Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 353

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The Legendary Man

Can You Get Lost

“We should leave now, Ms. Hansley! Ms. Hansley?”

Shawn’s voice came from behind Cecilia as she stared at Shadow Dragon Pool unblinkingly.

“I’m not leaving.” She declined without the slightest bit of hesitation.

After all, the sole reason she flew to Chanaea all the way from Gronga was to search for Phantom
Grass at Shadow Dragon Pool.

She couldn’t just leave now that she found Phantom Grass.

“Ms. Hansley, are you nuts?” Shawn’s expression changed drastically after hearing her words.

Why is she still after the water from the pool at this point? Can’t she see that Jonathan is a psycho?

“I’m not crazy!”

Cecilia bit her lip before walking toward Shadow Dragon Pool without another word.

Today, nobody will stop me from getting Phantom Grass from Shadow Dragon Pool!

The plant was her only hope of contending against the other treacherous members of the Hansley
family over the position of heir. If she failed to acquire the plant, she would no longer be able to stay in
the Hansley family.

However, as soon as she moved closer to Shadow Dragon Pool, Jonathan’s voice came through. “Hold
up. Did I allow you to go closer?”

“What do you mean?”

Hearing that, she stopped in her tracks and turned to look at him with a hint of rage in her eyes despite
having gone closer to Shadow Dragon Pool.

“As I said, you need to leave. Have you not heard me? Or did you assume that you weren’t
addressed?” Jonathan glanced at Cecilia nonchalantly.

“You don’t own Shadow Dragon Pool! What right do you have to make such a demand?” Cecilia was
infuriated the moment she heard him bark such an order so thoughtlessly.

Why? We found Shadow Dragon Pool together, so what right does he have to chase me away?

“I didn’t own it back then, but now I do! Can you get lost now?” Jonathan requested impatiently, not
intending to waste his time on the arrogant woman.


Irked by his words, Cecilia was panicking a little. Her chest was heaving as she protested, “Who do you
think you are? Why do you get to dictate ownership over the pool? I object to that!”

As soon as she said that, Shawn’s expression changed while still standing behind her.

You foolish woman! Don’t you understand the situation? Can’t you see that Jonathan is just
unreasonable? An army of five hundred was nothing to him. He just wiped them out like that! He even
killed that drug dealer! Compared to them, your status as the third daughter of the Hansley family from
Gronga means nothing! If you cross him, he’ll just shoot you dead!

“So what if you do not agree with my ways? I will not repeat myself. F*ck off!” Jonathan’s gaze became
chilly within an instant.

He added, “If I see you still loitering around after one minute, neither of you have to leave anymore!”


By the next instant, Cecilia’s eyes were red due to anger.

“Ms. Hansley, why are you still loitering about?” After Jonathan gave them the final warning, Shawn’s
expression changed as he hurried over to drag Cecilia away without another word.

I don’t want to be killed because of your foolishness!

“Unhand me!”

Even as Shawn forcefully dragged her away, Cecilia was still struggling with all her might.

“Ms. Hansley, are you nuts? Are you actually willing to lose your life here over some bullsh*t water?”
Shawn couldn’t help but roar when he saw how Cecilia refused to comply despite their dire

“I’m not crazy!”

Cecilia, who was starting to lose her grip, snapped back to her senses after Shawn yelled at her.

Jonathan could easily tell them to get lost, let alone kill them, at such a remote place, and nobody
would ever find out.

Yet, they couldn’t do anything about him.

“Mr. Jones, the reason I came to Shadow Dragon Pool isn’t that I’m after the water in it.” By that point,
she finally chose to tell the truth. “I’m actually after Phantom Grass, which grows around Shadow
Dragon Pool!”

“Phantom Grass? What is that?” A look of surprise fleeted across Shawn’s eyes when he heard that.

“It’s a medicinal herb,” Cecilia explained patiently.

She then continued, “Truth be told, my grandfather contracted a rare disease. It is only by using
Phantom Grass to enhance the medicine’s efficiency that he can be cured, so I must get it! If I don’t get
the grass, I won’t be able to cure my grandfather’s illness, which means the collaboration between the
Hansley family and the Jones family can only end here!”

F*cking hell! This woman sure is cunning!

Shawn almost lost his cool after listening to Cecilia’s explanation.

If it hasn’t come to this, this witch might continue to wrap me around her little finger! This isn’t a f*cking
collaboration, nor is it about the f*cking water. She freaking lied to me about everything!

“What do you suggest we do next, Ms. Hansley?” asked Shawn with a frown.

“Contact the Jones family immediately and have them send troops over here to occupy Shadow
Dragon Pool and arrest this unreasonable punk!” Cecilia’s gaze became chilly in an instant.
“Considering the crimes he had committed just now, I don’t think there’s a problem with sentencing him
to jail for a couple of years, is there?” said Cecilia.

“Of course not!”

Jonathan had committed murder just now, which warrants a lifelong prison sentence, more so when he
had killed so many people! There would be no qualms about sentencing him to capital punishment.

“So, what are you waiting for?” Cecilia glowered at Shawn. “Why aren’t you contacting the Jones
family? As soon as the Jones arrest this punk, we can proceed with the collaboration between the

Hansley family and the Jones family.”

“I’ll make the call right away!”

Immediately, Shawn took out his phone to dial a number, but Cecilia returned to Shadow Dragon Pool
yet again when he was making the call.

However, her attitude wasn’t as arrogant as before and was professional instead.

“Did you not hear what I said just now?” A look of impatience fleeted across Jonathan’s gaze when he
saw Cecilia returning to Shadow Dragon Pool once again.

He disliked hassles.

If that were to continue, he wouldn’t mind snuffing out the person who kept on giving him trouble.

“Mr. Goldstein, I didn’t come to pick a fight with you.” Compared to her previous cockiness, she had
humbled herself a lot. “I came to negotiate with you on behalf of the Hansley family.”

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