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Chapter 354

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The Legendary Man

A Hundred Million For Each Herb


Hearing Cecilia’s words, Jonathan raised his eyebrows subconsciously and continued, “How do you
want to negotiate?”

Cecilia replied, “Since the Shadow Dragon Pool is already your personal property, I want to get
something from there and I will pay you. What do you think?” At that moment, Cecilia had already
regained her composure. Her every move was filled with a businesswoman’s aura.

Rich daughters like her who came from wealthy and prominent families were best at negotiating.

“You want the Phantom Grass, right?” said Jonathan as soon as Cecilia finished her sentence.

“How did you know?”

In an instant, Cecilia’s expression changed. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

H-How did he know that?

“Apart from the few Phantom Grass, only the pool of stagnant water is left in the entire Shadow Dragon
Pool. Don’t tell me that you’re intending to make the stagnant water into mineral water?” said Jonathan
while he looked at her calmly.

As early as the first time Jonathan met them outside of the Shadow Dragon Pool, he knew that the
spring water and mineral water factory were all lies.

The pool of water in the Shadow Dragon Pool was filled with bacteria.

One would already have diarrhea immediately when only a sip was taken, let alone make it into mineral
water. One might be on the verge of death if a bottle of that water was drunk.

“O-Of course not!” Cecilia’s expression changed again. She instantly felt that she had no secrets at all
in front of Jonathan.

However, as soon as she finished speaking, Jonathan asked, “You want the Phantom Grass to cure
your grandfather’s illness, right?”

“You… H-How did you know that too?”

Could it be that… Jonathan heard my conversation with Mr. Jones? No! That’s impossible!

Jonathan gave Cecilia a withering glare and said, “The Phantom Grass is a medicinal herb that is used
as a medicine. I don’t need to tell you about this, right? If you want it, no problem. Just go and get it.”


Cecilia was instantly surprised after hearing Jonathan’s words. She didn’t expect him to be so easy to

Jonathan merely stared at her without saying anything.

Seeing Jonathan’s gaze, Cecilia understood him immediately. She said in an instant, “Please name
your price, Mr. Goldstein!”

Cecilia looked very confident when she said that.

As one of the three prominent families in Gronga, the Hansley family ranked among the top ten of the
top families. Money was certainly not a problem for them.

If it was something that could be solved with money, then it was not a problem.

If it wasn’t enough, then the solution would be to spend more money until the other party was satisfied.

That was the style of the Hansley family.

Suddenly, Jonathan raised a finger.

Seeing his action, Cecilia bit her lip and asked, “Ten million?”

The price of ten million is indeed too expensive! Even if it is the best hundred-year-old medicinal herb,
it only costs a few million at most. However, he asked for ten million for just a few Phantom Grass?
This is daylight robbery!

Despite that, thinking of the aggressive and ungrateful people at home, coupled with the crisis that she
might be kicked out of the Hansley residence at any time, ten million was worth spending for Cecilia.

As long as she can cure her grandfather’s rare disease, there would never be a chance for the vile
people to drive her out of the residence again even if they joined forces.

She might even have the opportunity to take over the Hansley residence.

By that time, tens of billions would all be hers. Ten million would be nothing to Cecilia.

“Fine, ten million it is! I’ll buy it!” said Cecilia while she gritted her teeth.

Even for her, ten million was not a small amount.

“Ms. Hansley, I think you misunderstood!” Jonathan waved his finger lightly when he heard Cecilia’s
words. He then continued with a flat tone, “I’m talking about a hundred million!”

“What? A hundred million?” Cecilia suddenly widened her eyes the moment she heard that.

Is this a joke? Jonathan’s selling a hundred million for these herbs? He’s taking advantage of me!

Cecilia was shocked by the immense amount of money Jonathan asked for.

She could use the money to buy a top-level mansion right on top of the mountain of Gronga where land
was expensive. If she invested the money, she would be set for life with the interest.

Not many people had seen a hundred million of cash in their lifetime, and Jonathan was selling Cecilia
a hundred million for the herbs.

“Mr. Goldstein, are you joking?” Cecilia’s face darkened instantly.

Regardless of how wealthy the Hansley family was, that was no way to spend their money.

Seeing the unsightly expression on Cecilia’s face, Jonathan replied, “Of course not! Also, I think you
still don’t understand what I mean. What I’m saying is, a hundred million each!”

“What? A hundred million each?” The moment Cecilia heard what he said, she couldn’t control her
emotions any longer.

She felt that Jonathan was just messing around with her at that point.

Even if all the Phantom Grass on the wall of the entire Shadow Dragon Pool was added up, they may
not even be sold for a hundred million.

“Jonathan, are you crazy? A hundred million each, that’s daylight robbery!” Cecilia’s voice even
became sharper.

At that moment, she didn’t look like a businesswoman anymore.

She was so furious that she could blow her top.

“Do you know how ludicrous the concept of selling the herbs for a hundred million each is? Who would
use a hundred million to buy a herb?” Cecilia looked at Jonathan as if he was a lunatic.

One could just buy a courtyard in Yaleview or a top mansion on Gronga with a hundred million.

One could even buy a cruise ship, a private jet, or an island overseas.

Even if one used the money to keep a female celebrity as a mistress, one could easily have a year of
her time.

However, Jonathan was selling her a hundred million for each herb.

He must be crazy!

Jonathan replied to Cecilia, “Of course I do! A hundred million each isn’t expensive. It’s nothing
compared to your grandfather’s life.”

Cecilia said with a darkened expression, “A hundred million each is too expensive. I can’t accept it!”

He’s selling me a hundred million for each herb, does he think that I’m a fool?

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