Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 348

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The Legendary Man


The further they walked, the darker it was.

They even met a thick fog when they walked deeper into the mountain.

Even the light from a torchlight wouldn’t be able to shine past the fog.

When they saw the thick fog, a lackey behind Shawn intended to turn back. “Mr. Jones, it’s impossible
for us to walk further up.”

It was because there wouldn’t be anyone around to hear their cries for help if they were lost in the

They didn’t want to gamble their lives away just because they had followed Shawn to hit on a woman.

Lifting his leg, Shawn kicked the lackey’s buttocks. “Stop the nonsense. Let’s continue!”

The force was enough to make the lackey nearly fall to the ground.

“Mr. Jones…”

He wanted to say something, but he stopped when he saw Shawn taking the torchlight and running into
the fog.

On the other hand, Jonathan wasn’t affected by the fog at all.

In the past, he had led soldiers into many battlefields. They even went into places much more
dangerous than the one he was currently in. Thus, he was not bothered by the fog.

“Mr. Jones, why is he not affected at all? Can it be that the fog only affects us and not him?” Even
though they were separated from Jonathan by the thick fog, they were able to feel that he was getting
further away from them.

It was as if he wasn’t affected at all.

“Stop the nonsense and follow him!” Shawn hurried to catch up with Jonathan. He was worried that
Jonathan would disappear the moment he slowed down.

The thick fog stretched for more than four kilometers.

They had been walking for almost an hour.

To Jonathan, the journey wasn’t hard. However, it nearly took the lives of the young people behind him.

The rich young men only wished to spend their money lavishly on women. When they wanted to go out
on normal occasions, they would choose to drive their car rather than walk. Moreover, they were lazy to
even go to the gym. Thus, they had never encountered a situation like this.

Shortly afterward, they were so tired that they were unable to lift their legs anymore.

As they couldn’t move anymore, it felt as if their legs were filled with lead.

“Mr. Jones, I can’t do it anymore. I really can’t walk.” At that time, Shawn’s lackey plopped onto the
ground. He didn’t want to move forward.

Do we still need to walk further? We’re so tired that we feel like dying now. If we continue like this, we
may just be dead before we can reach Shadow Dragon Pool.

“Even if you can’t do it, you have to force yourself. Do I look like I want to do it? Do you want to die in
this forsaken place? Listen to me. If you were to get lost in here, no one could save you.” Panting

heavily, Shawn tried to catch his breath. With a darkened face, he looked like he was about to end
someone’s life.

He was in deep regret as he thought of his previous action. It wasn’t worth being dead in the forsaken
place just because he wanted to hit on a woman.

“Hang in there. We’re going out of the fog soon,” Cecilia said while trying to catch her breath. She was
in the same situation as the group of men. No one was able to endure it anymore.

However, she clenched her teeth and was determined to finish it.

The reason for her to be in the country was to find Shadow Dragon Pool. The trip would be a waste of
time for her if she couldn’t find what she was looking for.

It wasn’t just about going back to Gronga in embarrassment. If she failed, she would no longer be the
daughter of the Hansley family.

She was worried that her grandfather would be sick. After all, the ungrateful people who had been
eagerly waiting to kick her out of the Hansley residence wouldn’t let her go off easily.

It was time to see whether she could survive the ordeal.

Under Shawn’s coercion and the threat of the impending death, his lackey gritted his teeth and
continued to move with them.

This time, they only had to walk for less than half an hour before finally coming out of the thick fog.

It was pitch black in front of them.

In fact, there was a slight eerie feeling to it.

Compared to the previous situation where they couldn’t see anything while being inside the thick fog,
the dark mountain was less intimidating to them.

Upon watching Jonathan walk out of the thick fog and continue to move forward, Shawn’s lackey
couldn’t help but blurt out, “Look at that man. Why isn’t he affected at all?”

They were so tired that they couldn’t feel their legs anymore. Nevertheless, Jonathan looked like
nothing had happened to him.

“Why do you care so much about him? It’s none of your business if he’s dead or alive.” Shawn was
unable to refrain from kicking his lackey’s buttock.

Is he looking down at me? Why does he keep praising that guy’s endurance in front of me?

As everyone was tired and panting heavily, they closed their eyes. However, Cecilia shouted all of a
sudden while pointing at a place in the distance. “Quick, take a look at that! What’s that in front of us?”

Upon hearing her words, they immediately lifted their head and looked in the direction she was

However, they didn’t see anything other than the darkness.

“What do you want to show us?” Shawn frowned.

Raising her brow, Cecilia said, “Can’t you see that the place is brightly lit? There’ll be people if there’s
light. If we can find some people there, perhaps they can tell us where Shadow Dragon Pool is.”

“Let’s go!”

The moment she had finished talking, Shawn felt his strength had come back to him all of a sudden.

Even if they couldn’t find Shadow Dragon Pool, they would be satisfied if they could find somewhere to
stay for the night.

All I have to do is pay them some money. I don’t want to spend the night in the wilderness. I might get
bitten by the mosquitoes if I were to sleep here for the whole night.

Having heard Shawn’s words, Francis hesitated. “Mr. Jones, it doesn’t look like people are staying in
this forsaken place. What if there’s danger…”

It’s impossible for people to live in this forsaken and scary place. Even if there are some people who
live here, they won’t be an ordinary bunch of people.

Upon hearing his words, Shawn’s face darkened immediately. “Nonsense! We’re in Jipsdale. So what if
there’s danger around? If they dare to offend me, I can end their lives with just one call.”

“That’s right. Mr. Jones is here with us. What are you afraid of?” Deciding not to heed Francis’ warning,
the lackeys behind Shawn rolled their eyes.

Without a second thought, they walked even faster. They wanted to catch up with Jonathan.

As a matter of fact, they weren’t the only people who saw the light. Jonathan saw it as well.

He had seen it right at the moment he walked out of the thick fog.

Why is there a light in this dark and forsaken mountain?

With a frown on his face, Jonathan walked in the direction of the light.

Not long after, he realized that it was getting brighter. At the same time, it caused his frown to deepen.

When he was a few meters away from the light, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

His instinct told him that there was danger in front of him.

It was just as he had expected.

When Jonathan crept up and got closer to the light, he noticed that it wasn’t just an ordinary light.

There were many lights. It caused the village to be brightly lit.

It was as if they were in the broad of daylight.

Meanwhile, many soldiers were guarding the four corners of the village.

All of them wore green camouflage uniforms. With guns in their hand, they kept looking around warily.

Behind the group of soldiers, Jonathan realized there were many military tanks. At that moment, the
cannon barrels were pointing in every direction.

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