Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 344

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The Legendary Man

All Must Die

“All right. Stop lowering your heads. All of you, lift your heads now!” Upon hearing Jonathan’s scolding,
all Dragon Scale Guards’ soldiers lifted their heads and straightened their backs.

They faced Jonathan with the most standard military posture.

“Did you guys hear what they said just now?” Jonathan glanced at Dragon Scale Guards nonchalantly.
“You’ve used your blood and lives to trade this champion. Not long after this, you’ll be following Andy to
attack West Region! We don’t know how this battle will end! Maybe some among you might be buried
forever in that desolate place. Tell me. Are you afraid?”

“No!” All the soldiers from Dragon Scale Guards responded simultaneously with rage.

There wasn’t a single trace of fear in their eyes.

From the day when they chose to join Dragon Scale Guards, they had already disregarded the issue of
life and death.

In other words, from that day onward, their lives didn’t belong to them anymore but to this country.

They belonged to Asura’s Office.

“That’s more like the army that I’ve trained!” Jonathan scanned them with a stern look. “Remember. We
must win this battle no matter what! If you lose, I won’t recognize you as my army anymore! Do you

“Yes, chief instructor!” the soldiers of Dragon Scale Guards shouted wrathfully once again.

Even though they had found out that Jonathan was the legendary Asura, in their hearts, the latter
would always be their chief instructor.

“Take your trophy with you. I’ll be waiting for your return!” Jonathan lifted the trophy and handed it into
Bloody Slayer’s hand.

At that moment, all the eyes of Dragon Scale Guards’ soldiers lit up.

They had been waiting for this day for three years full.

Finally, it came true.

“Chief instructor, could we take a photo with you before leaving?” A while later, Bloody Slayer carried
two champion’s trophies and stood in front of Jonathan. He lowered his head slightly as though he was

His previous fighting stance was nowhere to be seen.


Jonathan shook his head. “I never take a photo of myself! However, if you guys successfully come back
from West Region alive, I might make an exception!”

“Yes, chief instructor!”

The second Bloody Slayer heard Jonathan’s words, he straightened back and exclaimed, “We’ll come
back from West Region alive!”

The next second, Bloody Slayer turned around and stared at Dragon Scale Guards. “Everyone, listen
up! Turn around and march!”

As soon as he gave his command, Dragon Scale Guards immediately marched out of the venue.

In less than ten minutes, only Jonathan, Hades, and the rest were left in the previously noisy venue.

After those soldiers left the scene, Jonathan lit up a cigarette casually and glanced at Hades. “Before
this, I asked you to help me look into Hunters Guild. How is it going?”

“It’s almost done!”

Hades furrowed his brows. “Hunters Guild is an illegal organization formed by some wealthy
businessmen in Gronga colluding with some foreign terrorist forces! Hunters Guild in Gronga is merely
a branch! According to my investigation, Hunters Guild has more than fifty thousand members in
Gronga alone, and the number is still growing. Overseas, its members have even reached over a
million! This organization is good at brainwashing. People with weak wills will easily be brainwashed by
them and become cannon fodders for them. Overseas, it has organized several terrorist attacks till
now. Other than that, it is said that they are close with the assassination organizations of the Dark

Pausing for a few seconds, Hades continued, “Besides that, several terrorist attacks overseas a few
years back all showed traces of Hunters Guild! I fear that Hunters Guild in Gronga might not be as
simple as it seems. Most probably, the purpose they set up a branch in Gronga is to plan terrorist
attacks on our mainland!”

“Did you find out who’s the person in charge of Hunters Guild in Gronga?” Jonathan furrowed his

“Yes, I did!”

Hades nodded. “He’s a foreigner named Waxon, and he lives permanently abroad. He’d only come
back to Gronga once in a while. Most of the time, he remotely commands the actions of Hunters Guild
in Gronga!”

“A foreigner?” Jonathan frowned slightly. “Don’t they have any local person in charge?”

“They should have, but I haven’t found out who that is!” Hades lowered his head. “I didn’t have much
time. Plus, you know Gronga has always been beyond our Asura’s Office’s control! Sometimes, there
are things that even the network of Asura’s Office can’t find out in such a short time!”

“Continue to investigate. Report to me right away if you find anything!” Jonathan exclaimed sternly.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Hades nodded and glanced at Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, why would you be interested in Hunters Guild
all of a sudden? They merely have some influence in Gronga. They don’t have any place on our

Gronga might not be within Asura’s Office’s control, but the mainland is our territory! Even the biggest
illegal organization won’t be able to make a wave on the mainland, let alone Hunters Guild!

As a matter of fact, any organization would immediately be destroyed if they tried to create a fuss on
the mainland.

They wouldn’t have a single chance to grow here.

Maybe Hunters Guild was considered a big organization in Gronga, but their existence wasn’t even
worth mentioning in Chanaea.

If Jonathan gave a command, the eight Kings of War could lead a hundred thousand troops and
destroy Hunters Guild at any time.

In truth, the insignificant size of Hunters Guild didn’t deserve Jonathan’s attention at all.

“You don’t have to worry about the reason. Just do as I say and look into it!” At that instant, Jonathan’s
gaze turned utterly cold.

I don’t want to destroy them. That would be too merciful for them!

Not only did he want to destroy Hunters Guild, but he also wanted to find out the man who
assassinated Daniel back then.

I don’t care who they are. Anyone who’s related to the assassination must all die!

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Hades immediately shut his mouth, not daring to
utter another word.

As the head of the Eight Kings of War of Asura’s Office, Hades was second only to Jonathan. He knew
perfectly well when to ask a question and when not to.

In fact, minding his words was the very first lesson he learned when he joined Asura’s Office.

As Jonathan reached the entrance of the venue, he suddenly halted in his tracks. Turning around, he
asked, “By the way, what about the secret scroll that I asked you guys to investigate?”

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