Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 356

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The Legendary Man

Giant Python

After Cecilia left Shadow Dragon Pool with over ten stalks of Phantom Grass, Jonathan stood up and
walked toward the narrow valley at Shadow Dragon Pool.

He did not care whether Cecilia would go back on her word and refuse to pay him after taking the
Phantom Grass.

Refuse to pay up? The person who dares to disclaim debts to me in Chanaea doesn’t exist!

It would be best if the Hansley family paid up the amount due.

If they refused, he did not mind exterminating the entire Hansley family.

One must pay the price for their mistakes.

There are people in this world who thinks that the legal system is the way to go. They are arrogant
once they think they can get away through the loopholes in the legal system with whatever they want.
Don’t they understand that rules are there to be broken? Power, rules, and law are nothing compared
to ultimate strength!

Jonathan knew what Cecilia was thinking.

However, he did not mind.

Any vicious plots were no match for people with immense capabilities.

After a while, Jonathan entered the narrow valley.

It was pitch-black in the valley, and water droplets dripped from stalactites occasionally.

Drip. Drip.

Clink! Jonathan lighted his lighter and saw a steep cave at the end of the valley with the weak light.

Piles of skeletons lay in front of the cave.

A few corpses of animals were among the piles, and it was a bloodied mess.

Jonathan walked over the skeleton and corpses without any hesitation toward the cave. However, a
strong scent of blood swamped him as he went nearer to the cave.

Blood? Why would there be blood in this valley? Is there someone else here?

Instantly, he furrowed his brows with puzzlement.

Jonathan frowned slightly and continued walking forward. However, the air became thinner, and the
temperature dropped further as he continued his journey.

Suddenly, a cracking sound filled the air as Jonathan had seemingly stepped on something.

He lowered his head and saw that it was a white rib bone that seemed to have weathered. With a light
step from Jonathan, the bone crumbled into powder.

However, he unexpectedly found a giant piece of scale under the rib bone.

A giant scale?

Jonathan immediately realized the reason why the place was named Shadow Dragon Pool.

Hiss! Hiss!

Just when he was about to enter the cave, a loud snake hissing sounded from the cave.

A pungent smell from the cave filled the air instantly.

Within that instant, Jonathan stepped into the pitch-black cave.

The deeper he went, the colder the wind became, and the bloodied scent became thicker.

Shortly, Jonathan reached the end of the cave and saw a deep dark pool while cool air emitted from the

A python as thick as a tree trunk was slithering in the pool. Half of its scales had fallen off and only half
remained. It was hissing, signaling hostility at Jonathan.

As expected, there was a huge python in the cave.

When Jonathan first saw the giant scale, he guessed there were either one or many giant pythons in
Shadow Dragon Pool.

“So Shadow Dragon Pool is named after you!” He looked at the giant python coolly.

In the next second, the giant python pounced at him aggressively.

Before the python reached him, a foul rotten stench overcame Jonathan and made him nauseous.

He felt even more disgusted seeing the mucus on the python’s body.

“Are you courting death?”

Upon seeing the giant python pouncing at him, Jonathan frowned and pulled the black gun out from his

Bang! A golden bullet flew toward the python’s heart.

Since rumors had it that a snake’s weakest point was its heart, Jonathan assumed it might be the same
for a python.

The bullet successfully hit its target.

The giant python let out a shrill cry of pain. It then dashed out from the waters and pounced at
Jonathan once again.

The wind was howling, and the python spitted a dark green liquid from its mouth.

A burning smell was emitted the moment the liquid landed on his clothes.

It was corroding his clothes.

“Poison?” Jonathan’s face paled, and he quickly took a step backward.

He pressed the gun’s trigger in his hands as he stepped back. A few loud bangs sounded, and golden
bullets shot toward the python’s body like raindrops.

The python momentarily went crazy after the rain of shots.

It swung its tail, and the immense force swept the gun away from Jonathan’s hand. Subsequently, it
hissed and leaped at Jonathan, quickly coiling around him as it attempted to suffocate its prey.

However, the python couldn’t catch hold of Jonathan that easily.

When the python was about to coil around him, Jonathan instantly took a black blade from his pocket
and pierced it through its eye.

Nevertheless, the python did not let go of Jonathan. It disregarded the pain and increased the tightness
of the coil.

In the blink of an eye, it had Jonathan deathly wrapped in its body.

A regular person would be dead within a few seconds of suffocation. On the other hand, Jonathan had
been through years of battle and met with situations more dangerous than this.

He was not afraid of bullets that swept past his ears. There was no way that he would be frightened of
a giant python.

At that moment, Jonathan grabbed hold of his blade and stabbed ten times at the python’s heart with
incredible speed.

Every stab was deadly!

In an instant, the python, originally tightening its grip over Jonathan, suddenly relaxed its coil.

Taking that moment as the opportunity, Jonathan struggled free from the python’s grip, grabbed his
blade, and penetrated the python’s belly.

He then pulled the blade from the python’s head region to its tail.

Within an instant, the python that wanted to leap at Jonathan again had its belly split open.

It was a bloody scene.

Its black blood splattered over Jonathan, and a repulsive scent permeated the air.

Jonathan withheld the nauseous feeling and wiped the python’s blood off his face. A loud crash
sounded when he was wiping his face.

The python who almost got him earlier dropped into the pool and created waves in it.

Shadow Dragon Pool was dyed red with blood.

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