Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 345

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The Legendary Man

Shadow Dragon Pool

“We’ve found something!”

Hearing Jonathan’s words, Hades quickly caught up with him. “I found a place called Shadow Dragon
Pool a while ago. I think it’s related to the secret scroll that you wanted to find!”

“Shadow Dragon Pool?” Jonathan slightly frowned when he heard this. “Where is it?”

“It’s in Jipsdale, not too far away from Yaleview.” As he said this, Hades hesitated a while before
continuing, “But I can’t guarantee that Shadow Dragon Pool is related to the secret scroll that you want
to find. I just heard the elderly there say that a legendary expert once appeared there before. The scroll
that he used for his cultivation just happened to be the Shadow Dragon Technique!”

“The Shadow Dragon Technique?”

That name didn’t seem to have any relation to the technique he was cultivating. The scroll that he had
gotten back then was called the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

However, he only had the first half of it.

As of then, the second half was still yet to be found.

Nonetheless, as long as there was a slim chance that it was related to the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique, there was no way that he would give up on this rare opportunity.

After all, he had already spent three whole years looking for the second half of the Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique.

“I think it’s called the Shadow Dragon Technique. But you do know that those elderly only got this
information from hearsay. As for the legendary expert, even they themselves don’t know who it is!”
Hades felt helpless as he continued, “Mr. Goldstein, if you do want to go, why don’t I send someone to
go along with you?”

“There’s no need for that.”

Jonathan shook his head. “Send me the address. I’ll go there myself.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein.”

Once he finished his words, Hades casually waved his hand, and a soldier stepped forward behind

The soldier then passed a hand-drawn map to Hades.

“Mr. Goldstein, I got a local to draw this map for me when I was there. There might be some
inaccuracies, but there shouldn’t be a major problem.”

As he said that, Hades passed the hand-drawn map to Jonathan.

“Is this a map?” Jonathan instantly furrowed his brows when he saw the map.

How could this be a map? This is clearly just some scribbles!

The red lines and countless squiggly black lines just seemed like a mess.

“I didn’t have any other choice. No one had ever been there. Even the locals there said that they only
heard their elders mention it.” Hades seemed slightly awkward. “Besides, I’ve heard that many people
died there before. Perhaps the legendary expert set some trap inside it. As long as someone

trespassed inside, the trap would be set off. But this is all just some rumors. Who would ever believe
such superstition in the modern era?”

Hades didn’t believe a single word about the traps and protective formations.

In the modern era, no one would do something so superstitious and traditional.

“Forget about the map. I’ll look for it myself.” Jonathan tossed the scribbled map to Hades. He then
headed outside.

“Mr. Goldstein, do you need me to send someone to go with you?” Hades shouted as he followed
behind Jonathan.

“There’s no need.”

Without turning back, Jonathan walked out.

A few hours later, Jonathan exited the train station at Jipsdale.

As Yaleview was near Jipsdale, it wouldn’t even take him half an hour, especially if he went by train.

“Handsome, do you need a place to stay? Our hotel is very cheap. It only costs one hundred a night!”
The moment Jonathan walked out of the train station, a middle-aged woman dressed conservatively
rushed up to him. “Besides, we also have young girls at our hotel who are good at singing, playing
instruments, and everything else. It only costs five hundred a night!”

“Get out of my way!” Jonathan frowned once he heard this.

What era are we living in? How are there still pimps acting so brazenly at train stations? How are they
openly asking for customers from passing passengers at the entrance of the train station? Do the
officials in Jipsdale not care about any of this?

“Hmph. Just say it if you don’t want to. What’s with the attitude?” Seeing that Jonathan’s expression
had darkened, the middle-aged woman glared at him annoyedly and turned to walk away. As she did
so, she even grumbled, “He’s dressed so decently, and I thought that he was some rich man. I didn’t
expect that he wouldn’t even be able to afford a one-night stay worth five hundred! What a broke loser.
Pfft! Just my luck.”

The middle-aged woman spat out a mouthful of saliva huffily before rushing over to a balding middle-
aged man behind Jonathan.

After a few words, the man hurried after the middle-aged woman as they headed toward a small hotel.

Jonathan didn’t even have to think about what would happen inside.

Besides him having sex, there was nothing else that could happen.

After a while, Jonathan followed along the path according to the map in his memory and headed toward
Shadow Dragon Pool.

After walking for about four hours straight, he finally stopped at what looked to be a deserted

However, he was surprised to find a group of young men and women dressed fashionably in the
wilderness. At a glance, they seemed to have no relation to such a remote place.

Just as Jonathan looked at them, the group also turned to look at him.

However, Jonathan only ignored them and continued on his journey.

As he walked forward, it wasn’t long before he reached a mountain range.

The landscape of mountains seemed to go on for hundreds of miles.

The dense foliage on the mountains also made it seem exceptionally eerie.

Just as Jonathan was about to head up the mountain, the group of young men and women behind him
suddenly rushed up to him. One of the young men who looked slightly older looked at Jonathan and
asked, “Are you also going to Shadow Dragon Pool?”

“Do you know Shadow Dragon Pool as well?”

Jonathan instantly frowned when he heard the man mention Shadow Dragon Pool.

Never would he expect that the group of young people was also looking for Shadow Dragon Pool.

“Of course we do!” Upon hearing Jonathan’s question, the young man hurriedly responded. “We came
here just to look for Shadow Dragon Pool!”

“What are you going to do there?” Jonathan asked with a slight frown.

“We’re going to Shadow Dragon Pool to look for the spring water deep inside the pool. We want to use
that spring water to make a new type of mineral water. It’s just like Watson’s sparkling water and Evian
mineral water.” The young man told him their motive without hesitation. He then turned to the young
woman beside him, who was dressed fashionably and looked to be of mixed blood. This is the third
daughter of the Hansley family. I came here with her to look for the deep spring water!”

“Francis, why are you telling a stranger so much?” Upon hearing the man’s words, the young woman,
also known as Cecilia Hansley, frowned slightly, seeming rather displeased.

“Ms. Hansley, it’s better to gain more friends anyway. Besides, it isn’t a bad thing to have another
companion in a gloomy place like this, isn’t it?” The man chuckled as he said that and turned to
Jonathan. “Why are you going to Shadow Dragon Pool then?”

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