Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 346

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The Legendary Man

The Hansley Family Of Gronga

“I’m only taking a look around,” Jonathan responded casually.

Taking a look around? What’s there to see at a place like this?

They were at an eerie place in the middle of nowhere. If it weren’t for Cecilia, the young man might not
have come here even if he was given a million.

“Could you be here on an adventure?” Francis Collins, the young man, glanced at Jonathan. “I heard
that there have been quite a few adventure streamers who like coming to spooky places like these to
conduct live streams. Could you be one of them?”

“You can say that!”

Jonathan couldn’t be bothered with them. He gave them a casual nod and proceeded on his journey.

Just as he was about to continue walking, Francis stopped him once again. “Since we’ve already met,
why don’t we go together? At least you’ll have someone to look out for you on your journey.”

“Francis, what are you doing?” Cecilia furrowed her brows after hearing this. “Why are you bringing him

“Ms. Hansley, I’m afraid we won’t be able to find Shadow Dragon Pool on our own by the time it gets
dark. Just look at this man. He has a clear goal, and it’s obvious that he’s someone who often goes on
adventures. With him leading the way, I’m sure he’ll save us from going on the wrong path!”

Once he finished speaking, Francis turned toward Jonathan. “What do you say? We can even give you
a reward for it if you want. Just name your price.”

“There’s no need for a reward. Just don’t cause any trouble.” The moment he finished his words,
Jonathan continued walking.

To Jonathan, it made no difference if they tagged along or not.

It was fine as long as they didn’t cause any trouble for him.


A young man who was evidently of the highest status in the group scoffed at Jonathan’s words and
pursed his lips. “We won’t know for sure who’ll be the one causing trouble.”

“Let’s go, Ms. Hansley.”

With that, the few of them hurried after Jonathan.

Along the way, it seemed as if Jonathan was in a different world from them.

After walking for an entire hour, he hadn’t spoken a single word.

On the other hand, the group of young men and women seemed relaxed.

It was especially the case for the man who seemed to be of the highest status as he constantly tried to
butter up Cecilia.

“Ms. Hansley, are you hungry? Would you like something to eat? I brought some food along with me
and even specially brought a few bottles of red wine. Would you like to try some?”

As he spoke, he signaled to Francis, who was behind him.

Francis instantly understood his intentions.

He started hitting his legs and added, “Exactly. We’ve already walked for so long, and it’s starting to get
dark. Why don’t we get some rest?”

“Mr. Jones, I’m afraid it’s really going to get dark if we don’t hurry.” Although Cecilia was full of disdain
toward Shawn Jones, the young man, she still pretended to be in a difficult spot and whined, “By then,
I’m afraid that we won’t even be able to find a place in this dark, creepy place to stay!”

After all, she had no other option as Jipsdale was Shawn’s territory.

Otherwise, there was no way that she would care about others as the reputable third daughter of the
Hansley family.

“With me here, what’s there to be afraid of?” Shawn replied with a casual wave of his hand. “Besides,
even if we do meet with some danger, there’s nothing that I can’t solve with a phone call. Who would
dare to offend the Jones family in Jipsdale?”

“Exactly. Since Mr. Jones has said it, Ms. Hansley, why don’t we take a break here?” Francis hurriedly
seized the opportunity and chimed in.

It was evident that besides Cecilia, Shawn was the only other one with the most influence in the group.

“All right. Let’s take a break then.” Although she sounded like she was rather reluctant, Cecilia
eventually nodded in agreement.

After hearing Cecilia heave a sigh, Shawn snapped his fingers, and the subordinates behind them
immediately started setting the place up.

Within minutes, the previously messy grass patch now had red wine, steak, and other cooked food
placed on top of it.

At that moment, Francis turned to Jonathan. “Do you want some?”

“No, thanks.”

Jonathan shook his head.

Since he didn’t even know them, there was no way that he would eat their food.

“We’ve been walking for so long. You must be hungry too, aren’t you?” Although Jonathan had already
declined his offer, Francis still reached out and passed a piece of steak to Jonathan. “Eat some to fill
your stomach. We don’t know how far Shadow Dragon Pool is. What if we can’t even find it by sunrise?
Then won’t you have to starve until morning?”

“You guys can go ahead.”

Jonathan didn’t take over the piece of steak from Francis. Instead, he casually found a rock nearby, sat
down, and lit a cigarette.

Based on his memory of the hand-drawn map, Shadow Dragon Pool was somewhere around there.

However, there weren’t any markings on its specific location on the scribbled map.

Upon seeing how adamantly Jonathan rejected him, Francis didn’t continue insisting.

The group of them then sat down and started eating. After a short while, Cecilia took the initiative to
raise her glass and turned to Shawn. “Our trip to Jipsdale this time is all thanks to Mr. Jones. If we can
establish our mineral water factory, Mr. Jones will be our biggest contributor. Here’s to you, Mr. Jones.”

With that, Cecilia lifted her crystal wine glass and downed the wine in one gulp.

Shawn was slightly taken aback by this.

Ever since they came to Jipsdale, Cecilia had always been indifferent toward him. Even if he initiated a
conversation with her, she still couldn’t care less about him.

But now, not only was Cecilia taking the initiative to make a toast to him, she was even saying that he
was the biggest contributor.

Without hesitation, Shawn raised his glass and downed his wine in one gulp as well. “That’s too kind of
you, Ms. Hansley. It’s my pleasure to be of your service. If you need anything in the future, feel free to
ask me. Although I can’t guarantee what would happen elsewhere, no one dares to go against my
words in Jipsdale!”

“Thank you, Mr. Jones.” Cecilia lowered her head slightly. As she had just drunk a glass of wine, her
cheeks were slightly flushed.

Under the dark sky, she seemed even more alluring.

As Shawn looked at her, he couldn’t help but gulp when she lowered her head.

“Young man, although I don’t know your name, since we’ve already met, let’s have a drink together.”

As he said that, Shawn glanced at Jonathan casually before signaling to Francis.

At Shawn’s signal, Francis immediately understood and poured a glass of red wine for Jonathan.
“Hurry and give a toast to Mr. Jones,” he whispered.

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