Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 259

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The Legendary Man

Are You Married

“I wonder how the afterlife is treating you guys. I think you would have enjoyed attending my wedding if
you were alive.

“Anyway, you didn’t get to go there, so I brought the photos over for you!”

As Jonathan spoke, he got his phone out and opened the app to put his wedding photos on the screen.
He swiped the screen while showing it to the photo on the gravestone. “Mom, Dad, can you see it?
That’s me in my wedding suit. Not bad, right? Your son didn’t embarrass you at all.

“Oh, and this is your daughter-in-law. Her name is Josephine Smith. She’s stunning, isn’t she? We
actually got married three years ago, but she doesn’t seem to like me at that time, so I didn’t show you
guys her photos.

“However, everything is fine now. She married me again, but this time, she did so out of her own will.
It’s nothing like three years ago when she was practically forced to marry me.

“Man, time really flies. It feels as though ten years went by in a blink of an eye.

“You know, it’s possible that you’ll both be grandparents next year…”

Jonathan knelt in front of the grave and spoke nonstop. No one paid attention to him or responded to
his words.

That didn’t matter, though.

He didn’t need to hear anything from anyone. He simply wanted to share his stories with his parents.

“Well, it’s getting late. I might have to wait another year before I come to visit you both again.

“I’ll bring my wife along next year.

“I’m heading out now. See you next year.”

After saying that, Jonathan reached out to caress the photo on the gravestone again. His eyes
reddened with tears as he did so.

Over ten years had passed since that accident.

Jonathan had since grown from a clueless tween to the Asura that everyone knew and feared.

“Let’s go, Aunt Sophia,” suggested Jonathan after taking one last look at the photo on the gravestone.
He got up and turned to Sophia after that.

At that time, Sophia had already cried so much that her eyes were a little swollen.

She couldn’t control herself anymore after she heard Jonathan calling out to her. Her tears streamed
down her cheeks once more.

“Come now, Aunt Sophia. Don’t cry. You’ll get all wrinkly if you keep crying like that,” teased Jonathan
as he gently stroked her back.

“Okay, I’ll stop.”

Sophia nodded. She reached out to comb Jonathan’s hair with her finger before grinning and saying,
“You must be hungry. Come on. Let me treat you to a meal.”


After that short conversation, the two of them walked side-by-side out of the cemetery.

When they left the cemetery, they saw a black Maserati resting quietly on the side of the road. Sophia
pressed a button on her car key and got the car’s headlight to turn on.

“Hop in.”

Sophia opened the door for Jonathan and waited for him to go inside the car before she asked, “What
would you like to eat?”

“Anything will do,” replied Jonathan calmly.

He was never picky with food.

There was a time when he was forced to feast on animal carcasses, so he no longer cared much about
what he ate.

“Let’s see. Hmm… How about I get you some steak? Or maybe some duck?” murmured Sophia as she
tilted her head and thought about it.

“Any place will do,” replied Jonathan. “I actually saw a dineer on the side of the road when I was on my
way over. Let’s go there.”

“No, that won’t do,” said Sophia to dismiss Jonathan’s suggestion right away. “It’s been over ten years
since I last saw you, so how can I treat you to something so mediocre now that we are finally reunited?

“Your parents will scold me in the afterlife if I do that.

“Ah, I just thought of what I want to treat you to.”

As soon as Sophia finished speaking, she stepped on the gas and sped down the road without giving
Jonathan the chance to refute.

In a matter of seconds, the luxurious car hummed and left dust dancing in the air.

Half an hour later, the car was parked in front of a fancy restaurant.

The journey shouldn’t have taken too long, but the traffic in Yaleview was simply too horrible, and they
were stuck in a traffic jam the entire time.

That made it so that they had to spend thirty minutes to travel the road that should’ve only taken about
ten minutes to travel.

“We’re here. Let’s go.”

After getting out of the car, Sophia instinctively held Jonathan’s hand and led him to the restaurant. She
acted as though it was the most natural thing to do. Jonathan wanted to complain, but he later decided
against it.

Ah, never mind. Geez, I’m an adult in my twenties. Why is my aunt still treating me as though I am a
kid? I can’t believe she’s holding my hand while we’re heading to the restaurant. It’s as if she’s worried
that I’d wander off and get lost.

“Ms. Goldstein.”

A server bowed and greeted Sophia as soon as she entered the restaurant. It was obvious that she
was a regular there.

The only thing off about that interaction was the way the servers all bulged their eyes in surprise when
they saw a young, handsome man accompanying her.

They were especially shocked when they saw how Sophia was holding the young man’s hand.

Holy crap, are my eyes playing tricks on me? Is the legendary Ms. Goldstein, who is notorious for
staying at least a meter away from all men, having lunch with a man? Is she actually holding his hand

in public?

Even an earthquake couldn’t shake those servers to their cores like that.

“Are there any tables still available?” asked Sophia. She didn’t notice the servers’ reaction because she
was too focused on Jonathan, who she had not seen in over ten years. That was understandable.
Under those circumstances, how could she possibly care enough to pay attention to strangers?

“Y-Yes, Ms. Goldstein. Do you have any preferences?” asked the server politely while bowing.

“Please give us a table near the window,” replied Sophia nonchalantly.

“Sure, Ms. Goldstein,” said the server before leading both customers to their table.

Moments later, Jonathan and Sophia made their way to the table. The server returned with the menu
after everyone was seated.

“Order whatever you’d like to have,” offered Sophia while handing Jonathan the menu.

“Why don’t you order as I am okay with whatever,” replied Jonathan while shaking his hands.

“Okay then, I’ll place the order.”

Sophia flipped the menu and ordered, “We’ll have foie gras, caviar, steak, and a bottle of 1982 Lafite.”

She placed her order with ease before she handed the server the menu.

After the server left, Sophia turned to Jonathan and said, “The ambiance here is pretty good, and it is
the only restaurant in the country owned by a celebrity chef. I’m not sure if the food suits your palate
though, so you should try it out later. If it’s not to your liking, we’ll go to some other restaurant.”

“There’s no need for that, Aunt Sophia. I’m not that picky,” replied Jonathan as he smiled

“Even so, I will not accept anything unless it suits your taste. This is the first meal I treat you to after
you come to Yaleview, so I will not accept it if you don’t enjoy yourself,” said Sophia as she poured
Jonathan a cup of warm tea. After that, she said, “By the way, Jonathan. Did I hear you right? Did you
say that you’re married?”

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