Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 343

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The Legendary Man

All Hail Asura

“Mr. Goldstein, you’ve been watching for a long time. How long more do you plan on watching?” Hades,
the King of War, asked in a low voice. Jonathan immediately became the center of attention, attracting
everyone’s eyes, the second Hades spoke.

Jonathan Goldstein?

Mr. Goldstein?


Upon hearing what Hades said, all the soldiers of Dragon Scale Guards were shocked and looked at
Jonathan, who was in the corner, in disbelief.

The chief instructor is Asura?

How is this possible?

Isn’t he the chief instructor of Dragon Scale Guards? How is he the legendary Asura?

“You sure have a lot to say!”

Jonathan glared at him angrily. The next moment, he got up and walked toward the podium.

He originally planned to leave after watching the competition quietly. However, unexpectedly, Hades
blatantly blew his cover.

Just as Jonathan stepped onto the podium, Hades suddenly took a step backward. With a thud, he
kneeled in front of Jonathan.

“I, Hades, from Asura’s Office, hail to Asura!”

Hades’ loud explosive voice resonated through the air.

The moment his voice sounded, the seven King of War behind him kneeled on the spot almost

“I, Zachary, the Vanquisher King of War, hail to Asura!”

“I, Dorian, the Excalibur King of War, hail to Asura!”

“I, Terrence, the Cardinal King of War, hail to Asura!”

“I, Kane, the Thunder King of War, hail to Asura!”

“I, Andy, from the Asura’s Office, hail to Asura!”

“Asura’s Office…”

The Eight Kings of War, with no exceptions, all kneeled in front of Jonathan as they faced him.

Suddenly, the room froze in thunderstruck silence.

As they witnessed the scene in front of them, countless soldiers froze on the spot as their minds went

They were the Eight Kings of War.

Each of them held far more influence than anyone could ever compare.

Their influence and power spanned the entirety of Chanaea.

But now, they were all publicly kneeling in front of Jonathan.

A scene like that would go down in history forever.

“Divine Dragon Guards!”

“Dragon Scale Guards!”

“Eagle Dragon Guards!”

“Anima Dragon Guards!”

“Fang Dragon Guards!”

“The eight teams of Asura Guards, hail to Asura!”

After the Eight Kings of War kneeled, the eight Asura Guards followed closely and kneeled to the
ground without hesitation.

“Hail to Asura!”

Shortly after, all soldiers under the eight Asura Guards instantly dropped their knees to the ground,
greeting Asura.

“All of you may rise!”

Jonathan waved his hand lightly. The second the Eight Kings of War heard Jonathan’s words, they
immediately got up.

Just as he got up, Zachary, the Vanquisher King of War, couldn’t help but be the first to speak. “Mr.
Goldstein, what did Andy do to persuade you? I can’t believe you personally gave special training to
those Dragon Scale Guards brats.”

Having fought countless battles by Jonathan’s side, Zachary was well aware of what his character was.

Andy must’ve had paid a heavy price for him to train them personally.

“It wasn’t special training. I only did it because Andy agreed to one of my conditions,” Jonathan replied

“What is it?” Zachary probed.

“After the live-fire drill, he’ll personally lead 100 thousand soldiers to attack West Region. If he fails to
take over West Region within a month, he’ll have to come to see me with his head severed.”

Jonathan took a look at Zachary and continued, “In exchange, I’ll give good training to those
unsatisfactory brats of Dragon Scale Guards. Don’t you think it’s a good deal?”

A gleam of disbelief flashed through Zachary’s eyes when he heard the condition. “Leading 100
thousand soldiers to attack West Region? Moreover, having to take over West Region within a month?”

West Region was one of the most dominant countries among all the other powerful countries in
Southeast Aploth.

Its land was vast, with millions of soldiers under its command.

Even when compared to a present major country, West Region wouldn’t fall short.

Also, many mega-powerful countries were behind it, secretly providing it with the latest weapons and
significant financial assistance.

It meant that fighting against the West Region was tantamount to indirectly fighting those mega-
powerful countries.

Nobody except Asura had personally led a troop to attack West Region for the past hundred years.

Now, Andy had to fight against West Region with merely 100 thousand soldiers with him.

Isn’t he just courting death?

“This is insane, Andy. Have you gone mad? Do you know how many soldiers West Region has? Do
you know how many new weapons they have secretly? How dare you attack it with a mere 100
thousand soldiers? Do you have a death wish?” In an instant, Zachary couldn’t help but yell at Andy.

Zachary watched Andy work his way up step by step. From a recruit, the latter worked hard to become
one of the King of War of Asura’s Office.

Although they had the same status, in his eyes, Andy was just another kid who hadn’t fully grown up

“I’m not crazy!”

After hearing Zachary’s words, Andy looked indifferent. “It’s just West Region. So what if it has millions
of soldiers under its command? So what if it has weapons secretly provided by the mega-powerful
countries? I’ll take them down! If I fail to take over West Region within a mouth, I, Andy Morsley, will
see all of you will my head severed.”

Andy looked determined to win against West Region.

After all, he thought the worst-case scenario was to die.

As a Chanaea man, he was born into the world and knew he would die one day eventually. However,
he had never been afraid before.

It didn’t matter if it was West Region or a mega-powerful country.

If they dared to challenge Chanaea, then they would perish.

“This is madness. You’re out of your mind,” Zachary yelled angrily.

Before Zachary could say something else, Jonathan cut in with a stern voice, “That’s enough. Shut the
hell up! If there’s anything else you want to say, do it after the award ceremony. Now’s the award
ceremony for the live-fire drill, not the time for you to argue!”

Frightened, Zachary hurriedly closed his mouth shut, not daring to say another word after hearing
Jonathan’s reprimand.

When the hall was quiet, Jonathan lifted the championship trophy on the podium and slowly walked
toward Dragon Scale Guards. “I told you before that the result was clear the second I came to Dragon
Scale Guards. You didn’t believe what I said, did you? What about now?”

“Yes. We believe now!” The faces of the soldiers of Dragon Scale Guards turned red after they heard
what Jonathan said. They dared not look directly at Jonathan, who was in front of them.

They still remembered how they looked down on Jonathan when he had just arrived at Dragon Scale
Guards and how badly they treated Jonathan.

As they thought of the sarcastic remarks they had made behind Jonathan’s back, they wished to slap

He’s Asura! Countless soldiers had never gotten the chance to see his face even once in their entire
lifetime. As for us? We almost drove him away.

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