Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 351

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The Legendary Man

Drug Manufacturing Site

Within a short period of time, the hundreds of soldiers lost around a dozen of their comrades.

Facing the situation ahead, Arthur could no longer hold back his rage.

We have an army of several hundred people. How did Jonathan manage to kill more than ten of us in a
row? Besides, they didn’t even manage to lay a finger on him!

In a flash, Arthur was infuriated.

He ordered, “Get him! F*cking get him, all of you! Whoever dares to back down, I’ll shoot him dead!”

It was evident that the anger he had been suppressing in his heart was about to explode.

Once he gave his order, the soldiers raised their guns without delay and charged toward the place
Jonathan was hiding.

However, their surroundings were a pitch black forest.

They were certainly no match for Jonathan.

Before the soldiers could rush into the woods or even catch a glimpse of Jonathan, a loud bang was
heard. In the next second, a soldier collapsed to the ground.

Immediately after, another gunshot rang out even before the group of people could realize what was

Within moments, the whole forest became a one-sided onslaught.

Every time a soldier rushed in, they would not come out alive.

All of them perished without exception.

If there were not enough guns, Jonathan would pick them up from the ground; if there were insufficient
bullets, he would simply get another gun.

Jonathan was hiding deep in the woods. He was akin to the Grim Reaper from the underworld, who
kept waving his sickle and slashing it against the throats of those soldiers.

“Useless! You all are f*cking useless!” cursed Arthur furiously upon seeing his subordinates die in front
of him one after another.

Just as he was done yelling, the massacre began again.

In less than ten minutes, the hundreds of soldiers had been reduced to merely a dozen.

They were the last line of defense—the ones who did not dare to spearhead the attack.

Yet, if they acted like the hundreds of soldiers who charged toward the forest impulsively, they would
become the corpses that were lying on the ground at that moment.

“Commander, w-what should we do?” Staring at the bodies that were piled up like a mountain, the
remaining soldiers were so shocked that their legs became jelly.

I-Is he human? How did he kill hundreds of our men with a gun by himself to the point where we stand
no chance against him? He isn’t f*cking human. Rather, he’s the devil!

“What should we do? What can we even do right now? All of you, f*cking get him!” Seeing that the
soldiers, who were still alive, were scared out of their wits, Arthur, who stood behind them, shouted
angrily, “If any of you retreat, I’ll f*cking shoot you dead!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, he lifted his gun and opened fire on the ground behind where the
soldiers were standing.

It was obvious that whoever dared to take a step back would be killed by him.

“Go!” Arthur commanded.

Instantly, the remaining soldiers exchanged looks and gritted their teeth. They then rushed into the

However, just as they set foot near the forest, a series of gunshots reverberated. The next moment, a
few golden bullets went straight through their heads.

In a matter of seconds, the scene became a bloodbath.

Lying on the ground were the soldiers whose faces were covered with blood as their brains splattered

The horrifying sight in front made the young men and women, who were hiding from the mayhem,
nauseous. They threw up right after.

These young people who lived a privileged life surely had never witnessed such a scene.

With merely a glance at it, they started vomiting.

Less than ten minutes had passed, and only around six soldiers out of the hundreds from just now
were left alive.

Panic was written all over the faces of those soldiers, who were standing at the forest edge.

They did not have the courage to step forward or back down because they knew that they would die
either way.

Thus, since they could not make it out alive anyway, they decided to go all out against Jonathan.

All of a sudden, the soldiers lifted their submachine guns, preparing to fire them in the direction of the
forest. However, when they raised their weapons, gunshots sounded again. Before they could even pull
the trigger, their heads were already penetrated by golden bullets.

Just like that, hundreds of soldiers died on the spot.

Not a single one survived.

“I’ve said this before. Do you think ordinary people like you all can kill me? You seemed to have
underestimated me!” said Jonathan, slowly walking out of the woods as soon as the last few soldiers
fell to the ground.

There was not a trace of blood or a tiny bit of dirt on his body.

It seemed as if the unilateral killing had absolutely nothing to do with him.

“W-Who are you?” asked Arthur, his face turning pale when he saw Jonathan, who walked out of the

As much as a fool Arthur was, he could tell that Jonathan was clearly someone from a different world.

Being on his own while only using a gun, this man was able to brutally slaughter hundreds of my
soldiers until they had no strength to fight back. Is this something a normal human can do?

Even Arthur himself knew he would die going against hundreds of soldiers who were fully armed, let
alone an ordinary human.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. What’s important is that who gave you the audacity to form a private army
under the watch of Asura’s Office.” Glaring at Arthur, Jonathan walked toward the former and

continued, “Actually, I’m more curious about how many lives you all have that can be taken by Asura’s

“D-Don’t come any closer!” Liam was petrified as Jonathan came closer. The former stretched out his
arm, trying to whip out his gun.

Unfortunately, the moment his hands touched the holster, a gunshot was heard. A golden bullet had
pierced through Arthur’s hand before he could pull out his weapon.

“You’d better stay still. In this world, there’s no one who dares to use a gun under my nose,” said
Jonathan. With that, a loud bang sounded, and another golden bullet punctured Arthur’s right leg.


Arthur dropped to his knees in front of Jonathan right away.

“You shall answer what I ask you. If not, I can’t guarantee that the next bullet won’t go right through
your head!” threatened Jonathan menacingly.

Then, he shot a cold look at Arthur and proceeded to ask, “Who formed this private army?”

“It’s me. I did it!” answered Arthur honestly. Although he was overwhelmed with resentment, he was
held at gunpoint. Hence, he could only clench his jaw, lower his head, and give in.

“Are you not afraid of dying?” Jonathan continued to ask in an icy tone.

“Afraid? What’s there to be afraid of?” asked Arthur in return.

He then scoffed, “As a drug dealer, I know that this job is extremely dangerous. With every cent I make,
I have to put my life at risk!”

“You’re a drug dealer?” asked Jonathan in surprise when he heard those words.

Frowning, he added, “Are you saying that the village behind you is a drug manufacturing site?”

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