Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 352

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The Legendary Man

Get Lost

“So what if it is?” retorted Arthur in an aloof tone.

“So it seems that I’ve underestimated you.” Upon hearing what Arthur said, Jonathan smirked before
snapping, “I assumed that it’s already bold enough of you to disobey the Decree of Asura by forming an
army of your own. Never had I thought that you would deal with drugs! Given your crimes of forming a
private army and dealing drugs, I can sentence you to capital punishment ten times over, and it still
won’t be enough!”

Jonathan never expected there to be a huge drug manufacturing base at that hellhole where nothing

Ever since he conquered the realm a year ago, he issued countless bans, with drug dealing and the
formation of private armies being the worst of them all, punishable by death if either was violated.

Back then, all of the drug cartels abroad had set their sights on Chanaea. Given the fact that Chanaea
had a population of more than a billion, they could potentially earn a huge fortune.

Yet, things didn’t go as planned.

All of the drug cartels that dared involve themselves in the business were annihilated one by one, no
matter if they originated from abroad or within the country, how much power they wielded, and who
backed them.

If the local military couldn’t handle it, Asura’s Office would step in.

If Asura’s Office failed in its mission, the Eight Kings of War would be dispatched.

Those who dared dabble in drugs while in Chanaea were all killed without mercy, and there was no
room for bargaining.

They would be executed in the airport if they were discovered there, likewise when they were
discovered at borders. It would be the Almighty’s job to forgive them, while Jonathan’s mission would
be to send them to the Almighty.

“So what about it?” After listening to Jonathan’s words, Arthur couldn’t help but snicker. “Ever since I
made this choice, I never expected to have long to live! I’ll live one day at a time! Fortune favors the
brave. I’ll gladly die if need be. Why should I fear?”

“Surprise, surprise. A bold one you are.” Jonathan didn’t feel like wasting his breath with Arthur, who
was wearing a resolute look and ready to die at his hands without batting an eye. “Fine. I’m not
interested if you’re trafficking drugs. It’s up to Asura’s Office to deal with you. The only reason I spared
your life was that I have questions for you.”

“Are you not from Asura’s Office?” Arthur’s eyes widened after hearing what Jonathan said.

He had assumed that Jonathan was dispatched by Asura’s Office to annihilate him upon discovering
that he was dealing with drugs and had formed his own army, only to find out that Jonathan wasn’t
related to Asura’s Office at all.

H-How can this be? Who else in this entire world, other than someone from Asura’s Office, can fight
against an army of hundreds alone with only a gun as his weapon?

“You will answer all of my questions!”

With a flick of his wrist, Jonathan sent a golden bullet through Arthur’s other leg following a loud bang.

“Do you hear me?” he threatened Arthur while staring at him impassively. “I want to know if there’s a
place around here named Shadow Dragon Pool?”

“Shadow Dragon Pool? You’re here to find Shadow Dragon Pool?” asked Arthur while gritting his teeth
to endure the pain in both his legs after hearing Jonathan’s question.

“Does this place exist?” Jonathan bellowed.

“Yes! It’s behind this mountain stronghold!”

“Bring me there!”

As soon as he said that, Jonathan turned to look at the young men and women who were shuddering
behind him, their faces pale. He randomly pointed at Shawn. “You! Come here to help support him!”


Shawn pointed at himself in disbelief after hearing Jonathan’s order.



Just when Shawn was about to say something, he gulped under Jonathan’s chilly stare while checking
out the half-dead drug dealer on the ground. In the end, he decided he would not turn down Jonathan’s

Under such circumstances, he dared not refuse Jonathan.

After all, Jonathan had single-handedly defeated an army of hundreds, so he couldn’t possibly be able
to contend against Jonathan.

“You guys are coming with me!” demanded Shawn after turning around to look at his underlings behind

“We’re not going!”

His underlings shook their heads in shock.

Given the situation, they would much rather flee the scene, let alone march into danger.


The moment Shawn glared at them, they shrunk away in fright, lacking the courage to even counter
him. While they might fear Jonathan, they were even more fearful of Shawn.

After being constantly bullied by Shawn throughout the years, they were already conditioned into
clamming up the moment he glared at them.

“W-We’ll go with you!”

Under Shawn’s intimidation, his underlings scrambled up from the ground to help Arthur, who was half-
dead, get to his feet.

Upon witnessing that, Cecilia, whose face was drained of color due to fear, stood up in a hurry. “I’ll go
with you too!”

“March forward! Show us the way!” Jonathan ordered Arthur while watching the latter with indifference.

Under Jonathan’s remorseless stare, Arthur showed them the way. Soon, they stopped in front of a
valley with an overwhelmingly eerie atmosphere where nothing thrived within its proximity.

Shadow Dragon Pool was located in that valley. It was formed by a circle of steep mountain walls with
only an entrance that was dozens of meters wide.

At first glance, the place seemed utterly horrifying.

“T-This is Shadow Dragon Pool.”

Arthur’s feeble voice came through right after Jonathan stopped in his tracks.

“Is that so?” Upon hearing that, Jonathan wheeled around to look at him. “Since we’ve found it, there’s
no longer a point for you to stay alive.”

After that, a loud bang ensued as he sent a bullet through Arthur’s head with a flick of his wrist, as
decisive and unyielding as ever.

He didn’t even hesitate for a second.

The moment the bullet pierced Arthur’s skull, warm blood splattered all over the faces of the two
underlings who were supporting him.

Immediately, their faces blanched as their knees gave out before dropping to their knees in front of

“D-Don’t kill me!”

“Leave,” Jonathan said nonchalantly.


The two underlings were still in a daze after hearing that.

“I told you to leave!” As soon as he yelled out loud, they snapped back to their senses. Scrambling to
their feet, they turned to leave without hesitation.

As they fled, they shouted, “Yes, Sir! We’ll leave right away!”

In the meantime, Cecilia was rooted to the spot, her gaze fixed on Shadow Dragon Pool that was in
front of her.

She wasn’t about to budge.

“It’s Phantom Grass! It really is Phantom Grass! Dr. Ross wasn’t lying to me. Phantom Grass really is
at Shadow Dragon Pool!” Cecilia muttered as she stared unblinkingly at the grass-like plants along the
wall around Shadow Dragon Pool.

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