Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 342

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The Legendary Man

Double Victory

“Yes!” As per the order, one of the guards immediately stepped forward and made the announcement.
Dragon Scale Guards, who were already halfway across the room, instantly halted in their steps.
Bewilderment filled their faces.

The award ceremony was temporarily canceled?

Just as they tried to process the information, another announcement came. “The individual tournament
will proceed on time. It’ll take place in an hour.”

The moment the news was announced, it also signified that the next battle would soon begin.

However, they would no longer be grouped into teams for this round. It would be a test of strength
among individuals.

Their opponent could be from a different team, or it could even be their own team member. Their
opponent could be the comrade who had previously saved their lives on the battlefield.

However, upon hearing the details, the eight teams of Asura Guards didn’t falter. Although their bodies
were riddled with wounds and were caked in dirt, they were eager to participate.

This was because the next battle would not just bring glory to their team, but it would also bring glory to
them as individuals.

An hour passed in the blink of an eye.

Soon, it was time for the individual tournament.

The rules of the individual tournament were simple. They would fight against each other in pairs until
the top ten were determined. Then, they would continue to be pitted against each other until they had
the top three winners.

Among the three finalists, the last person left standing would be tonight’s champion.

However, an hour’s time appeared to be insufficient for the eight teams of Asura Guards who had just
emerged from a fierce battle.

Alas, there was nothing that could be done. They just had to be soldiers who constantly challenged the
brink of their own limits.

The individual tournaments were far more exciting than the team tournaments. However, Jonathan
continued to be disinterested.

The results were already predetermined, so what’s there to be excited for?

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, the soldiers continued to fight each other viciously.

It was a hot-blooded scene that a man wouldn’t dare miss, for this was a group of soldiers that had
abnormal levels of testosterone.

It was a tournament that was more glorious than any other in the world.

“Bloody Slayer, don’t force yourself!” On the battlefield, Bloody Slayer had long since been bruised and

He had no idea if he was lucky or unlucky. Bloody Slayer had gone up for his first match, only to come
face to face with the winner of the previous individual bout, Skyrise.

“I can keep going,” Bloody Slayer said as he wiped the blood on his face. He then rushed forward
fiercely. “Sh*t! I’ll even be the victor tonight!”

His fist flew just as he finished speaking,

Countless similar scenes played out throughout the battlefield.

Almost every single soldier refused to give up. They were all determined not to admit defeat.

They refused to surrender.

For them, surrendering and admitting defeat was a worse fate than being killed.

They would rather die than surrender. This notion was deeply engraved in their genes.

“These punks are finally acting like men!” Patrick’s eyes reddened as he watched the fights play out on
a humongous screen from outside the battlefield.

Currently, it was as if the soldiers from Dragon Scale Guards on the field were possessed by the
Demonic Terminator.

They didn’t flinch, nor did they back away.

They rushed forward and killed continuously.

They got up when they fell.

If they were hurt, they just gritted their teeth and pushed on.

As long as they held onto the tiniest shred of consciousness, they had to kill until the very end.

The individual tournament lasted for a very long time.

It wasn’t until two to three hours later did it finally come to an end.

“The winner of the individual tournament tonight is Bloody Slayer, a member of Dragon Scale Guards!”
The moment Hades declared the winner, everyone present erupted in excitement.

In that instant, all gazes were focused on Bloody Slayer.

However, Bloody Slayer only stood there dumbfoundedly.

His face was caked with mud and dust, and his entire body was covered with blood.

Bloody Slayer couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

Did I hear that right? Did I win?

Not only did Dragon Scale Guards take the overall championship from Divine Dragon Guards, but they
also managed to wrest the individual tournament from the remaining seven teams of Asura Guards.

It was a double victory.

Dragon Scale Guards had obtained a double victory.

“Chief instructor, did you see that? I won! Our Dragon Scale Guards won both tournaments!” Bloody
Slayer shouted madly at the drones hovering in the sky.

Jonathan, who had been watching from outside the battlefield, finally opened his eyes. “I saw.”

With that, the tournament ended.

All the soldiers slowly filtered back into the venue. At the same time, the soldiers of Dragon Scale
Guards were invited onto the podium.

It was the winner’s podium.

They were standing side by side with the Eight Kings of War.

Looking at the hundreds of Dragon Scale Guards standing before him, Andy couldn’t resist scolding
jokingly, “You punks finally made me proud!”

“It’s all thanks to the chief instructor!” Bloody Slayer said with a smile as he scratched his head.

He felt somewhat embarrassed.

“Okay, stop overestimating yourself!” Zachary shot Andy a glare after seeing him being full of himself.
“Even if Dragon Scale Guards had won, it has nothing to do with a King of War like you.”

“How can it have nothing to do with me?” Andy was displeased after hearing Zachary’s words. “They’re
soldiers under my command. How can their victory have nothing to do with me?”

“Do you really not know how the victory is obtained?” Zachary snorted coldly.

“Okay, that’s enough! Stop arguing!” Hades glared at both of them. He had been standing in the middle
as the two of them started to bicker. He turned to look at Dragon Scale Guards standing before him.
“Dragon Scale Guards are the victors tonight. Normally, I would be the one who presents you with the
trophy. However, you guys are in luck today. Asura, who has never participated in the event since the
live-fire drill was first held, is here today. Naturally, since he’s present, I won’t be the one to award you
the trophy.”

What? Asura himself?

The whole place was in an uproar upon hearing the name.

For the soldiers, Asura was an existence that was akin to god in their hearts.

Many of them had never laid eyes on him despite being a soldier for three years.

Asura had never attended the live-fire drill in these three years. Thus, the trophy each year was
awarded by Hades on behalf of the former.

However, not only was Asura present today, but he was also going to award the trophy personally.

Instantly, the audience was in a frenzied state.

At the moment, all eyes were focused on the podium.

They awaited Asura’s arrival.

The breathing of Dragon Scale Guards’ soldiers, who stood on the podium, increased. Unconsciously,
cold sweat also began to form on their palms.


Will we finally be able to meet the man of the legends?

Silence hung in the air.

Before everyone’s eyes, the King of War, Hades, slowly turned his gaze toward the venue.

His eyes locked onto Jonathan, who was in a corner.

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