after, he saw the storm of arrows madly shooting at the huge statue.

The sound of arrows hitting the statue reverberated in the air.

Surprisingly, there was not a trace of damage left on the statue. On the other hand, the broken pieces
of the arrows fell to the ground.

“Why are there so many booby traps in this forsaken place?” Jonathan frowned at the arrows lying on
the ground in front of the statue.

This hellish place looks more like a cemetery than Shadow Dragon Pool! Wait. A cemetery?

All of a sudden, Jonathan jerked his head up to look at the bronze sarcophagus hanging on top of the

Who’s lying inside this coffin? Why is it here? Most importantly, why would anyone hang a coffin on top
of an ancient tree in such a strange way?

A wave of questions flooded Jonathan’s mind at that moment. Just as he was about to continue
climbing upward to explore the sarcophagus, a loud noise rang out. Suddenly, the tree began to

tremble violently.

It felt like an earthquake.

Then, he heard a thunderous bang.

The sarcophagus that was hanging from the ancient tree slammed to the ground.

The sudden impact created a crater on the ground. Moreover, the sarcophagus’ lid shattered due to the
intense vibration.

A foul stench permeated the air of the cave instantly.

That smell was akin to someone who had not showered for decades. The rotten smell was nauseating.

Jonathan could not help but retch at the foul stench.

Nevertheless, he held his breath and leaped off the tree. Then, he landed on the sarcophagus.

A skeleton lay inside the coffin. It was impossible to tell how long it had been since the person had
passed away. The skeleton had turned dark with a tinge of yellow.

Strangely enough, the deceased was holding a longsword.

The sword was still sharp and without a trace of rust despite being kept inside the coffin for many

“What an incredible sword!” he exclaimed.

Jonathan, who was used to seeing famous swords from all over the world, instantly lit up the moment
he saw this longsword.

The sword was less than two meters long, with a sharp edge.

One could feel the menacing sword aura at first glance.

Even the world’s sharpest sword would seem ordinary in front of this sword.

“Well, it looks like my trip wasn’t futile after all,” Jonathan uttered. Looking at the longsword in the
sarcophagus, Jonathan shook his right hand and sent his internal energy toward the coffin. The sword
that was held by the skeleton suddenly soared upward before falling into Jonathan’s hands.

Jonathan felt a chill the moment he touched the weapon.

Gripping the longsword, Jonathan swung it gently. The sound of the sword slicing the air resonated
through the cave.

It seemed like the sword could cut through the air.

“Not bad.”

Jonathan casually swung the sword at the ancient tree that was more than ten meters tall.

With the help of the sword, the tree was cut in half immediately.

A loud bang instantly rang out.

The tree crashed onto the ground, leaving behind a cloud of dust.


Jonathan gasped in astonishment upon witnessing the might of the sword.

That tree was measured more than ten meters high and about one meter thick. Despite that, it’s no
match for this sword. How terrifying!

Looking indifferently at the longsword in his hand, Jonathan said, ”What a huge insult it would be to
hide a sword like this inside the coffin! From now on, you will accompany me on the battlefields. Today,
I shall name you Heaven Sword. This is a sword that can cut through both heaven and earth.”

Then, he secured the sword to his waist at once. The blade was so sharp that it could cut through iron
like butter.

As soon as Jonathan said that, he felt a faint buzzing sound emitting from the sword on his waist.

It was as if the sword could understand his words.

“Whoa. You can understand the human language?” Smiling faintly, Jonathan stood up and walked
toward the sarcophagus. Nevertheless, he heard a loud bang when he took the first step.

The sarcophagus exploded right in front of him.

It was blown to smithereens in the blink of an eye. The rubble was scattered across the ground.

The bronze sarcophagus and the skeleton inside turned to ashes at that moment.

“What’s going on?” Jonathan asked.

He was perplexed after watching the scene unfold.

Did the sarcophagus explode on its own?

“What a strange place this is!” Jonathan frowned in frustration.

I’ve encountered a python, an ancient tree, a statue, an illusory realm, and a bronze sarcophagus that
exploded by itself. There are strange things everywhere in this forsaken place.

“Ah. Forget about it!”

After the coffin exploded, Jonathan had no more interest in this place that felt more like a cemetery at

It seemed like he could not find the second part of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique in this

Still, Jonathan’s trip was not in vain.

Even though I can’t find the second half of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, at least I discovered
a mighty sword! Luckily, my efforts didn’t go to waste.

Moments later, Jonathan took the sword with him and left the peculiar cave on the same path he had

After trudging through in the darkness, Jonathan finally walked out of the cave.

The sun was shining bright by the time he came outside. He could hear the noises from birds and
insects occasionally.

A night has passed since I was inside the cave?

Jonathan was a bit surprised by how fast the time had passed by. He remembered that it was around
one o’clock in the morning before he entered the cave. Nevertheless, it was almost noon at that

How did time pass by so quickly?

Despite his doubts, Jonathan left the mountain in huge strides.

A few hours later, Jonathan returned to Jipsdale after passing through the mist once again.

However, he instantly attracted people’s attention the moment he entered the city.

Almost everyone was staring at Jonathan. Some people even gestured at him.

Jonathan furrowed his brows upon seeing the weird glances from other people.

It was not long before he snapped back to his senses.

He was drenched in blood at that moment. Moreover, he had a longsword tied around his waist. People
who did not know the whole situation would think that he was a murderer on the loose.

“I better find a place to take a bath and change out of these bloody clothes first,” Jonathan said with a
sigh. Shaking his head, he walked toward the crowd.

Along the way, people would give him weird looks or point at him wherever he went.

Nevertheless, Jonathan could not care less about their judgmental looks. He did not bother to spare
them a glance.

More than ten minutes later, Jonathan arrived at the entrance of a five-star hotel.

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