Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 258

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The Legendary Man

The Third Daughter Of The Goldstein Family

Someone tried to steal our wallets?

Both Yvette and Kylie were pale with fear after they heard what the elderly man said.

It only took an instant for Yvette’s face to burn red with embarrassment. It was as if she was on fire.

“See? I told you that guy is not a villain,” said Kylie. She scoffed and rolled her eyes at Yvette before
saying, “Now, do you regret being so mean and falsely accusing him? Seriously, Yvette. Is it really that
difficult for you to apologize? You can be really petty sometimes.”

“Oh, stop talking about it already,” said Yvette. She was so embarrassed that she was blushing red
after she heard Kylie’s words.

At that point, Yvette was tempted to dig a hole in the ground and hide inside.

After getting out of the train station, Jonathan hailed a taxi and went to the Nexus Cemetery.

That was the most expensive cemetery in all of Yaleview, and the starting price for a secluded, less
ideal spot there was over a hundred thousand.

If a person buried his or her loved ones in a good geomancy spot within that cemetery, they would have
to pay even more.

It took Jonathan’s taxi about thirty minutes before it reached Nexus Cemetery.

The sky in Yaleview was dark, and the fog was thick.

It was also drizzling a little.

The icy rainwater fell and drenched Jonathan’s hair, but he simply responded by sweeping some
droplets off his clothes. He bought a bouquet of lilies from a florist selling flowers by the entrance, then
he made his way to the center of the cemetery.

He was surprised when he got closer to the grave and realized that a beautiful young woman in a black
outfit was kneeling in front of his parents’ grave.

She had some fresh flowers with her and was murmuring something incoherent as she stood there.

“It has been over ten years since you passed, my dear brother.

“I’ve missed you every day, and I often wonder how your life will be right now if that accident never took

“Sorry, dear brother, because I couldn’t care for Jonathan. He has been missing ever since you got into
that accident.

“I spent over ten years searching for him, but I can’t even find a single clue to where he might be.

“Sometimes, I wonder how my sweet nephew is now. Is he all grown up? Does he have a girlfriend?

“This is all my fault, and I’m so sorry.

“If I hadn’t left the country, I would’ve been able to see you for the last time before you go. I would also
be able to look after Jonathan…

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”

Then, the beautiful lady lowered herself in front of the grave and caressed the photo on the gravestone
while sobbing.

It seemed as though she was lost in her own world because she didn’t even notice Jonathan
approaching her.

“Aunt Sophia?”

The sudden emergence of a voice startled the young lady, who was distracted and sobbing in sorrow.

She was stunned when she heard that voice and was quick to turn around. It was obvious she was
frightened. “W-Who are you?”

“It’s me, Jonathan!” replied Jonathan calmly.

The truth was, Jonathan recognized the woman the moment he laid eyes on her.

That was Sophia Goldstein, the third daughter of the Goldstein family.

She was Daniel’s baby sister and Jonathan’s aunt.

Sophia was a teenager when Jonathan’s parents got into a car accident. She was studying abroad at
that time, so she didn’t get to see Jonathan one last time before he was chased out of the Goldstein

Despite the situation, Jonathan still had some fond memories of how she treated him when he was a
kid. Of all the members of the Goldstein family, Sophia was the one who loved Jonathan the most.

She often lied to the family and sneak him out of the house to buy him all kinds of snacks. She would
also give him presents whenever she returned from overseas.

It would not be a stretch to say that aside from his parents, Sophia was the one who loved him the

“What?” said the beautiful lady after hearing Jonathan’s introduction. Her eyes bulged, and she stared
in disbelief as she covered her mouth with her hand. “D-Did you just say you’re Jonathan?

“How is this possible?

“I thought you died a few years ago…”

“They lied to you. I am alive and well this entire time,” replied Jonathan calmly after hearing what his
aunt said.

“Are you really Jonathan?” asked the lady. She simply couldn’t believe it.

Yet, she couldn’t help staring at Jonathan endlessly. His eyebrows and lips look a little similar to
Jonathan’s… and that nose. The longer I look at him, the more I find the similarity between this man
and my nephew.

“Of course I am. Why would I lie to you?” said Jonathan after chuckling. “Do you remember that toy
robot you brought me when you came home from overseas?

“You told me you bought the gift using the very first salary you earned.”

The young lady’s eyes reddened with tears as soon as she heard that story. “Jonathan, it really is you!”

She ran to Jonathan and gave him a big hug. Between sobs, she said, “This is so great, Jonathan.
You’re alive.

“All this time, I thought…

“Heck, no. I’m not saying that aloud. It’s a bad omen.”

It only took a moment…

When Sophia was certain that the man standing in front of her was Jonathan, she lost control

Tears rolled down her cheek endlessly.

“Come on, Aunt Sophia, don’t cry. See? I’m alive and well, so there’s no need to cry,” cooed Jonathan
while stroking his aunt’s back.

“Tell me what happened right now. Where have you been these past years? And why couldn’t I find
you?” asked Sophia as she stared at the face that looked ridiculously similar to her big brother’s.

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you everything when we have the time,” replied Jonathan. He never mentioned
how he survived the past ten years or how he became a beggar after he got chased out of the
Goldstein family. He certainly wasn’t going to tell her how he almost died of starvation in the street.

As far as Jonathan was concerned, it was enough for him to know that there were still people who
cared about him.

“You’re right. You must’ve traveled some distance to reach Yaleview, so you should pay respect to your
parents before you do anything else,” said Sophia. She was quick to move aside and made some
space for Jonathan.

Jonathan got down on one knee and placed his bouquet on the grave. He reached out and caressed
the photo on the gravestone before saying, “Mom, Dad, I’m here to visit you.”

In a matter of seconds, Sophia felt her tears swirling in her eyes once more. She couldn’t stop them
from rolling down her cheek, but she worked hard and managed to stop herself from sobbing aloud.

Her shoulder, however, kept trembling.

“Sorry, it’s been a year since I last visited,” said Jonathan. As he knelt there, he recalled his childhood

He was the only son of Daniel Goldstein and Elizabeth Stone, and back then, he was well-loved.

Everyone adored him.

He would never have imagined that there’d come a day when his parents would die in a car crash.
Moreover, he certainly never thought he would be chased out of the Goldstein family and banned from
ever returning to the city.

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