Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 357

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The Legendary Man

The Strange Cave

The overwhelming smell of blood permeated the air of the entire cave.

Frowning slightly, Jonathan stepped toward the bloody pool of water.

According to Hades, the second half of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was most likely in
Shadow Dragon Pool. Nevertheless, there was no trace of human habitation besides the python he had
just killed.

Will my efforts go to waste just like that?

Jonathan’s brow furrowed when he thought of the bleak outcome.

I’ve already wasted a whole year in Northern Crimson Prison in the past. Will my trip to Shadow
Dragon Pool be futile this time as well?

However, just as Jonathan was about to leave the cave, he unexpectedly found a large stone tablet at
the end of the cave.

A stone tablet? What on earth is it doing in a forsaken place like this?

Jonathan strode toward the depth of the cave in a flash.

There was nothing unique about the shape of the stone tablet.

The most curious part about the tablet was that it was engraved with a string of words that did not
belong to any country in this world.

If anything, they were more like runes than words. It was like a relic left by some cult.

Crouching down, Jonathan lit the lighter and tried to see the runes engraved on the tablet with the faint
light. However, the moment he squatted, his foot seemed to have stepped on something. As he
stepped hard on it, the stone tablet suddenly sank underground.

What just happened?

Jonathan frowned. Just as he was about to stand up, he heard a creaking sound. It was followed by a
loud noise. A crack began to form on the cave wall in front of him all of a sudden.

Then, it gradually moved up.

The boulder that was integrated with the cave turned into a stone door in the blink of an eye.

A stone door? There’s a secret mechanism here?

Looking at the stone door that was constantly moving up, Jonathan stepped inside without hesitation.

It was still pitch-dark in front of him. Furthermore, the surroundings reeked of dust.

It was as if the air had not flowed in for many years. The stale air could make anyone feel suffocating
and nauseous.


Jonathan lit up the lighter in his hand. In an instant, his face turned ashen.

There was a massive statue in front of him. It was around thirty meters tall. It looked vivid and lifelike.

Strangely, the eyes of the statue were flashing with a red demonic aura.

A statue? Why is it here?

Jonathan lifted his head and looked upward. Nevertheless, the moment he met the gaze of the statue,
the scene in front of him changed completely.

All of a sudden, Jonathan was standing in a barren field while facing countless armed soldiers.

The soldiers were heavily-armed. Each of them was holding a weapon. Their eyes gleamed with
murderous intent.

Alas, there was no one else behind Jonathan.

A battlefield? I thought I was in Shadow Dragon Pool just now? How did I end up on a battlefield in the
middle of nowhere? Jonathan frowned slightly at his thought. In the next second, a thunderous roar
rang out in his ears.

“Charge!” someone commanded.

Raising the weapons in their hands, the soldiers charged toward the lone wolf at lightning speed.

Jonathan seemed to be brought back to the era when wars and conflicts were rife.

He was in the same predicament back then. One man taking on an entire army. Still, he never once

“Kill them all!” he yelled.

Jonathan’s expression changed instantly. Killing intent rose in his mind. Back then, he never retreated
in the face of adversity. Therefore, he vowed to keep going despite being outnumbered that day.

Clenching his dagger with a death grip, Jonathan charged at the army in a flash.

The battle raged on for hours.

Even Jonathan himself could not tell how long the battle had gone on nor how many opponents he had
killed. He only knew that he was a spent force at that moment. To his dismay, the number of the
opposition army seemed to be never-ending.

The death toll continued to rise.

Meanwhile, his strength began to wane slowly.

It seemed like he did not even have the strength to wield the dagger.

“Jonathan, let’s see how you can escape this time!” A black-robed general emerged from behind the
group of soldiers.

Holding a long spear, the general pointed it at Jonathan.

“Aren’t you Asura? Aren’t you supposed to be a fearless fighter? What happened? Are you giving up
now? So what if you’re a great fighter? You’ll die at my hands today!” he taunted.

In an instant, the black-robed general fiercely raised the long spear in his hand and stabbed toward
Jonathan’s chest. At that critical moment, the latter suddenly braced his right hand on the ground.
Jonathan instantly sprang up. Holding the dagger in his hand, he violently lunged at the general’s


The moment the dagger plunged into the general’s throat, the battlefield in front of Jonathan shattered
at once.

Instead, the dark cave came into his vision, along with the gigantic statue.

Nevertheless, he realized the strange red glow in the statue’s eyes had disappeared upon closer

“Was that an illusion?” Jonathan’s face darkened at once. A cold glint flashed across his eyes.

A few years ago, he heard that there was an illusion technique in the West Region. It could make
people unintentionally enter an illusory realm.

Inside that realm, the person who created the illusion was the creator of the world.

Everything in the environment would be controlled by him alone.

If he wanted an army, his wish would be granted. If he wanted a cliff, it would appear right before his

If he wanted someone to die, he did not even have to make his move. A small movement inside the
realm was enough for him to kill people without drawing blood.

Jonathan had only heard of sorcery like this in the past. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that
he would experience it first-hand.

Fortunately, he was determined and unwavering. Otherwise, even if he had died from exhaustion, he
could not break through the wicked illusory realm.

“What a strange place that was! Luckily, I didn’t get fooled by the illusions.” Snorting, Jonathan strode
toward the enormous statue.

There were statues carved in stone in front of the gigantic statue.

Those statues were more than two meters tall. At first glance, there were more than one hundred of

A tall ancient tree stood proud behind those stone statues. It was more than ten meters high.

The tree had nine branches in total. Nine eagles were flapping their wings on those branches.

However, what surprised Jonathan the most was the bronze sarcophagus on top of the ancient tree.

Furthermore, some mysterious runes were carved on the sarcophagus. It exuded a faint yet strange

On both sides of the sarcophagus, there were two heavy chains. The chains were locking the coffin
onto the tree.

“The more I look at this forsaken place, the stranger it gets,” Jonathan muttered under his breath. Then,
he walked past the ancient tree and headed toward the statue.


Just as Jonathan took a step toward the statue, countless sharp arrows rained down from the sky.

The dangerous projectiles fell onto him like a hailstorm.

Tens of thousands of arrows were all released at once.

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