Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 347

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The Legendary Man

The Furious Shawn

“I don’t consume alcohol!”

Jonathan rejected with a flat tone

He didn’t have the intention to take the wine glass.

At Jonathan’s words, Shawn’s face immediately sank. “What do you mean?”

How dare someone refuses my offer in Jipsdale?

“Didn’t I make myself clear enough?” Jonathan glanced at Shawn coldly. “I told you, I don’t drink

“It seems like you don’t know the rules here!” Suddenly, Shawn stood up abruptly.

His eyes were cold, and his words seemed threatening.

“I’ve never met someone in Jipsdale who dares disrespect me!” Shawn looked toward Jonathan with an
icy expression. Then, he said, “I’ll finish my glass of wine. As for you, you can drink as you wish!”

After finishing the sentence, Shawn raised his wine glass and swallowed the content.

Bang! Shawn smashed the glass of red wine. It turned into powder after falling to the ground.

It was apparent that Shawn was infuriated.

He was trying to use his actions to express his anger.

“I suggest you quickly finish your wine. Nobody in Jipsdale dares offend Mr. Jones. Do you not want to
continue living in Jipsdale in the future?” Francis noticed that Shawn was furious. Thus, he immediately
shot a meaningful glance at Jonathan.

One has to keep their head down under someone else’s roof. Jipsdale is the Jones family’s territory. If
you don’t respect him, it will also mean that you’re disrespecting the Jones family. Do you think you can
leave Jipsdale in one piece if you offend the Jones family?

“To me, he’s a nobody!” Jonathan still rejected without hesitation.

Why should I show respect? He’s merely the spoiled heir to the Jones family. How dare he force me to
do so? Even if the most powerful man in Jipsdale stands before me, does he have the guts to make me
honor him?

“Hey, I’ll ask you one last time. Are you going to drink it or not?” Right now, Shawn’s face was
extremely dark.

If they weren’t in a desolate place that had nobody around, Shawn would’ve already ordered someone
to break Jonathan’s leg.

In Jipsdale, a person who embarrassed Shawn would be similar to seeking death.

“I’ve said it again and again. I don’t take alcohol. Do you not understand my words?” A cold glint
flashed across Jonathan’s eyes.

In that instant, the onlookers fell silent.

Everyone looked at Jonathan as if he was an idiot.

How arrogant! I can’t believe this brat is so full of himself! Nobody in Jipsdale dares speak to Mr. Jones
in that way. Is he trying to find death?

As the atmosphere became tenser, Francis quickly came forward to smooth things out. “Mr. Jones,
calm down. I’ll drink the glass of wine on behalf of him!”

With that, Francis downed his wine in one gulp. “Mr. Jones, cheers!”

While speaking, Francis purposely turned the wine glass upside down to show Shawn that he had
finished the content in the glass.

Unfortunately, Francis’ actions didn’t dissipate Shawn’s anger. Instead, the latter became more
infuriated. He glared at Francis viciously and scolded, “Get lost! Who do you think you are? What
makes you think you’re worthy enough to help him finish his wine?”

With that said, Shawn turned toward Jonathan. With a threatening tone, he said, “Hey, you sure have
some guts. When we get out of this damned place, I’ll get you for this!”

After finishing his sentence, Shawn kicked the napkin in front of him and yelled, “Why are you guys still
eating? Everyone, get up immediately! Let’s continue our journey!”

“Yes, Mr. Jones!”

Upon hearing Shawn’s orders, his subordinates and followers were so afraid they immediately got up
and packed their stuff without a word.

As for Francis, he looked at Jonathan awkwardly. At that moment, Francis couldn’t help but shake his
head and sigh.

This time, it was apparent that Shawn held a grudge against Jonathan.

All the citizens in Jipsdale knew that Shawn was a vengeful person.

At that moment, even Cecilia stared at Jonathan with a shocked expression as a trace of surprise
flashed across her eyes.

She knew how powerful the Jones family was. Hence, even she dared not provoke the members of the

Besides disrespecting Shawn, I can’t believe this guy has the guts to ignore Shawn’s threats. From
where did he get the confidence? Doesn’t he know how strong the Jones family is in Jipsdale?

“I guess he is acting this way because he’s young and reckless. Moreover, I don’t think he knows how
influential these families are!” Cecilia shook her head and thought of Jonathan as a young and
immature snob.

She didn’t care about Jonathan’s safety after leaving this godforsaken place.

What does a stranger’s life have to do with me?

In her eyes, there was a big gap between Jonathan and her. It was as if she was a mythical being that
would soar in the sky while Jonathan would only be an earthworm crawling on the ground. That was
the vast difference between them.

She was sure that after exiting this terrible place, she would never have any interactions with Jonathan.

Thus, there was no reason for her to interfere with the matter.

Not long after, the group of people continued to rush toward their destination.

Sadly, after the quarrel between Jonathan and Shawn, the group of young people dared not get any
closer to Jonathan. Instead, they would keep their distance from Jonathan. Especially Francis, who had

previously taken the initiative to make friends with Jonathan. Right now, Francis would stay as far away
as possible from Jonathan.

It was as if he was worried that Jonathan would bring him into a mess.

However, Jonathan wasn’t bothered by their actions.

Jonathan thought it was better for them to distance themselves from him. The further they were, the
less trouble they would cause him.

Time flew by, and an hour had passed in the blink of an eye.

The sky gradually darkened.

The pitch-black forest fell silent. Occasionally, one would hear the hissing sound of a venomous snake
that would make a person feel chills down the spine.

Whenever the howling sound of a wolf sounded, Shawn would hurriedly turn on his flashlight.

Instantly, a beam of light shone across the dark sky in the forest.

“Mr. Jones, should we continue moving forward?” One of Shawn’s followers who was behind him felt
uncomfortable. It was apparent that the bunch of silver-spoon kids had never encountered a situation
like this.

Since youth, they had never even farmed. Needless to say, they wouldn’t come to a place so eerie and

“Of course. Why shouldn’t we?” Jonathan snorted when he heard the words of the follower who walked
behind him. Then, with a disdainful expression, he glanced at Jonathan, who was in front of them. “He

isn’t afraid to walk alone. As we have a group of people heading toward the destination together, why
should we be scared?”

“But, Mr. Jones—”

“No more buts! Keep moving forward!” Shawn interrupted his follower’s words furiously.

Even though Shawn was afraid, he still had to suppress his feelings because Jonathan was ahead of

When compared to the cowardly rich kids, Cecilia seemed more natural and calmer. When all of them
refused to walk in the front, she was the one who led the way.

“Mr. Jones, we should hurry up. If not, we would be a joke if that person arrived at Shadow Dragon
Pool before us!”

The person she was referring to was, of course, Jonathan.

Cecelia could tell Shawn wasn’t happy after Jonathan had disrespected him just now.

“Let’s go!” Shawn’s face darkened as he ran forward immediately.

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