Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 355

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The Legendary Man

Striking A Deal

Jonathan glanced at Cecilia indifferently and said, “If you can’t accept it, you can leave now. A hundred
million each. Nothing less than that.”

His attitude was very obvious.

He was dead-set on the price that he named. Cecilia could either comply or get lost.

A few hundred million was nothing to him. However, it was Cecilia’s defiant attitude that made Jonathan
very uncomfortable.

“Mr. Goldstein, this price is too outrageous. I can’t accept it!” Cecilia shook her head again and refused.

Even for the Hansley family, a hundred million was not a small amount.

Plus, it was a hundred million for one Phantom Grass.

According to Dr. Ross, at least ten of them were needed for the medicine.

In other words, she needed to spend at least one billion.

Cecilia was shocked by the immense amount of money. Even the owner of a listed company might not
be able to come up with one billion in cash.

Even the richest man in Gronga whose son was kidnapped back then spent several days and nights
referring to the banks of the entire Gronga to get that money. In the end, he only managed to come up
with several hundred million in cash.

That was way less than one billion.

Although the Hansley family of Gronga was prominent, they were no match for the richest man in

There was no way for Cecilia to take out one billion in cash.

“Is it outrageous? I don’t think it’s outrageous at all! You can save your grandfather’s life using one
billion. Isn’t it worth it?” asked Jonathan.

“That’s too much! Even being treated by the top hospital in the world would cost less than one billion!”
Cecilia still couldn’t accept it.

She could purchase a private hospital equipped with the top doctors in the world for over a billion.

Jonathan then glanced at her indifferently and asked, “Can the world’s top hospital save your
grandfather’s life?”

By the next instant, Cecilia was speechless.

If the world’s top hospital could save her grandfather’s life, she would not need to make a special trip
from Gronga to the mainland and come to this place in the middle of nowhere.

It was because she had already engaged the top hospitals in the world and they couldn’t help her at all.
That was why she came to the place.

Jonathan continued, “Of course, if you can’t come up with that much cash, I can give you a little time to
raise the money. You can pick as much Phantom Grass on the Shadow Dragon Pool’s wall as you like.
It’s no problem! However, it’s better not to delay too long. I don’t have that much patience.”

“Really?” The moment Jonathan said those words, Cecilia’s eyes widened as if she couldn’t believe it.

Did he just let me pick the Phantom Grass first and take them back? Isn’t he afraid that I will go back
on my word regarding the payment?

“Of course!”

Jonathan nodded casually.

“Then, I shall thank you in advance!” said Cecilia.

The moment she heard Jonathan’s words, Cecilia no longer hesitated. She got up and walked toward
the wall. Then, she picked a dozen Phantom Grass and carefully packed them in a transparent sealed
bag. After getting up, she walked toward Jonathan and said, “Mr. Goldstein, there is thirteen Phantom
Grass here in total. According to the price of a hundred million each, I owe you a total of one billion
three hundred million. When I return to Gronga, I will give you the money as soon as possible.”


Jonathan nodded. There was no sign of worry on his face at all.

After a few minutes, Cecilia took the Phantom Grass back to the original spot. Shawn was still there
with his phone and he kept making calls.

Upon seeing that Cecilia was back, Shawn suddenly said with a somewhat ugly expression, “The
phone call can’t get through. There’s no signal!”

“If you can’t get through, then forget it,” said Cecilia with a look of indifference.

She went on, “I have already got the Phantom Grass. Let’s go back.”

Shawn was a little surprised when he heard what Cecilia said. “You got them? How?” asked Shawn.

With Jonathan’s bad temper, Cecilia was able to get the Phantom Grass from his hands?

“I bought it from him with money! A hundred million each!” Cecilia said with a cold expression.

She continued, “I bought thirteen of it, so it’s a total of one billion three hundred million.”

Shawn was shocked. He said, “What? A hundred million each? Are you crazy? A few herbs sold for
more than one billion?”

“Of course I’m not crazy!”

After hearing Shawn’s words, an imperceptible sneer flashed on Cecilia’s face. She continued, “Who
said I would pay him the money?”

“So, what you’re saying is…”

Shawn instantly understood her intention.

Cecilia said, “Have I signed a contract with Jonathan? Is it stamped? Is there a lawyer present? Or is
there a video to prove it? Nothing. It was just a few verbal promises. Since when can verbal promises
be used as evidence?”

She continued, “If he wants to have a lawsuit with me, I’m ready anytime. If it’s a big deal, I will spend a
hundred million to play with him slowly. I want to see how much time he can waste on me. I will fight
him for ten or twenty years in this lawsuit. I’ll see if he can take it!”

With that said, Cecilia continued with an icy cold expression, “Just because Jonathan has a gun in his
hand and he’s in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about him. If we are in
Jipsdale, he won’t even dare to threaten us like this! Would he dare to kill so many people with a gun

She added, “It’s because we’re in the middle of nowhere that I put up with him again and again. If we
were in Gronga, the Hansley family would be able to call the police and the chief executive with a
single phone call. Do you think he would dare to be so arrogant then?”

“But, what if he hunts you down in Gronga?” Shawn asked worriedly when he heard Cecilia’s words.

He continued, “This punk is a lunatic. He can do anything! What if he follows the example of that
Gronga bandit and ties himself up with explosives to demand a ransom at the Hansley residence?”

Hearing what Shawn said, Cecilia sneered, “He dares to go to Gronga? If he dares to, I will make him
disappear! Do you think the Elite Unit and troops in Gronga are weak? Not only him, even if it’s the
Jones family who dares to be presumptuous in Gronga, they will disappear!”

In the last sentence, Cecilia’s tone carried a trace of deterrence.

However, the object of deterrence was Shawn.

Her intent was clear.

Although the Jones family was very powerful in Jipsdale, the Hansley family was not weak either.

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